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Live Q&A September 9th, 2021

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Jeannie 2:23

“I have very dry skin.
I found that I can’t prep with Retinol because it makes my face even dryer especially around the mouth. Any suggestions?

Can you layer the DP or just the TCA peel? I’m going to do a TCA one layer peel, rinse then apply the DP. Can I apply more than one layer of the DP? Lastly, do I rinse off the DP before going to bed? I’m going to do this before “

Marie 4:59

I have sensitive skin (prone to rosacea) and am unsure what peel to purchase. I have redness, enlarged pores and some brown spots. Please advise on how to proceed.

Kathy 6:00

I am a red head with hazel eyes, but I tan 1 and 3 class

Margaret 6:48

What if you are a combination of Fitzpatrick types???

Kgomotso 7:40

Hi . I just found out I am pregnant. Can I still use the tca peel or should I use something else ? I also can’t seem to find a zinc sunscreen, is it safe to continue using a Chemical sunscreen. Thank you so much

Shanna 9:16

What peel would be best to get rid of or reduce the appearance of a tummy tuck scar? What process\/technique\/regimen would you recommend for this?

Rosemary 10:14

What is the best chem peel for face and chest …\r\nWhat is the easiest to use

Roseanne 11:00

Hello! \r\nCan I apply fade bright at night first and then put my perscription tretinoin right on top of it? Will it dilute the tretinoin strength? And , will the tretinoin help to bring the fade bright deeper into the skin? \r\nThanks so much

Emme 12:54

I have two questions. First, what percentage alcohol is required to dilute stronger acid? Using distilled water to dilute Salicylic and TCA resulted in long strands of crystal. Second, what effect will occur by combining acids? For example, the dilution of 15% Salicylic by 50% Glycolic. What should I consider?

Stefanie 14:50

What products to use for body peels? I bought the 70 percent AHA it doesn’t work to get rid of sun damage. What can I use for a stronger peel?

Octavia 16:53

What Advice do you have for TCA Body peel 30 on bikini Area, and elbows?

Ayanna 18:07

Best peel for dark spots , best products for dark spots !!

carla 18:49

do you plan to take your product line cruelty free?\r\n\r\ni have always admired the personal interest you take in answering the consumer directly and the love you have for the products themselves. I share my products\/experiences with them. I had one of the ladies ask me about using the emu oil afterwards and honestly i had never looked into the matter before. It was quite sad to listen to the experience of how to obtain the oil and it just didnt seem to match the enthusiasm you share here w\/ everyone. Hoping to see a shift 🙂

DK 21:03

I am doing a body peel on a pigmented scar, every time I do the peel it becomes more pigmented, then lessens eventually and I use retin A to continue fading it. Is this process normal? To have the pigmentation become more at first then less as it peels with time? Should I keep the process up? It seems to be working, Just not sure ! Skin area is almost white compared to other main melenated parts

Lorna 22:22

Could you please teach us how we can use a TCA peel to reduce surgical scars? I am curious about how soon after surgery as well as what strength. Also, I am interested in if Vitamin C is good to apply. Ditto on Copper (and which strength). LED? Basically anything you can add about surgical scars. \r\nThank you!

Teri 24:22

I’ve used the TCA peels (13 on my face) and love them but I’m wondering what the best lighter peel for me would be to use more regularly? And how often I could use it\/how long to wait before doing another TCA peel after using it? Thanks!

Erin 26:02

Is there a pre printed sheet of day and night regiments for products. I keep forgetting things like no bit. C with peptides, and stuff like that. Thank you so much!!

Jen 27:02

I ordered the 7% tca peel to do a lip peel for my hyperpigmentation as well as the face bright. How do I use it to ensure I prevent PIH or darker lips after healing? Do I put it exactly on my lip, around it, both, as well as an spf? I wanna make sure I’m using it correctly. Also, for how long should I use fade bright afterwards?

Mary 28:47

Hello! I am 38 and would like to improve my skin texture. I have acne scars from my 20’s. I am prescribed 100mg of spironalactone a day, plus a topical clindamycin in the morning and epiduo forte in the pm for acne. I have been doing the tca 13% peels bi-monthly for about a year and have worked up to 4 layers without too much peeling. What do you recommend as the best am and pm daily regimen to compliment what I’m already doing and mainly focus on improving skin texture, tone, and keeping wrinkles at bay. Also, are there any supplements that you think really make a difference in skin? (Collagen, etc) Thank you!!

Ramani 31:25

1. After how long can i do a facial treatment after chemical peel. How many days before wedding should i do peeling like lactid acid or glycolic. can i apply turmeric on my face 4 days after peeling

Karen 32:48

I am 59 years old. Never took care of my skin…. I have had two peels from an aesthetician, first one did great, I could see the difference. The second didn’t even peel and didn’t do anything, Over $100 each and I just cant go back… I want to do it myself, but am not sure what to do first. I did watch the Peel University. I am either the 2nd skin type or the third. I have large pores on my nose, scaring from acne in my youth and brown spots along with fine lines and uneven skin tone and color. Also rosacea on my checks and forehead. What to do first? Can this help me?

Marni 34:48

1. How soon can a TCA peel be done after or before micro-needling? How much time is needed in between both procedures?. Will there be a link emailed of the live video afterwards to replay it?

Heather 35:56

Is it normal for the High Octane to be a thick gel consistency .

