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Peel University Live Q&A September 15th, 2022

Peony Lin 4:02

I have 3 so not sure if these are supposed to be submitted separately. sorry!

1) If I want to extend my face products to my hands is it best to only do it at night before bedtime ? If I do it in the morning isn’t it wasted as soon as I wash my hands or does it just have to be applied for a certain time period.

2) I currently use Tretonin 1.0 and have been for quite some time. I understand that the new Fusion product is one notch below but has great reviews. I have FOMO (lol) but if Tretonin is not causing any irritation then should I just stick with it?

3) Should I be waiting a few minutes between each production application or can it go on immediately after each other?

Monica 6:55

I have been really careful with sunscreen and a hat but this year I got some sun and a lot of freckling resulted. What is the best peel to deal with this? I’ve used TCA (3 layers) and dabbled with 1 layer of Jessners. Last peel I did was 1 layer of Jessners late last year. Do I have to start with less layers to get my skin used to the acid again?

Elle 8:00

Which Platinum products are best kept refrigerated?

Dayma 8:47

I just joined the VIP club and i understand your not wanting us to order for others, however, i plan to buy a couple or so bottles of the 2oz Jessners in the next couple of months for Christmas gifts. Is that allowed? I bought my Mom the 5 small bottle pk for her birthday and she LOVES it. (She has deep acne scars from her younger days). I’ve not found anything she has liked better for her face. Thank you!!

Could you also give me some advice for my deep lines i am starting to get around my lips. I seem to have inherited what i always considered to be smokers lines and i don’t smoke. I also have deep lines at a downward angle, these are much worse, on the sides of my lips that are getting worse. I feel they have developed due to having to wear a night guard every night for my TMJ (temporal mandibular joint) disorder from wisdom teeth extractions in my service days. Again, thank you, i love the way you care for your customers and answer our repeated questions with so much grace. 😬 ❤️”

Brenda 11:05

Hi, I would like to know which of your products do you recommend to be used in a medium deep session of microneedling. I’m already using hylauronic acid and growth factors Thank you

Shannon Davis 12:22

If I do a peel using Jessners first and then Tca, do you rinse in 5 mins or leave on to rinse later

Cheryl 13:15

Hi, I absolutely love your products

I bought the 2x super cop. I know you are only supposed to spot treat but I have so many areas of my face that I want to treat. I put a pea size mixed with regenerate over my whole face after tret most nights . I have no negative reactions. Is this ok to do

Thanks Cheryl”

Maria L. 14:40

Explain the differences and benefits of each product.:

Fusion A, Luminosity , Serum 30.

Thank you

Trudy Goforth 16:40


My skin has some Sun spots, wrinkles and it looks like a criss cross bunch of lines on my cheek. I know that sounds odd. It really looks bad. I am 70 years old and have not done a peel.

I don’t know where to start. Will a peel help with the lines on my face? I am considering a getting laser treatments but would prefer to try peels first.

I am green eyed and fair to medium with makeup choice.

Thanks so much.


Claire Shuman 18:18

Do you have any recommendations for resistant age\/sun spots that are on my hands, I look like my hands are 80 years old and I’m only 55. I’ve had IPL a few times with minimum results, then I tried your TCA 30% at two layers which made my hands red and they lightly peeled over two weeks, but it’s not deep enough to really see significant progress. Do you have any advice how to get better results?

Nita 21:05

TCA for stretch marks on hips and booty. Percentage and schedule? How to blend it into the skin so it doesn’t leave a mark? Thanks

Monique Segers 22:10

I have terrible pigment on my forehead can you please help me to get rid of it

Rita Cobb 23:20

When will the triple threat body lotion be back in stock? I love it! PS What is fitzpatrick?

Cherie 24:05

Hi there

I have a Fitz 2 facial client with sun damage slightly combination and mild controlled rosacea who needs more results than what a mandelic peel will provide. Possible to do a 7% TCA?”

Cindy Elaine 25:52

What peels can I do for oily and ice picky scars\/ skin but with no downtime?

Sally 27:30

We have a pool and our use is summertime only. Despite sunscreen I still tan and tan easily.

I saw on a video on the website you shouldn’t do a peel if you’re tan. Can you elaborate more on that?

