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Peel University Live Q&A January 20th, 2022

Hello and welcome to our Sixth Live Q&A, where we answer all your peel questions!

While we try and format these videos quicker over time, we want to make it easy to find your question and get your answer quickly.

That’s why we are time-stamping each video below. So just look for your name and go to that point in the video.

Customer Questions:

Ally 1:45

Hello, I’m planning my first peel ever! I’m excited!

Can I use TCA 13% peel if I had not used the melanin inhibitor even though I have been using retinol for over a year now?

My skin color is about type 3 with some sunspots and hyperpigmentation from pimples. Also, can I use the same TCA 13% peel on my eyes? I use retinol on my eyes as well. Thanks so much for your answer!”

Timlahmatie 3:35

I bought a few products and would like to know how to use, when, morning or afternoon.”

Crissy 4:05

This is so informative! Thank you so much! I’ve been wanting to try to do a peel, but I’m nervous! I have dry, sensitive skin with Rosacea, and I’m not sure if I can even try? I do have some health issues as well, I suffer from chronic pain, but I’m not on any of the meds you mentioned. I would like to know if I’m a candidate? Thank you so much, and Happy New Year!”

Jo 5:20

I have uneven skin (hyperpigmentation) and very dry, sensitive skin. And I’m Asian with olive skin tone. Which peel is best for my skin?”

Tammie 6:42

How often can I do a TCA peel.”

Jenifer 7:25

Does red light therapy affect my peel before or after? I red light daily for 10-20 minutes.

Yasi 7:58

Which chemical peel and enzyme mask are the best for dry/ mature skin type, and how often do it to get the best results? Thanks

John 9:10

I have some icepick and rolling acne scars on both temples. Can you please make some recommendations on how I can greatly improve them? Thanks very much.

Elena 10:36

After day # 5 of the Jessner’s peel, how do I remove the leftover dead skin thanks harder to come off? Thanks

Margaret 11:20

I’d like to purchase a strength peel for my upper thighs, the front of them. Can you advise which strength, oh and the top of my hands? I don’t understand the Fitzpatrick question.

The Girl Spot Skincare 12:56

What is the best peel, Skin routine, and products for Rosacea with pigmentation on both cheeks? Thank you 😊

Steven 13:50

Hi, Jen hope you are well. Could you explain how to remove skin tags with the copper products and what to expect if it’s used on lines? Also, does it remove red marks and broken veins on the skin? I love your products; the acid is really making my skin almost flawless. Kind regards

Theresa 16:20

Could you please explain the additional product you sell…such as Gaza, vitamin B, mask, etc, how they compliment the skin for peels and what should be used when? I would also like an explanation of overload of products. I feel overwhelmed with what to buy with what I already have. I don’t want to be wasteful but want to do everything for the best TCA and Jessner’s peels with a top coat of dream peel. Thank you so much, Theresa

Stacy 17:30

1. How long does the Gaba elite take to start working. I’ve been using it 2x daily for a month and do not see a difference in my forehead wrinkles yet. I understand it has a wrinkle relaxing agent in it?

2, I’ve done 2 TCA peels so far and as directed, and both times to date, after the peeling is done, I seem to have a bright red spot, the size of a nickel, on the same exact spot on the outer upper cheekbone under my left eye that lasts for days when all the other skin is back to normal. What could be causing that?

Ale 20:00

Hi Jen, How do you deal with your kids, family, and especially your spouse after the peels. I’ve done 3 so far with 13 percent and my husband and my boys are always scared of my face and he’s always saying that I’m peeling all the time. Also, I what do you recommend for people living in the desert? Too much sun and dry. I’m afraid I won’t have a chance to do 8 peels with our weather. I do wear hats and sunscreen all the time. Thank you, and you’re a gorgeous woman.

Sheri 21:55

I want to do a facial peel on my husband. Do I apply the acid to the area of his face he has facial hair and shaves?

Tessa 22:50

If peeling isn’t necessary for a peel to work, why would one need the Dream Peel for accelerated peeling?

Nettie 24:05

I have dynamic wrinkles under my eyes when I smile. I have used Dream peel once a month and wondered if this retinol helps to lessen the wrinkles, or am I making them worse by applying it under my eyes? Should I consider filler/injections instead?

