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After Peel Care

30 Responses

  1. Can you create a graphical timeline of aftercare with product recommendations?
    This would really help.

      1. I would also like to no the best products to use. after spending the time to do a peel I want to feed it with all the good stuff giving it the best product to feed (is cooper good any recommendations
        Thank you

        1. Hello. Absolutely. We try to make this VERY easy with our Regimen Builder Tool here: https://www2.platinumskincare.com/regimen-builder/?_gl=1*32ssf1*_ga*MTQwMTM1ODMzOC4xNjc2NzMzMDI2*_ga_T2PNQVN967*MTY5ODg0MjUxMC4zOTguMS4xNjk4ODQzODg5LjQ3LjAuMA.. Just answer the questions and it will display the regimen products best for your targeted needs. You can always adjust this – it isn’t a “kit”. Just the basics for you. Reach out to us if you need help adding on more or adjusting. support@platinumskincare.com or call us M-F 9-4:20 eastern 1-800-917-3155

    1. Meaning the Lactic acid cleanser being an acid cleanser I am not sure whether this is suitable the day after my peel. All my other products should be fine along with finishing off with a few drops these oils (Emu oil & Healing Oil). What cleanser should I use ?

      1. Generally speaking any of our cleansers are just fine to use after a peel – I know I do! But, if your skin is more sensitive, then absolutely choose a mild cleanser like a cetaphil.

        Once your skin is all done with the shedding process you can go back to your normal routine.

        Dream Peel isn’t a chemical peel and anyone can use it. The biggest thing is to follow the recommendations and start with 1 night if you are sensitive. Next time do 2 nights… and 3 nights in the future.

  2. I’m very interested in these products but I have a biopsy report pending to see if I have melanoma. It’s not looking good but I’m waiting to hear before I can do anything new to my face.

  3. I use jessner peel & tca 15 my skin It starts to peel but when my face is finished peeling I start to have red and dark spot around my chain and my cheek area.

    1. Many people are more aggressive to certain areas of their faces on a daily basis. Cheeks, chin and forehead are always Scrubbed Harder usually when the face is being washed for example. Try to be a bit more gentle when you know you are going to be doing a peel in the next week. Another thought for you is to do 1 or 2 LESS layers to those areas knowing that you are more aggressive usually and they are thinner.

    1. We do not want you to use acids (tretinoin or Vitamin C) after peels. Wait until the skin is completely done flaking before you go back to your normal regimen again.

  4. At pm I use routinely my niacrnemide, Retin A 0.1%, tranacemic acid or spot cream with hydroqunone, hyalaruna acid, moisturizer.
    At am hyalaruna acid, vit C, alpha arbutin, spot cream, moisturizer or snail mucin. I had been doing this for years. My melasma is not that bad but I want it completely gone. Please help. Skin type dry (tan Asian)

    1. Hello. I would suggest adding a peel into your monthly regimen. Something like Jessners at 2 layers could greatly help this. *You can add more layers moving forward each month if you wish. You must prep Asian skin with a melanin inhibitor for at least 4 weeks – of which you are doing now with the alpha arbutin, HQ and tranexamic acid. So your skin is ready.

      Another option is a milder peel such as the Mandelic 40 2x per month. EO Week. Much milder with pretty much Zero Social Downtime. Just some dryness for a few days.

  5. Can I still use my LED red light therapy while waiting for my skin to peel? I’m using TCA 13%, 4 layers at the moment.

  6. Hi. I’ve done jessners peels (2 layers) before and I’ve loved them. I’m ready to do them myself and even go up to a tca. I have olive skin (Italian/Spanish) and I get many spots in the summer even though I use spf religiously. Melasma was bad after having kids too.
    My question is. Will using retinoids and niacinamide be enough to prevent a post inflammatory hipepigmentstion? The only time I did the Jessners I used hydroquinone 6 weeks before but I would prefer not to do that.
    I’ve never had a pigmentation other than in the summer. Thanks so much. Im 43 years young.

    1. We suggest using those AND most importantly a Melanin Inhibitor like Fade Bright. Also … if you are spending time outdoors, you need more than just SPF 1x per day. Use SPF 50 + and apply enough. 1/4 tsp is a lot. You should feel like to put on too much if you are applying enough. Then REapply. Invest in a wide brim hat as well. Shade your face.

      SPF isn’t going to give you the protection that is specifies on the tube unless you are applying enough of the cream to get the coverage you need! Do not skimp on this. Most will end up applying more than they “think” they need!

      For your face/neck/tops of ears, a 1/4 tsp of cream will give you the coverage and proper SPF. If you have a larger face/forehead then apply more. *upwards of a 1/2 tsp.

      Grab a 1/4 tsp and fill it with your SPF the first time. See how big that dollup is and apply it. Remember that and always use the same amount.

      Another great trick to measure is the Finger method. Run a line of sunscreen the entire length of your Middle Finger. = That is a correct amount of coverage. *Do you also have to cover your head? If so, make that 2 fingers worth of product.

      Apply liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply:

      After 40 minutes of swimming or sweating
      Immediately after towel drying
      At least every 2 hours

  7. I am so excited I found you! I am a licensed esthetician, and looking forward to being able to use your peels, on me at home. Hopefully I can purchase my peels very soon. I will be calling.

    1. Hello. Not knowing how aggressive your gloves are makes this difficult to answer. Generally speaking, we do not want to forcefully remove any skin that is still attached. *IF the skin has been peeling for 6+ days … then we can sometimes use an enzyme mask or scrub to help get those last little BITS that are hanging on … off. Gentle and not trying to irritate new, fresh skin.

      If this is just a normal method that you use say – weekly? And is quite aggressive .. then I would wait until you are done flaking and then a good week more. There is really NO NEED to do more physical exfoliation after a chemical peel has removed those layers. Be gentle or you will end up with very irritated and uneven skin.

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