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After Peel Care

5 Responses

  1. Can you create a graphical timeline of aftercare with product recommendations?
    This would really help.

    1. Meaning the Lactic acid cleanser being an acid cleanser I am not sure whether this is suitable the day after my peel. All my other products should be fine along with finishing off with a few drops these oils (Emu oil & Healing Oil). What cleanser should I use ?

      1. Generally speaking any of our cleansers are just fine to use after a peel – I know I do! But, if your skin is more sensitive, then absolutely choose a mild cleanser like a cetaphil.

        Once your skin is all done with the shedding process you can go back to your normal routine.

        Dream Peel isn’t a chemical peel and anyone can use it. The biggest thing is to follow the recommendations and start with 1 night if you are sensitive. Next time do 2 nights… and 3 nights in the future.

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