Makkah 25:30

I have made a cross method, but until now, the scars made with the cross method are very hyperpigmented and red. So next time I do the peel…Is it better to do the whole face instead of the cross method again until these spots go or make it again? I am confused. Thanks in advance.

Kitty 26:50

Is low % TCA safe for under brow area (not actual lids) or not recommended? And can low % be combined with micro-needling? Thanks kindly!

Celvie 27:45

If you are a regular Tretinoin 0.1% user, would using the Luminosity method with a Jessner’s cause peeling? Or, would we need something stronger to induce peeling (like our own Tretinoin 0.025%)? **Yes, I’ve been using FadeBright for 3 weeks now**

Gwen 29:15

Does using a peel encourage more or darker facial hair?

Linda 29:30

After my dermatologist suggestion, I Had a medium grade Jessners and 35% TCA Chemical peel last year in a Doctors office. Trying to keep up with Actinic Keratosis and sun spots. It worked wonders! I purchased your products and have done a couple lighter peels to “maintain”. Even with tons of sunscreen and avoiding the sun, I noticed in the heat of summer the sun spots trying to come back. My question is, with each passing Chemical peel, does the outcome produce less and less Sun damage? Will I actually get to a point where it is just maintenance, or will I have to go get the medical deeper grade peel every so often? So expensive, and painful! Not too mention the downtime. Hopefully I can maintain with your product. I even notice the downtime seems to be better with each passing peel. What would maintenance be? Twice a year? Thank You

Jeannie 32:05

I didn’t understand the answer to my question when last posted… If I want to do a Dream Peel immediately after a TCA peel, do I cold rinse then reapply the Prep B solution before the DP? Thanks

Maria 33:00

I purchased SuperCop for surgical scar improvement. The scars are not raised or darker than my normal skin, more of a white/pink color and slightly different texture. Can the SuperCop work without doing a TCA peel first or do you have to do a peel and then use the copper monthly?

Nikki 34:10

Hi-I want to know how to even out my complexion after I put on my chemical peel. By my cheeks there are a few little brown spots like it’s not even. I want to know how can I correct that? I usually put the peel on twice or three times. Not sure if I should put one layer. It’s tricky with olive skin. Definitely made a huge improvement. I’m just trying to level my complexion on my face. Thanks P.S. I love your products.

Tammie 35:30

How much often can I do TCA peels

Nazli 36:10

1. How to clear my skin of hyperpigmentation. 2. What to use on my skin for the week after my Mandelic peel. Give me clear directions of what to use for the whole week, before I do another mandelic peel.

Lisa 37:38

Is your prep necessary if I’m already using tretinoin and vitamin C?

Gail 38:30

I’m a newbie, and I’ve watched all of your videos multiple times, and I’m converting over to mostly Platinum products. To get my feet wet over the last few months, I did a series of eight glycolic peels then recently, with advice from a Platinum advisor, I moved up to a 7% TCA peel. I did three layers followed by an application of the Dream Peel. I cleared my calendar to stay home because I was hoping for a peel like I’ve seen posted on Facebook but I instead I got little flakes. I know this is still wonderful but I’m hoping next time I’ll get a bigger peel. So my question is what to do next. If I want a bigger peel should I continue with the 7%TCA and maybe add one or two layers, should I add something, or should I change to something different?

Sharon 40:38

I am in my late 60s and want to know what I can do to soften the look of my turkey neck. It’s not bad yet, but I want to be proactive. For about 3 months, I’ve been using your basic recommended products for cleansing, Fade Bright, Vitamin c, Retinol .20, emu oil and sunscreen on my face, neck and décolleté. I have just completed Glycolic 30% 1xwk for 3 weeks on these areas. (Also 1x the eye peel kit so far). Should I be doing something different/more aggressive peel wise for my neck and using other products to help?

