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Live Q&A September 16th, 2021

Leoba 1:10

hi Jen,i have a question on how soon can i use my other chemical peels eg mandelic or salicylic peels after i have done my Dream peel??

Vickie 2:00

I’m anxious to get started, but I have been on tretinoin. How long should I be off of it before I do a peel?

Kavita 3:10

“Hi there I’m kavita , I have deep acne scars on my cheeks and few acne on my chin . I have tried tca 20 peel two time which help me to lighten my blemishes. I bought tca 30 and sylicalic 25 percent . Can you please tell me which percent of tca peel I should use with tca 30 cross to get the maximum result also which order I should use the both peel.

Niral 5:06

Hi I have recently purchased the glycolic peel 30 and 50 I did want to go for something stronger like the tca peel however I have been told it’s not really good for darker skin tones, and can cause pigmentation. I’m Asian and have like light brown skin tone. Thank you

Cheryl 6:20

Never used any of your products yet. I’m 59 with orange peel skin on my cheeks mostly. There are so many products and so many videos. I’m not sure where to begin to have a smoother completion.

Octavia 7:30

“Hey Ms. Tilney it’s Octavia! Im so happy I found PSC I’m excited for this journey. I have a 3 part question.

I am caramel complexion African American. I have for the most part pretty clear skin and smooth. I keep up with home facials and my exfoliating brush has always been apart of my daily facial cleansing. Every blue moon if I’m stressed, overwhelmed or close to that time of the month I have a under skin bump pop up on my chin, or a pimple or 2 on my cheek. However once they are gone in a few days the spots lighten up really good but not completely gone. More than anything I can’t stand a spot on my skin. Waiting on arrival I bought TCA 13% to do a full face peel but to also clear the access spots left as well, and maybe move up to my 20% after a series of 13% do you think it’s a good idea once I move up, to make the 20% apart of my regimen once a month even though my face is not really problematic only periodically just to maintain glass skin after my peels? (By the way I did buy fade bright, luminosity to prep with 2 weeks before, And jessners just because I reviewed great things about it) bought TCA 30 specifically for Stretchmarks on the back of my legs (behind the knee area), and external bikini beach line area. I have some past hyperpigmentation from old hair bumps from shaving. Dreading the expense, laser was my next move until I found your site. Have you had many clients purchase peels for bikini area?

In the last live Ms. Tilley you mention not using TCA 30 but a lower percentage like 15%…. is it ok for me to try the TCA 13% 6-8 series for bikini? Will the 13% give me results I really want in that area over time, can I ever move to 20% at least? During my research I haven’t seen any discussions or videos about that area. Last For stretch marks I was told by one place I have to wait until the marks are light to get medical tattoo camouflage but other spas or willing to go ahead an do the procedure but In a video you mentioned stretch marks an scars. How affective, and what type of results have you seen your clients get using TCA on over a year old stretch marks that haven’t become light yet and are darker than their actual tone?”

Laura 12:15

Can you cosmetic microneedle your any of your products excluding acids

Connie 13:07

How do you have so many moles coming on my face and since we have to wear this mask I’ve been breaking out all over my face with different spots and blemishes I would like to see what can be done about it

Shannon 14:15

Is there a peel that I can do to fade a sun spot that is directly on my bottom lip?

Sabrina 15:09

I’m interested in the VIPP home IPL system sold on the PSC website (primarily interested in the skin rejuvenation cartridge to treat facial redness), and was wondering how that fits into an ongoing TCA peel series & ongoing maintenance regimen. Can you speak to how best to add that to our existing routines, particularly if we’re actively performing peels?

Kristina 16:37

I am preparing for my FIRST peel! I will be doing a TCA, and have all of the prep and post products ready. My question is with my regular routine – I use an exfoliation lotion daily (P50 1970, which has phenol, niacinamide, lactic acid, salicylic acid, sulfur…) should I stop this while I prep, and how soon can I use again after a peel? THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO.

Teressa 17:55

I bought a kit to do on myself but I don’t know how to prep my skin so it works. I once had a plastic surgeon do it and I had no peeling. He said that my skin was too thin . 🤔

Ann 19:20

What peel is best for the body?

Mani 20:32

Hi jen. Can i use GHK in my night time routine with 1.anti aging cleanser, 2. Anti aging toner\r\n3. Fade bright and 4. Hyaluronic acid 5. Retinol As these all have acids in it, so i m a little confused. Please clarify. And thanks a lot for your time and support.

Paul 21:53

Being a guy is it ok to shave while my skin is actually pealing?

Lisa 22:48

When I first started doing peels I peel a small area too soon and it left a scar. Is there anything I can do to try and fix it . I have been continuing with peels for a year and no improvement.

Roseanne 24:21

What peel should i use if i have PIH from a previous peel because i did not treat with fade bright prior. I haven’t had a peel since May. I am now using fade bright 2x a day and tretinoin at night. Is it possible to fix the PIH?? Thankyou much.

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