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What is your Fitzpatrick type?

Fitzpatrick what?

The Fitzpatrick Scale is a method of skin classification that is based on your genetics, ethnicity, and more. The reason it’s important is that certain skin types react to acids differently.

Sidenote: If you want to follow along, grab your free goodies & worksheet so you can fill this out as your go!

Basically, the skin’s melanin content is a KEY factor when choosing the appropriate peel.

Mostly due to Pre & Post peel treatments that may be needed.

For those of us that are at more at-risk to temporary or permanent color changes in the skin it’s important we follow the right protocol.

Darker skin types are at a much higher risk of PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation), which is why they should always follow a pre-treatment regimen of an alpha arbutin or hydroquinone melanin inhibition therapy prior to any peels. This can greatly reduce the risk of any post peel issues.

We’ll cover that in more depth later in the lessons.

Which are you?

It’s actually very easy. There are six Fitzpatrick types. I, II, III, IV, V and VI.

There are many ranges of colors, so we are going to think about not only your skin’s color, but your eye and hair color, along with your heritage and even how susceptible you are to burn in the sun.

Let’s get started. Look at each column on the following chart and find out where you fit then move on to the next lesson!

17 Responses

  1. I easily tan but if I am in the sun too long I will burn then tan. I have fair skin, normally I buy the 2nd lightest color in foundation. Brown hair , green/hazel eyes. I am confused about what skin type I have.

  2. Hi , I don’t usually burn, but if I’m out for an extended period of time directly in the sun I will burn. I have brown hair and hazel eyes. I’m not sure but I’m guessing I’m either a 3 or 4, I’m just not completely sure.

  3. Hello. I do not know exactly if my skin type is south european or mediterranean. how do I get the accurate one?

    1. Just try to match up the closest coloring on the chart. If you have some pigmentation in there.. most likely you will need to pretreat. Ethnic skin can get PIH… and that is what we are trying to prevent by using the melanin inhibitors. Olive skin… skin that gets DARKER (brown) after a pimple or bug bite… that would need pretreatment.

        1. Hello. Yes, we are referring to skin in the Fitzpatrick 4-6 categories. Olive and Darker skin coloring. 🙂 0

      1. As everyone has an ethnicity, regardless of their skin colour, why does ‘Ethnic skin’ only refer to people who have dark skin?
        Why not just say dark skin?

        1. Hello. This is just meant to be an easier way than stating out all of the Fitzpatrick colors. When we are referring to darker skin types – then those that fall into the middle eastern range or Asian ranges think they do not have “darker skin”. … or they are “light for their heritage”… so we want to stress that even if your skin IS lighter … if you fall into the Heritage ranges we are suggesting, that you should still pretreat to help prevent PIH when using acids like peels. 🙂

  4. I’m German in category 3 and am considered light olive toned skin. How should I prepare for a peel.

    1. Hello. If you are doing the milder acids like lactic/mandelic/glycolic/salicylic .. then just the normal prepping is fine.
      If you are wishing to do either TCA or Jessners, we suggest that anyone with olive+ skin use a melanin inhibitor for 3-4 weeks to help prevent PIH which is more prevalent in skin colors/heritages.

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