Sula 36:56

My question is for peeling, I am doing the weekly mandelic 40 peel and I will start my Jessner very soon , what tips I should consider and should I wait 4 weeks between these 2 peels ? I did watch the peels videos but looking for some advice and tips on that and what to use right after the jessner peel. Thanks

Lynette 38:55

My skin has almost a cottage cheese-like texture. What would help? Thanks!

Sarah 40:00

What is your experience with stopping lightening creams after melasma has improved? Did it rebound or reappear after discontinuation?

nancy 40:53

When you do cross method to a specific area, do you still apply that area again when you do the regular, less say TCA 13 multiple layer?

Khadijah 42:15

How to get rid of hyperpigmentation spots ( dark spots ) around mouth and nose area after doing TCA peel 20%. Do you have any solution?? Please help Thanks ( I’m Asian light-medium skin tone )

Lori 43:45

What are the best products to use to minimize my smokers lines and saggy jowls?

Faye 44:50

1. Can I use OTC (over the counter) CORTIZON cream for POST peel as one of my healers?. What about NEOSPORIN cream as a healer for POST peel?. Can I NUMB my skin prior to the PEEL application?. Can I apply several layers of 13% TCA over my facial scars, if I need to do a CROSS peel however didn’t order any high% TCA & have only 13%?

Prabhjot 46:48

Hi Jen…I’m going to start the whole anti ageing products (i bought the kit) from psc along with fade bright and anti ageing cleanser and toner (from psc as well), so basically everything from PSC except first generation copper peptides that i just bought from somewhere else, i am aware that should not use 1st generation with vit c and some acids, so if i want to use that copper peptide in mng routine, is there any psc product that i should not used that mng ? (My morning routine would be: anti-aging cleanser, anti aging toner, fade bright, nano hyaluronic, regenerate, dermasnap and then spf 50 (not psc product)…. do all these psc products go well with 1st gen copper peptides? Thanks

Tracey 48:20

Mu decolletage seems to react to TCA peels, dream peel and Jessners. Would like to treat aging and pigmentation. What is Plan B?

I have now done 6 peels on face using TCA 13 and Jessners, with dream Peel on the last 2. The pigment is getting worse. What should I do next?

Have done 6 body peels on legs and arms with TCA 20. The age spots are getting worse and pigment is more pronounced. Suggestions?

Faye 50:42

What are the parameters for combining a good peel WITH, WHEN and HOW FAR, if need to get some facial \LIFTING THREADS\” too? Thank you”

Brooke 51:30

I’m loving my PSC products ! I am wanting to go to the derm to update my care, plan, prescriptions, etc (and get checked before I get too far into my bottle of GF). \r\nBesides bringing all of my bottles and stuffs into office to share your products and what I am using- is there an info sheet or listing of your products (and I guess a brief description of what it is) that I could take with me? Any suggestions?

Marisa 52:23

Hi! How long do I have to wait before\/after a TCA or Jessner peel to do Botox? Thanks!! ♥️

Jill 53:30

I have oily, extremely sensitive skin. I use AB cleanser, Basics toner, and B complex daily. At 55, I would like to add more anti-aging products to my regimen, but everything makes me breakout, or causes my eyes to burn. I have tried (over the last 3 yrs): gaba elite, retinol .20, custom syn-tc\/epidermal growth factor, nano hyalluronic, regenerate, high octane, platinum eyes, eyelift xpress. I have not tried peels. Help!!

Angela 55:53

Presently doing Mandelic peel. Did 1 so far.\r\nDo I stop Retin A as I do my weekly peels?

Jill 56:27

I don’t understand the science behind the removal of stubborn brown spots. After each peel, does the melanocyte move up in the layer of the skin? Or does it stay in the same place? If so, how would a peel (TCA) ever reach that lower layer

Patty 57:20

Which is stronger Jessners or 20% TCA? I did one layer of each. For my next peel should I skip Jessners and just do 2 passes of 20% TCA or do Jessner’s with 2 passes of 20% TCA. Also did dream peel

Linda 58:34

My 15 year old is currently using proactiv and i would like to have her start Platnum AB Cleanser (Glycolic Salicylic) with the AB Toner. Should she take a rest period in between the 2 products? Thanks

Gwen 59:28

Can I use 13% TCA on my neck? How about my abs to remove stretch marks? Hands? Can I space them 3 weeks apart? This is my third month. First month, I did 2 layers; second month 2 layers because I saw some frosting. I want to do 3 to 4 layers this 3rd time. What is Jessner peel for and should I add it to the mix? I currently use the above, followed by the Dream peel. I am 62 so I am looking for anti aging skin care regimen to remove fine lines and some small white bumps under my eyes. Thank you. Gwen

Live Comments 1:00:00

At 1:00:00 we answer the live Facebook Comments.

Melissa 1:08:42

I want to do at home peels. I’m 62 have sun damage and not many wrinkles. I have had skin medica peels done years ago. What do you recommend?

Sabrena 1:07:43

I did a TCA peel today and then I rinsed it off twice then I put the luminosity on top of it and it turned purple and whenever I put my sunscreen on top of that it turned blue. Any thoughts?

2 Responses

  1. Hi there
    I’m kavita , I have deep acne scars on my cheeks and few acne on my chin . I have tried tca 20 peel two time which help me to lighten my blemishes. I bought tca 30 and sylicalic 25 percent . Can you please tell me which percent of tca peel I should use with tca 30 cross to get the maximum result also which order I should use the both peel.

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