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Peel University Live Q&A December 14th, 2021

Hello and welcome to our Fifth Live Q&A where we answer all your peel questions!

While we try and format these videos quicker over time, we want to make it easy to find your question and get your answer quickly. 

That’s why we are time-stamping each video below. Just look for your name and go to that point in the video.

Customer Questions:

Reva 0:30

I haven’t done an in home peel before except glycolic acid, I’m 64 and have acne scars. I would really like to start with a TCA peel, I really think that would be most beneficial for me. What do you think aboit that for a beginner? Do I have to be a licensed to purchase?

Isabel 1:36

When should i stop vitc and tretoin before tca peeling and when can u restart them?

Maria 2:23

Would like to see a segment on “Time Your Peel”. The booklet that I received with my products doesn’t really get into detail. I would like a solid game plan to follow rather than try various time combinations. For example, for a peeler Like me who is moving up from mandelic peels to TCA 13%, do I start with 2 minutes for several applications? Then move into 3, 4, 5. How do I know when to layer? When I start layer, do I initially leave the 2nd layer for 1 min? Then gradually add a minute for subsequent applications? Thank you

Monica 4:10

“I’ve seen the video and I’m a little confused:

1. if you use Jessner’s alone you leave it on for 4-5 hours and then rinse

2. if you combine with TCA you apply Jessner’s first, wait 5 minutes, then apply TCA on top..wait 5 minutes and then rinse all of it off? You don’t wait 4-5 hours with both of them on? I just want to make sure I understand the difference between Jessner’s alone and layered with TCA.
Thank you for clarifying this for me.

Sunny 5:55

Can you please tell me the % of Arbutin in you serum?

Alia 6:24

I’m a Liecensed esthetician and is like ti add the chemical peel service to my clients soi prefer to get manual wirh each kind of peel to show me which one should i iapply to each of my clients depend on her skin type , to give the best results. Can we apply sunscreen directly after the service and the next day do we cleanse , tone , moisturize as usal or we keek using just the after care you have

jen 8:11

I easily tan but if I am in the sun too long I will burn then tan. I have fair skin, normally I buy the 2nd lightest color in foundation. Brown hair , green/hazel eyes. I am confused about what skin type I have.

Melanie 9:00

I am a skincare professional and own a skin clinic in BC, Canada. Are your skincare products (not the peels) available for retail?

Marci 9:37

Please, please explain the aftercare for the TCA peel. What are the steps (and products) to take? How long do I take these steps? Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Debbie 10:52

It would really be helpful to have a list of what you can mix together and what you cannot. I waste so much time putting everything on individually because I’m so afraid it won’t be as effective if I don’t. I know the rule of thinnest to thickest and serums then creams, etc. I always put my fade bright on first then vitamin c but when I purchased the potions and I read just the other day that they should go on first. I’ve asked about gaba and HA as I read that gaba goes on first then HA which defies the rules and now I’ve found out they can be mixed! What can I put in the palm of my hand and mix and put on all at once? I’m so confused!!!

Michelle 12:45

Hi! Curious if you offer any Platinum products currently for sale in retail or dermatology offices and/or if you have plans to do so? Thanks!

Melissa 13:30

Which peel would work best to remove freckles?

Steve 14:40

What should you do if after the peel the skin is red and sensitive? Will it leave a mark and if it does what should you do?

Dina 16:14

How many days before and after the peel can I use Retinol 1.0? Is olive oil and capsules (break them open) of pure vitamin E a good option for moisturising the skin after the peel?Thank you!

Terry 17:15

Hello Ladies. I am 53 and struggling with Hyperpigmentation…I just purchased from ya’ll a whole face regime to conquer this, however my question is due to The Change (hormonal) I have dark arm pits and I would like to know if you offer specific items for use in that skin area or can I use what I use for my face on my armpits? Thank U

Janet 18:30

Do I have to stop retin-a prior to doing a peel? And how many days before if yes.

Laura 19:05

I bought the copper drops (not the strong) would like to know when would be the best time to use them and do I have to mix with cream or serum thank u

jody 20:00

is the new retinol going to be more potent with the added ingredient? I’ve read that retinal is more potent than retinol

Lin 20:54

Can the dream peel be used on the body over top of the TCA? What are the best yes it’s two layer for the face and body and in what order

Angeline 22:25

How long would you suggest to stop using tretinoin before you do a chemical peel ? And in how long do you resume using it? thanks !