Dina 42:35

1. How long before and after a TCA peel can I meso my face? Either HA or PDRN

2. When there are breakouts or purging (pimples) on the face is it ok to perform a TCA as long as the skin is not broken? Thank you for your time committing to answer these questions. I really appreciate it! All the best💜

Denise 43:40

I have never used my peels, yet, that I purchased from you. I decided to first try your enzyme mask. I had a reaction to it. The skin around my mouth and lower cheeks had some type of rash. It has been over a week now. It is getting better, but it got extremely dry and had this redness. I do masks all the time and have been taking good care of my skin for several years. I use different toners … AHA / BHa, etc. So, I was quite surprised by this reaction. Any thoughts as to why this happened? I am now skittish to use this mask in the future. Thanks for any insight you can offer.

Kathy 45:35

I did my second TCA 30 arm peel and I applied it 2X. I did not oversaturate my application. My arms are extremely discolored and the new skin coming through is bright pink. Did I actually get a burn or is this normal?

Amy 47:35

For those of us who LIVE for the summer and sun bathing, is there ANY way to regularly layout in a healthy and moderate way so I don’t have to stay in a cave my whole life to protect my face???? Please!!!!!!

Cleora 48:35

What products can I use with the high octane vitamin C with? Namely, copper ghk, fade bright, matrixyl, derma snap, and regenerate?

Kavita 49:52

I have been doing TCA peels for the last 6 -7 years. Maybe 3-4 peels a year. But my acne scars have still not completely gone ( they are depressed ice-pick types of scars on my cheeks ). I know they have gotten shallower, though. At what point do you think I should say that this is the best and it can’t get any better? Or is there such a thing ? Can I continue peels indefinitely? Is there any harm? Long term side effects? Does continuous peels cause thinning of skin since you are removing top layers? I am scared to do CROSS method and more comfortable just doing tca 13% peels at 3-4 layers. Anything different I should do for ice pick scars? Or should I just keep doing TCA peels every 3-4 months ?

Stephanie 51:30

Are 5 layers of a 13% TCA comparable to one layer of a 20% tca? I’m asking because I’ve done 2 peels so far and made it to 3 layers. Should I just take the plunge to 20% for better results, and will it be far more intense? I find it a little intense at 3 layers.

Fran 53:30

Which would work better when doing the TCA 7% on the eyes; Using a gauze pad or a Q-tip.

Laura 54:22

I’m doing my first face peel, one layer with 13% next month. Can I use Luminosity right afterwards and then Emu oil?

Christina 55:00

After several peels and years of high quality skincare, I still have a few stubborn sun spots. Can I do TCA on just these few areas and top it off with dream peel?

Pamela 56:00

Do you merchandise with estheticians for sales?

Judy 56:28

I am so ready for a peel, and I have sun-damaged brown spots, lines, very dry skin, hyperpigmentation. I’m in my mid 60s, just wondering what products of your line would you recommend for desert-dry weather peels, aftercare serums, retinoids, etc? I would love to purchase your products, what are your product links?

Sandy 58:10

Hello,  I have been using your Salicylic acid 25% peel for the full 6-8 treatment cycle. I use this superficial peel every 2 weeks for 10 mins before rinsing. I have oily skin and want to use peels to stave off my pustular acne. I read somewhere that mandelic was better for inflammatory acne vs. Salicylic. Given my Salicylic 25% peel usage, my oily Fitzpatrick V skin, the fact that I use tretinoin 0.1% atleast 3× per week for the past 6months and my daily use of tyrosine inhibitors (niacinamide and tranexamic acid)…which mandelic peel should I start with? Is my current routine prepped” enough to begin with the Mandelic 40% even for 1-2mins of contact time?”

Facebook Comments: 59:30


2 Responses

  1. Jen
    I have been using TCA 20 for a long time.
    Had a lot of post peeling which was great,
    however, I am still left with hyperpigmentation (brown spots). Why
    do I have this after great flaking?
    I use anti aging products. Love the antiaging face wash. I also use luminosity for 3 nights (a pea size doesn’t seem to be enough . Stopped using retinol due to excessive dryness.
    Jeannie Ayd

    1. Hello. If this hyperpigmentation has been there for years – remember that a lifetime worth of damages can’t be fixed in a single peel. You will need to do a series to help fade these damages. Continue with Fade Bright and retinol every day. Use SPF 50 always. Do your peel series on a monthly basis. TCA 20 is great for many things – but jessners may be better for your pigmentation needs. Consider a jessners peel … or… jessners + TCA 13.

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