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Are you healthy enough to do a peel?

If you want to peel we need to have a conversation.

Peels are simple & safe when done correctly… BUT… There are people who try and do them without proper education or support and sometimes it does’t end well.

It does’t help that there are people selling junk peels on amazon and people buy them without knowing what’s in them. 

Most don’t realize they’re buying an acid percentage that should NEVER be used.

If you want to do this right, then we need to go through each of these questions step by step.

First up?

#1 – Are you healthy enough to do a peel?

It is critical that you are in good health before applying a chemical peel. I can’t stress this enough.

There are many factors that could cause potential risks or slower healing and doing a peel in that state is not going to help your situation.

#2 – Let’s talk about Medications:

Some medications can make your skin sensitive or more reactive. Medicines like Isotretinoin (Accutane), tretinoin, hormone therapy and steroids all bring along increased risks.

If you have used Accutane in the past 12 months, a peel is contraindicated & maybe something you need to wait to do until you’ve been off of it for a while or consulted with your doctor.

#3 – Let’s talk about Health complications:

Recent facial surgeries, herpes infection, HIV status, pregnancy, wound healing problems, tendency toward hypertrophic (raised) and keloid scarring, autoimmune disorders, drug abuse, diabetes. Etc… should all be addressed.

Basically, any time your body is in a stressed environment, it will have a more difficult time healing from any injuries. This is because your body is already focused on taking care of another prominent issue.

For best results it is imperative that you are ‘feeling good’ before beginning a peel series so we know that your body can focus on regenerating healthy, new skin – and nothing else will deter that.

So are you healthy enough? If you aren’t sure or know you have an issue but still want to move forward then it’s time to consult your doctor.

If you are healthy and ready? Then it’s time to learn more about your skin so we can help you find the right peel.

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17 Responses

  1. It is awesome that these resources are available. I wish I found Platinum years ago, but better late than never. I am getting great results from Platinum products without paying stupid amount of money at the salon. I feel better knowing that I select best-suited products for my skin, thanks to the education I am receiving from Jennifer. Thank you!

  2. It’s best that I wait as I recently got out of the hospital have airway among disease satisfied with the government due to 911 lives two blocks away from WTC 15 years just got off of steroids‘ on the 11th I’m going to get steroid injections as I had an injury due to that I need back surgery and two knee replacements due to my airway and lung disease no surgeon or anesthesiologist wants to put me under Anesthesia as with one of my surgeries I had to be into baited so I’m high-risk also I have IBS and diverticulosis so therefore if the Gut isn’t healthy enough I honestly need to wait!! Thank goodness you shared your video with me extremely important for people to I follow your instructions and watch her videos! Wow Once again thank you so much once my IBS Diverticulosis is under control as I’m extremely inflamed now and then I will take in consideration doing this it seems amazing! once again thank you
    Yours truly Dawn Marie Gatto

  3. This is so informative! Thank you so much! I’ve been wanting to try to do a peel but I’m nervous! I have dry, sensitive skin with rosacea and I’m not sure if I can even try? I do have some health issues as well, I suffer from chronic pain but I’m not on any of the meds you mentioned. I would like to know if I’m a candidate? Thank you so much and Happy New Year!

    1. Hello. Generally not. You can double check with your prescribing physician stating that you are going to be getting a series of peels for his confirmation.

    1. Hello. Incorporating HRT into your daily life is Good for your skin. This is not going to stop you from doing peels at all. Extra estrogen/progesterone will help your skin to be a bit more moisturized, and will help it to regain some of its lost elastin and collagen. Topical creams are the very safest … with patches being another option. YEP! I know ALL about it too. 50’s are such fun! 🙂 wink.

    1. Hello. No, not at all. Hormone “replacement” Therapies are just restoring your body with its natural hormone levels after they have dropped. This is not a contraindication in any way and should be a first step for all women. It is just a way to keep your healthy body functioning well for the rest of your life. 🙂

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