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The Dream Peel

8 Responses

  1. After using dream peel for 2 days how long should you wait to go back to your regular nighttime treatments like tretinoin and when can you start using your vitamin c in mornings?

    1. Hello Stephanie!

      Thanks so much for reaching out and asking a question.

      After using the dream peel we always recommend that you wait until the peeling is completely done. That’s step 1.

      Then, as long as your skin feels “normal,” you can go back to your normal regimen.

      I hope that helps!

  2. hi Jen,i have a question on how soon can i use my other chemical peels eg mandelic or salicylic peels after i have done my Dream peel??

    1. Hello. That depends entirely on what peel you are applying .. as well as your skin’s sensitivity level. Hydroxy acids are usually 1x every 1-2 weeks. Jessners/TCA/Dream are generally 1x per month.

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