Unit Three


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Applying Chemical Peels

Now that you have found your skin type, have chosen the best acid and percentage for your needs, and have prepped your skin properly – you are ready to get started with the steps.

First, let’s watch a video that explains how to do a Very Superficial or Superficial chemical peel. 

The steps are very simple. You will always follow these no matter what type of acid you are applying to your skin.

  1. Wash with a good cleanser.

    *nothing hydrating or creamy or glycerine. We want squeaky clean skin. Our Revitalizing Cleanser or AB Cleanser are both excellent choices.
  2. Prep the skin with our Prep A, Prep B or a 99% alcohol. Other options to strip the skin would be a 70% alcohol applied a couple of times or pure acetone.
  3. Prepare your Gauze pad with solution.
    We want our pads to initially be very wet. Then you can give it a shake and a little squeeze. This will make sure that there isn’t any extra solution to drip into the eyes or pool into facial cervices.
  4. Apply your peel.

    The easiest way to apply a chemical peel is from the top down. You can also apply from the outside of your face and work into the center if you wish. Rewet if your gauze becomes too dry during the application. The face should be shiny and wet for 30 seconds or so.
  5. Time your peel

    and rinse well when you are done.
  6. Heal and protect.

    After you rinse your peel you will want to apply a product that will help to calm any inflammation and will aid in keeping your skin comfortable during the flaking and healing phase. We have two excellent choices to use.

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22 Responses

  1. Im a Liecensed esthetician and is like ti add the chemical peel service to my clients soi prefer to get manual wirh each kind of peel to show me which one should i iapply to each of my clients depend on her skin type , to give the best results. Can we apply sunscreen directly after the service and the next day do we cleanse , tone , moisturize as usal or we keek using just the after care you have

  2. Would like to see a segment on “Time Your Peel”. The booklet that I received with my products doesn’t really get into detail. I would like a solid game plan to follow rather than try various time combinations. For example, for a peeler Like me who is moving up from mandelic peels to TCA 13%, do I start with 2 minutes for several applications? Then move into 3, 4, 5. How do I know when to layer? When I start layer, do I initially leave the 2nd layer for 1 min? Then gradually add a minute for subsequent applications? Thank you

  3. Hi there, I don’t currently have a platinum cleanser to use. Could you recommend a Cerave or Cetaphil cleanser that would be okay to use Pre-peel? Previously when I received in- office peels I was told to apply a gentle cleaner (cerave hydrating cleanser or something gentle) a week prior to my peel. Outside of that time I use a cleanser prescribed by my dermatologist which is Sulfacetamide Sulfer. Peel Uni. says not to apply something hydrating directly before a peel. However, I also wouldn’t want to apply my other sulfur cleanser which may over exfoliate my skin right before. Is there a third cleanser I should get to wash with directly before a peel? If so, could you recommend something I could get at Target or a basic drugstore? I would be prefer this because as I would only use the cleanser maybe 1x per week or once a month depending on my peel series. Thank you so much!!

    1. You may use any cleanser that you wish on a daily basis.

      Immediately prior to your PEEL we want your skin really CLEAN. (Sulfur cleanser is fine). So no bar soaps. No glycerine soaps no creamy lotion soaps. I would wash your face a couple of times. Then when you STRIP the skin with our Prep A or Prep B … or Alcohol 90%… do that a couple of times so your skin is squeaky clean.

  4. In what order do I apply products for best results? I have purchased the Retnol .3, emu oil, super cop2x, and the fade bright.

    1. am: Wash + Fade Bright + Cream + Emu oil + SPF 50
      pm: Wash + Fade Bright + Retinoid (Fusion A or Retinol) + Spot treat with Super Cop 2x + Emu oil if needed

  5. Hello
    I can’t find anywhere about applying to lips, neck and chest. Can that be done? I ordered TCA 13, so I need to dilute for those areas not not apply at all? Especially interested in lips and chest.
    Thank you!

    1. Hello. Yes, we have our TCA Eye peel, We also have our lip peel video. Keep going through the course to get to the specialized areas.

  6. Hello, I purchased the TCA 13 peel, I just did it Friday and today is Tuesday, I see some light flaking around the lips but no actual peel, how long does it take to actually peel? I been cleaning my skin and putting the emu oil on everyday! My skin just feels super dry, tight, and leather feeling which I am sure is normal. Also I didn’t know I could layer the peels, I will do that the second time I do the Peel! This is my first peel! Thanks for the video

    1. Hello. If you did a single layer then that will be a lighter peel.
      Drier gauze = lighter peel as well.
      Your FIRST time applying the acid is always a learning experience. Now WAIT 2-3 weeks and you can try it again. This time go ahead with 2 layers. Wait 5 minutes in between. *Go ahead and follow along with the TCA Video – we can apply it together. 🙂

      Remember too – Flaking = Peeling. We all peel differently. More oil/moisturizer will keep the dead skin on longer and bigger “pieces” will come off at a time. That is all it is. Some are really good at keeping that ON. Others… just have smaller pieces/flakes. Skin is coming off and that is good.

  7. Hi, I don’t know if this has already been answered but I live in the UK, so is there an alternative here for your Emu Oil and what is the reason it can’t be shipped here?


  8. hello, so after we apply the peel we wait 5min and then we would apply something to help the healing process? When do we put the product for the healing process on? Is it the first time we apply the peal or is it throughout the whole process? Is there any other products you recommend besides the brand? Is aquaphor ok?

    1. Hello. With acids like TCA and Jessners, yes, those are applied in 5 minute increments. After the final layer they can be rinsed off and then you can apply other healing products.
      If it is a Jessners peel though, we like to keep that ON for 4+ hours. You can apply any treatments on TOP of this last layer, or you can wait 4 hours, rinse and then apply your products.
      If you wish to use Aquaphor that is fine. Please put only a VERY light layer. It is quite thick and occlusive. We want your skin to breathe. Only use that if absolutely necessary.

  9. I ordered a few items recently from this company. I received a email saying I can get 250 of credit if I submit a video showing platinum skin care products. I did a video was about to upload it but, unfortunately the form wasn’t working or wasn’t accepting in more video. my video told a story and I also did my peel as well. I guess I can hold on to it.

  10. Hello, I hope you’re doing well. I’m interested in learning more about the process of applying chemical peels. As a newcomer to this, I’d appreciate a detailed explanation. I’m considering trying it out myself, and my skin type is Asian.

    1. Hello. Well – you are at the right place. https://PeelUniversity.com Please go through the modules. You will learn about your skin – and that you need to prep with a melanin inhibitor for 4 weeks prior to any peels with Asian skin. There are many questions that need answers and the BEST way to know which acid is best for your needs/restrictions is to take this Quiz Peel Finder Tool: https://www.platinumskincare.com/peelfindertool

      To apply – we have several videos for this. Each peel has at least 1 video … many also have advanced combinations, body peels, eye peels … … face is the most common. You can go through the modules and see many videos .. or go here to see all videos: https://platinumskincare.com/videos

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