I’d like to continue with peels throughout winter. Thanks”

Donna. McCay 29:40

Can you do a lip peel weekly or wait and do one at end of month to get the results you want ? Thank you very much . I love your products. Thank you Jen for all your help . Donna. Alabama

Brenda M 31:05

I normally do TCA13 peels and microneedle with the growth factor and your Hylauronic acid every other other month at a medium depth. I would like know If your copper peptides is safe to use during a session of microneedling also is it safe to use the dream peel which has vitamin A , with my microneedling? Thank you kindly ., Brenda

Joanna 32:40

How long should I wait between TCA Jessner’s combination peels?

How often can TCA cross be done?”

Emily 33:40

I do 3 layers of TCA when I peel at 7%. Typically protocols state that you can continue retinol 7 days after most aesthetic treatments, however I always peel anywhere fron 2-4 weeks. I’ll do my face neck and chest at once and the neck and chest take longer to peel. Can I use retinol while in still actively peeling\/healing after the 7 days or wait until I’m 100% done peeling?

Carey Aishford 35:00

I am wondering the best peel for sun damage? on the face ? on the body?

Best peel for fine lines and wrinkles on the face?


Debbie Carpenter 36:15

I sunburn easily and my shins were severely sunburned last year while laying out in the Florida sun. I now have tiny freckles where the burn was and lighter skin. Can I use a 13% TCA peel on them to get rid of the freckling? It’s embarrassing to me. Thank you so much!!!!

Laura Roscoe 38:00

What’s the best chemical peel to treat melasma?

Cindy 38:47

Im 30 and noticing a few fine lines under my eye(not crows feet) so I want to be proactive so I bought the eye lift express roller(which I can tell the difference with one use) so I’m wondering since I don’t have many wrinkles will the eye lift express be enough or should I apply other products to help with this?

My routine is: ab wash, retinal 10, b complex, eye lift express

– is eye lift express help long term or is it a quick fix!?

What peels can I do for oily and ice picky scars\/ skin but with no downtime?”

Fatmeh 40:45

I use jessner peel & tca 15 my skin It starts to peel but when my face is finished peeling I start to have red and dark spot around my chain and my cheek area.

Brenda 42:15

I am wondering if I can medium micro needle at not a so deep level with my own pen using your copper peptide? Is it safe to go into the skin and does it matter which one of your bottles do I use ?

Thank you so much , Brenda

Lesley J 42:50

Can the TCA 13% peel be used for bikini area?

Alayna 43:20

Had frenulum laser 3 yrs ago and hyperpigmented in my cheeks and forehead. Have used Platinum Mandellic acid for over a year, one my 3rd bottle, don’t really see that much improvement, slight. I’m using the 40 not then 20. Why is a there so little improvements?

Tonya 45:15

I want to reveal my smooth clear again

jenna maki 45:45

Hello! I have several boxcar scars and icepick scars, and I have been doing regular monthly peels with the 13%. I have seen a lot of improvement, but I’m on my 10th peel now, and was just wondering if it would be better for me to switch to the 30% tca cross method?

I don’t mind sticking with the 13% if it does the trick over a longer period of time, I’m just not sure it will!

Thanks so much in advance for your help


Heather Abeyta 47:10

It’s it ok to do the dream peel on any part of my body other the my face? I have Surgical scars from past surgeries that really stressed me out.

Tracey Stanford 47:57

I have been on prescription retinol for many many years, on 0.1% and have not had any irritations. If I want to change over completely to platnium products( this is the only thing left to change) fir clarification purposes could I use the new luminosity formula in place of it?

Alba 48:35 

Is this more effective than all types of microneedling? Had several treatments and it’s not a permanent result. Good for a moment. I had adult cystic ance. Now I have none but the scars!

Lidiya 49:40

How to speed up recovery after a 13% TCA peel? My recovery is 7 days, it is too long. Not sure about Retinol. have been using .5 prescription strength for a year once a week. Can not tolerate it, always peeling even with layering it with a thick moisturizer.

Maria 50:45

Since mature skin tends to be thinner. what chemical peels are best for wrinkles and age spots concerns?

Sarah 51:55

Is tretinon recommended while doing a peel? .. with fadebright? I stopped using FB before tretinoin, was too harsh

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