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Peel University Live Q&A October 7th, 2021

Hello and welcome to our THIRD live Q&A where we answer all your peel questions!

While we try and format these videos quicker over time, we want to make it easy to find your question and get your answer quickly. 

That’s why we are time-stamping each video below. Just look for your name and go to that point in the video.

Product Questions:

RetinA vs. Retinol – An Overview.  Check out our Retinol here.

Regenerate – Maximum potency EGF & Stem Cell Therapy – Check that out here!

Customer Questions:

Gloria 5:15

I don’t understand keloid? Can you help.

Deborah 6:35

“Hi there, I had a Co2 resurfacing laser done on face & neck about 18mths with great results..a lot of fluid, swelling, seeping & peeling involved!

I had a v.good result..but have now gone back to how I was before the laser..I have sun damaged, wrinkled Aussie skin..I was wanting to do a TCA 20% as I think my skin can cope after what I had done with the laser?

What are your thoughts please.

Kind regards Deborah”

Karen 8:32

I’m very interested in these products but I have a biopsy report pending to see if I have melanoma. It’s not looking good but I’m waiting to hear before I can do anything new to my face.

Robyn 9:42

I am using a peel wipe and then serum , however lactic wipes seem to be a little harsh since I have sensitive skin. Do you have a peel for sensitive skin.? I am in mid 40s and I have some fine lines on my forehead and between my eyes, some slight signs of aging on my neck. Any suggestions?

Patricia 11:00

Hi. I have been using tretinoin should I stop this before I do a peel.

Vickie 10:52

I’m anxious to get started, but I have been on tretinoin. How long should I be off of it before I do a peel?

Leoba 12:04

hi Jen,i have a question on how soon can i use my other chemical peels eg mandelic or salicylic peels after i have done my Dream peel??

Kavita 13:08

“Hi there, I’m kavita , I have deep acne scars on my cheeks and few acne on my chin . I have tried tca 20 peel two time which help me to lighten my blemishes. I bought tca 30 and sylicalic 25 percent . Can you please tell me which percent of tca peel I should use with tca 30 cross to get the maximum result also which order I should use the both peel.

Israt 14:48

Age:29 I have a combination of ice pick , box scar and large pores , texture issues around my cheeks. This scars I got in my teens! And also I face comedonal acne problem. Like I have to extract the closed comedon whiteheads with a pore stick cleaner. Once I clean ,it it comes back again! So I want to know can a mandelic peel help me clearing up the whiteheads if i do weekly! Or the tca peel 13% will work on all above! Suggest me please!

Sumitra 17:28

Hello Jen, I did my 1st tca peel in November 2020. In December 2020- I did combination tca, Jessener and dream peel. I did pick some of peel from my face and ever since I am having TERRIFIC PIH and uneven skin tone which I never had before . After that I did few tca peel to treat PIH and series of mandelic peel . But it doesn’t work at all.  How do I help me out with this issue . FYI I Am applying sunscreen every 2-3 hours .  Please Help me out to correct my skin.

Denise 20:00

What is best daily routine and peel routine to help get rid of sun damage and built up dead skin\/keratosis pilaris\/milia on face and neck on dry skin? I have been using glycolic wash, fade bright, vitamin c (day), retinol 2.0 (night), and a moisturizer. I do 20% TCA for peels. I also have 20% mandelic that I want to start working in on a weekly or nights-weekly basis.

Christine 22:12

I’ve been doing the TCA peels and have developed dents in my cheeks! It’s been about 6 mos now that I’ve been using the copper peptides, but I’m not seeing any changes yet. I slowed down on the peels, still using the peptides. Do you think I’m going to need laser resurfacing to get rid of these dents?

Laci 24:05

What percent of Retinol \/Vitamin A is the in the Dream Peel? Can I use it alone as my only peel or does it need to be in conjunction with other peels?Basically, I have larger pores and while I do the best I can to keep them clean, I’m really trying to make them look as small as possible.

Joyce 26:02

What can I do about smokers lines (never smoked) and marionette lines? I have a bad case of rbf

Teresa 27:07

No matter what I use i can’t get rid of large pores and blackheads on my nose and chin. After washing my face I can scrape off nasty sebum. What peel would help this issue?

Amy 28:27

I think I am a 2 on the scale but might be a 3 not sure. If I’m not sure should I go ahead and use the fade bright just in case? Would I have any problems if I used it and didn’t really need it? Thank you. Just want to be sure. I have dark hair and eyes but am freckled when I’m the sun. Tend to burn and then tan. Have a pink skin tone not yellow. Thank you

AnneMarie 29:40

Copper! I’m using 7% GHK-Cu in pm and Vit C in am. I think I read that these work synergistically and you have to use both- how do they work? Meaning do they accumulate in the skin and interact inside the skin? So I do not have to use each one daily? I’d like to use Copper but alternate with retinol. Sometimes I apply the copper (mixed in Vit B cream) and then apply the retinol, but to save product, can I use it just a few nights a week?

Margie 31:10

Is it okay to do a tca peel if I am recovering from covid. I am about 90% over the covid, but wondering about immune system and healing my skin properly after a peel?

Carolina 32:10

1) How I can know what is sun damage or hyperpigmentation when I look to my skin?

Debbie 32:50

How much time before and after do I need to wait when doing a plasma pen treatment on my face? Thank you. I’m anxious to make my first purchase and get started with PSC.

Ashley 34:00

My Question: Wondering if Fade Bright would be recommended for a “melasma-stache” (my upper lip melasma). If I use it for that, should I only put it in that spot, or all over?

Facebook Comments 35:15

2 Responses

  1. Use 1.0 Tret every night. Several serums AM and PM. Age is 76 and over the year have had 3 treatments of Morpheus 8. Laser at plastic surgeon office as well. Would like to start peels at home. What would you suggest to start out with. My skin everyone says looks exceptionally younger than age.

    1. Wonderful for you to be taking such great care of your skin. 🙂 I would suggest the TCA 13% at about 2 layers for your first time. Next month you can try 3 layers .. and work up from there – adding on 1 more layer each time. That is how you work with TCA.

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