Stephanie 23:00

Hello. I have acne skin, the kind that comes to a head and cystic. (Lucky me🤥). Would it be best to do: A) TCA 13% More often less layers or B) TCA13% more layers less often.

Lynda 24:30

Dumb question, I know! But, what exactly is a Fitzpatrick skin type? Thank you~

How many peels do you get from a dream peel product?!

Hi beautiful Jen…Can you leave on a Lactic acid peel on for 10, to 15 min instead of the 5 minutes instructed? If so, would that be a more beneficial peel, if one isn’t too sensitive to peels?! Thanks

Ayesha 27:08

Are little tiny, irritated bumps all over the skin a normal reaction to a chemical peel? Is this considered an allergic reaction? Is this normal a reaction for a 1st time peel?

Karen 28:15

I have dream peel and luminosity (love how silky they go on) which from what I see both have retinol in them. (Vitamin A). Can you please tell me the difference? I know I’m not to use the dream peel everyday but can I use luminosity every night? Thank you!!

Natalie 30:15

What 4 products would you recommend for over 50 skin for am and pm. (ONLY 4!)

Jeannie 31:40

What is the last product to apply after a TCA peel?

Barbara 32:25

I see so many repeated questions regarding peels on the FB guru group page. Is there a more detailed book or reference material that can be provided or purchased?

Jeannie 33:20

After a TCA peel, do you rinse and reapply B peel prep before applying the Dream Peel?

Stephanie 33:40

I want to thin my very thick EPIDERMIS with your Retinol A serum. What sort of protocol can you suggest if I also want to do microneedling? Use at same time? Microneedle after a period of time with your Retinol Serum? Alternate treatments? Please advise!

DEBBIE 35:00

1. Can you use numbing cream prior to a peel? (Of course, I’d wash it off first) 2. Can I use a TCA peel on seborretic keratosis? (My doctor identified the SK)

Gloria 36:20

Can I use Mandelic + Azelaic and TCA 13% at same time or separate or not??

Cindy 37:25

What is the best product for scars? (Ice pick)

CUENCA 38:55

i had a beautiful skin really thin no pore on my cheecks just the T zone with few blackheads and a upper lips with scars from herpes in my young years so mixed with smokers line and scars my upper lips is not as smooth as the re rest of my face i am on the side f sensitivity also , so i ordered lactic pells glycolic peels and tca 13 +copper from Pickards the sensitive copper my first peel was lactic 5 minutes on top the second lactic peel i kept it 7 minutes and i got a bad texture irritation on my upper cheecks around the upside of my allar nose area so i stopped peel for a month but with the cold weather and the winth i have redness on this zone and i would like to go on with glycolic 3 minuts but i am scared to destroy my skin i try to put emu oil each evening and stop retina 1% what is yourr recommendations? can i go on with glycolic should i do tca to remove this texture skin i think i get some king of texturing with large pore that i didn’t have before the peel i don’t understand i had so much expectations with the tca and glycolic i am desesperate may be i was much prone to well respond to meso and needling peel is not for everybody i read on your facebook group may be you can give me advice love your web and your products. Nathalie kisses from France

Laurie 41:45

Cystic acne prone, but clear now. Hi, I’ve been using some of your products, and watching all of your videos and reading the Peel University. I have been using Differin 1%gel for many many years. I’m 59, and have really good skin. Clogged pores was always an issue, and your products are helping for sure. My question is about the Differin, adapalene. I’ve been assuming when you refer to clients using Retinoids, you mean adapalene also? Thank you!

Nancy 42:48

I’ve been using tretinoin for several years . Have added hydr0quinoine in the last four months. I still get a lot of peeling from the tretinoin and would like to try your antioxidant enzyme peel. I have a few small areas of wrinkling that I would like to try something stronger but from what I’ve read and seen on your website, I’m not ready for anything strong and should probably start with something like your lactic acid or glycolic peel. Just a little confused, so much information. Could you make a recommendation? By the way, I’m 70. Heard about you from Penn.smith group. I’ve been following her and watching her videos for a couple of years and now I’ve also joined Platinum Skincare. I think my skin is very healthy.

