Unit Two


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Choosing Percentages

When it comes to acids you are meant to start with a low percentage and then gradually work your way up in strength when that one isn’t working well enough for you.

We want to make this point:


There is nothing at all to gain by applying a higher percentage of acid right off the bat. Most likely it will cause excessive irritation for you and could potentially lead to discoloration in the skin.

  1. Always start with the lowest percentage and do a series.
  2. Leave the acid on for a longer time to strengthen the peel as you move forward.
  3. Only move up when you feel that acid and percentage is no longer working for you. You can get a higher percentage of the same acid or try a different one that will work for your issues.

If you are brand new to at-home peels, here are a few great acids to start off with:

Mandelic 22 – this is quite acceptable for pre-teens and those with very sensitive skin types including rosacea. This is generally the first choice for anyone looking to dip their toe into the at-home peel

Glycolic 30 – ok for all skin types

Lactic 50 – ok for drier skin types.

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3 Responses

  1. I’m Fitzpatrick type 5 and Glogau classification 2. I’ve been using Rx tretinoin for about 15 yrs to keep my adult acne in check. I have hyperpigmentation, and fine lines on my forehead. I wanted to start slow so I purchased Mandelic 22% and Lactic 50. I need something stronger but I don’t want to waste my product. Can I layer these products for a stronger effect?

    Another thing is I have a TCA 7% I purchased about 6 years ago. I opened it, but never used. I know products tend to last 1 yr once opened, but can I use this or should I toss it?

    1. No need to layer them.. just alternate one on week 1 and one on week 2. Leave them on for LONGER times. 10 minutes then 15 minutes… 20 minutes.. 30 minutes… on and on. Use the Latic on the body… that is a GREAT acid for a body peel. It will take 30 days to get any dryness (if you see any)… but it will help to smooth out the skin. Give that a try.

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