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Welcome to Peel U – Start Here

Congratulations (seriously) for your incredible decision to once and for all get your best skin!

That’s what Peel University is all about and I welcome you with open arms. I can’t wait to give you the information & support you need to get results

Here’s your first steps.


Sign up for our Facebook Group. This is going to be KEY for you to get the support you need.

And it’s where all of our live Q&A’s will be broadcast.  So if you want to ask a question please let the admin know and we will get you in the cue.


If you’re ready to get started & want access to a printable worksheet that will help you take notes, keep you focused, keep you on track & figure out your peels then download that now.

As a bonus when you sign up for that we’ll send over some bonuses and coupons to platinumskincare.com when you’re ready for your first peel!

Again, this is Jennifer Tilney, and I am so happy you’re here!  I can’t wait for you to join the #peelnation.

Ready to dive in!  Let’s get started.

39 Responses

    1. Hey Sandra. If you want to join the group we’re still using the Platinum Skin Care Gurus group since there are so many members. But we may create a new one if we need to.
      As for how to use this resource – make sure to sign up for the goodies and then head here to join the platinum group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/183811351987436/ That’s where we will be doing all the live videos. This is just our soft launch so dive in, learn, and stay tuned as we go launch more stuff!

  1. Hello, I’m trying to get the printable worksheet, however, when I click on the download link above, it takes me to the “get my freebies” link. When I enter my name and email address, it says, form was sent successfully, however, I’ve not received the work sheet or any email acknowledgement. Is it because I’m already on PSC’s email list?

    1. We are working on that now. There was an error in the form that we didn’t catch until this morning. We will re-send an email out to everyone later today letting them know that if you signed up, to do it again.

  2. Still not working. Got the email about the error this morning. Followed links, worksheet still brings to get freebies page.

  3. Hi. I wasn’t able to start Peel University the first night I got the email about it, however, I did sign up. I got the work sheet, “The complete guide to at-home Peels and skin care Trandfermasions” but was I supposed to receive an email about the “goodies”? I haven’t been able to really keep up with emails the past couple of weeks so I may have just looked over them if so.. If you can let me know that’d be great. Also I seen in the above comments that the Q&A is on the Facebook page and I was wondering if you send out an email or Facebook notification to let us know what time, if not how do I find out (and look at past Q&A’s) when it’s live? Thank you in advance for your help and info.

    1. Check for the first couple of emails and that’s where you’ll find any bonuses. As for the live Q&A’s those will be emailed out as well. You’ll know well in advance. Just stay tuned! We just launched this and will be adding more and more as we go. Thanks!

  4. what do I need to do to soften/prepare my skin before a peel? soak? steam? make skin as loose&ready to be sloughed off? do you provide these products?

    1. Hello. Immediately prior to a peel you are going to Wash and then Strip the skin with either our Prep solution or 90% alcohol.

  5. Signed up for email specials regarding peels (beginning of peel univ) but received nothing. Also at doctor office when looked at form, but could not print it…now cannot go back in and get, site won’t let me guessing because it thinks I already have it. I am ready to do my peel, but need to make sure I have all I need and am ready but now cannot proceed.

    1. Hello. It is very possible that is in a spam folder. It happens to the best of them! I will reach out to you with the code directly.

    1. It really depends on What acid and % you are applying. The milder the acid/percentage the more Often you can apply it. The stronger the acid/percentage the less often. Hydroxy acids like glycolic or mandelic … can be applied 1x every week or, 1x every 2 weeks. Layerable acids like TCA or Jessners are 1x per month or longer.

  6. I am interested in your product. I am not sure how do I start. I am concerned a few little dark spots on my face..and also I want to even out my skin tone. Thank you

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