Carol 44:28

I’m 64 with these issues: I have light freckling on my face, but I’ve been careful to wear sunscreen and a hat since I was around 25, so I don’t have a lot of photo-aging. I did get a lot of burns as a kid. I also have fine lines around my eyes. I’d like to work on my face. I also have problems with my hands: age spots and wrinkles. They make me look older than my face does. The skin on my hands is paper thin. I’m not sure where to begin, if I need different treatments for face, eyes, and hands. Thanks!

Donna 46:40

If you have bought products and not used what is expiration on products?

Jenifer 47:30

Looking at the Mandellic to start. I am having Scultra starting Dec. 21 and then spaced out about every 4-5 weeks for 3 total injections. I have very dry and sensitive skin. Can this be done during Scultra? What all will I need besides the actual bottles. I have Obagi cleanser with Salacylic Acid and lots of Árgan oil as well as moisturizers. Thank you so much! I’ve had a VI Peel (I peeled moderately with that), Botox, micro needling, microdermabrasions and lasers in the past.

Liz 48:40

What is the definition of Glogau classification it is on my worksheet and I do not understand it. Please clarify

Isha 49:25

Hi, I have recently purchased a 13% TCA peel to improve my skin texture and I have a history of severe acne (cystic and adult) which has left scars on my face. I used Platinum’s salicylic and glycolic peels in conjunction in 2014 around 8 times but because the underlying problem was not resolved, the acne returned after 6 months. Its been 6 years or so now and I have scars left from the last episode of acne. As per the pre-conditioning guideline I have been using Fade bright and retinol for 2 weeks, I have seen some change but the scars have not lightened much, can I go ahead with the TCA peel at this point or should I wait for the scars to lighten before starting the treatment. Also, I am on a limited Fade Bright supply that will not last me for the upcoming 6-8 peels since I am in India, custom duties are really heavy. Could you please recommend an alternative that I can perhaps find here. Regards, Isha

Kendra 51:00

Do you have an opinion on plasma fibroblast – specifically at home plasma fibroblast?

Hien 51:28

I have some scar and pigment on my face , what the best peel do i do for me and what the best product can i used , my have a lot of brow spit too , what do i used   2nd question : i have clients first time i used three 13 %TCA it took a two week before she can peel , 2 nd time i used 3 TCA and 1 15% lactic she peel for two week , we still have 1 more treatment , with peel can i used that make her skin peel faster because 2 weeks it too long , Thankyou ! my Email :

Steve 53:20

1. On my nose, I have enlarged pores, icepicks, and boxcars. Is it best to treat these first with TCA Cross, and then get an overall peel? Or should I get the overall peel, and then work on individual problems with TCA Cross? In other words: Which goes first?

2. I apply adapalene every night (brand name: Differin). Should I stop using this retinoid before doing a peel? If yes, what length of time should I suspend using Differin before getting a peel?

3. I bought a bottle of Platinum’s TCA Cross 30% back in December of 2016, and I’m embarrassed to admit that I never used it. Is it still good? Or does it deteriorate over time? Many thanks for answering these questions. Cheers from Houston, Steve

nancy 55:05

Also if I am going to a cross method using 20% on some spot first, do I skip that area when I start to do my passes with 13%?

nancy 55:55

Hi, I want to do a hand peel using TCA 30. How many layers can I do? last I did 2 passes without much peeling. Can I go up more layers? Thanks!

Tetty 57:15

Hello, I just started pre-treatment. I use glycolic cleanser 10%, retinol, fade bright. But my skin becoming very dry and it feels like fine sand paper and occasionally peeled. Is it normal? What can I do the to reduce the dryness? I used emu oil when it feels tight and itchy. Thank you!

Marlena 58:25

I had mohs surgery on my cheek August 1st this summer. The scar is about 3/4 long and still pink. How long should I wait to try a peel, which type,or should I not use one at all? Thank you

Jennifer 59:58

I am trying to get rid of dark spots, overall discoloration white spots, and scars ( small but quite a few) on my arms. Last month I used glycolic 70, and last week 30 TCA (nothing happened yet). What else can I do? I just got fade bright, will that help. Should I keep using tca, and can I do 2 layers of 20%?

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