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Peel University Live Q&A November 4th, 2021

Hello and welcome to our Fourth live Q&A where we answer all your peel questions!

While we try and format these videos quicker over time, we want to make it easy to find your question and get your answer quickly. 

That’s why we are time-stamping each video below. Just look for your name and go to that point in the video.

Customer Questions:

Rebekah 1:06

How do I navigate your website to find NEW products? And, are there any new product launches coming? If so, any sneak peak? 🙂 Sorry, not specific to a peel or current product. Thanks and I love all your products!!!

Christine 2:14

After a tca peel how long should you use healing oils. Do you stop using when your skin starts peeling?

Dawn 3:00

What’s the earliest you can do a peel or use products on a surgical scar and what products are best?

Tammy 3:48

I have what I think to be Fordyce spots under my eyes. I also have Poikiloderma of Civatte on my neck. The Poikiloderma of Civatte says it’s probably from sun. In Iraq my neck, face and hands were always exposed but I always use sunscreen religiously because I am a Fitzpatrick of 1. I would like to know the best regimen for these two places. Thanks.

Colleen 5:14

Hi! Recently found Platinum products and am super hopeful that my facial melasma and PIH will eventually be a thing of the past. In addition to discoloration I am also see increasing signs of aging. (45) I’ve started prepping with the fade bright for my first peel. I purchased ALOT of other Platinum products, lol. Planning on starting with Mandelic 40 peel. (I’ve had chemical peels performed professionally and I think I should be okay). Sorry long story to get to my main question…..I travel at least 2x a year to hot tropical areas. Much needed for my mental health (I’m an ER nurse) I wear sun hats and use at least 50 spf. Usually in February and then again in Fall sometime. Pandemic time excluded. I don’t spend time outdoors during US summer. How long before theses trips should I stop any peel?

Holly 6:38

hello. I’m reading and watching the videos but still not sure! (LOL)… so I am a Fitz 2-3 (fair skin, brown hair, hazel eyes) and 59 years old (glogau is 3). I want to start the process here with the goal of reducing the fine lines and the pigmentation. With that said, do you suggest I use the Jessner or a TCA in the lowest percentage acid %? thank you

Judy 8:40

Can a peel of TCA 13 two layers and Dream Peel on top, and a lip peel be used at the same time, or do they need to be spaced out.

Lily 10:37

Hiya, I was just wondering how long after TCA 15% at 1 layer can you start using very strong retinols?

Lara 11:30

Hi Jennifer!! I’m a loyal user of most of Platinums products. By far the best I’ve ever used! My question: I just finished my second container of retinol 30. I religiously use this nightly, and have never had any adverse reactions to it, such as dry or flaky skin. Can I step up to the Luminosity 50 from here, and use nightly, or should I stick with the 30? Sincerely Lara

Stefanie 13:05

I just purchased the 7 tca peel for around my eye’s. I know that’s the lowest peel but can I also use it on the rest of my face? Perhaps more layers? Thx!!

JD 14:22

I just started the TCA peels and was able to tolerate 2 layers of 13% plus spot treatment for an extra 5 mins (15 mins total). I was planning to do these TCA peels every 2 weeks or so, but was wondering what the timing is to layer in daily glycolic acid toners and AHA/BHA peels (I use the ones from The Ordinary and would do them once/week). Thx!

Cindy 16:12

I have cystic acne, what do you suggest? This is on my jaw line and on neck. Thank you for your wonderful products!

Diane 18:04

Recently I have used Profhilo and I have also inserted threads into my face. My question to you is, how long should I wait after these kind of procedures to do a PCA peel?

Stacy 19:11

I have smallish and larger sebaceous hyperplasia bumps on my face. I am 56 yr old and they have been getting steadily worse for years. Please tell me which peels to use to help diminish some of these. I have done one 25 salicylic peel 1 layer x 1 minute and didn’t notice any difference. My skin never gets a big peel. Thank you, Stacy

Briana 21:00

If I have pretreated with tyrosine inhibitors for weeks and also treated after peels but still get post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, does this mean I can’t use Jessner or TCA peels? No matter how long I pretreat (extent of a month) and no matter what I do and how few layers I use (one), I still have PIH. even when the darkness peels off there is still a dark spot which lets me know it’s PIH.

Carol 23:04

What peel helps most with upper lip wrinkles. Can u do peel there once between TCA

Monica 25:05

Can I dilute the Jessner’s peel and how will I know what percentage the dilution will result? Thank you.

Adrien 26:00

I’ve done about 3 Tca 13% peels and have achieved wonderful results in my texture already. I’ve experienced slight stinging upon application but it’s tolerable. In between TCA peels(4 weeks apart) I perform a 15% salicylic acid peel and the burning is excruciating. Is it common for the Salicylic peel to be more unbearable than the TCA peel?

Laura 27:38

Since I am older over 60 I notice Tca peel does not make me peel even at Four layers just burns more.would like to know what would be the best way to even skin out.I also use retinol nightly.Can not use vitamin C .Thanks

Samar 29:07

Hi Can I take samples to try please? (our sample policy)

Shannon 30:02

I’m doing micro needling (medical, cosmetic and nano). After how long can I do another TCA peel? I’m assuming at least 28 days after the medical micro needling. Also, after the micro needling, when can I incorporate retinol back in?

Susan 31:25

If peeling isn’t really a sign of a “good” peel (a peel works even with no peeling or just mild flaking), why do we need Dream Peel to maximize peeling? 🤔

Joy 33:25

Other than Vaseline/Aquaphor and SPF, what should I use on my post-TCA peel face? Is it true moisturizer and/or oil won’t be absorbed?

SOUMI 35:11

Hi I am Asian Indian with medium skin tone. I am acne prone , specially before my periods. I do your mandalic 40 every month. I wanted to do Jessnar peel. Will it be safe for my skin color? I am 42 years old and use Tretinoin every night.

Sabrina 36:50

Preparing for a Jessner’s peel. I thought a video said to use the retinol twice/day for 2 weeks before the peel..but the bottle says once every other night…not sure what to do? Thanks, Sabrina

Kelly 38:14

I’m trying to target melasma and sun spots plus mouth area wrinkles. I want something that will work as I’ve spent a fortune and nothing works. I have no idea what all to order even after watching videos and reading. It get overwhelming. Can you suggest what all I should order? Thanks

Tammy 40:35

What percentage of peel do you recommend for the back of hands?

Patricia 42:45

How can I get a gift certificate for my daughter?

Darlene 43:15

Can I use red light therapy after a peel? If not, how long must I wait to resume?

Ana 44:05

How long should I use the fade bright prior to theTCA or Dream peel? Do I keep using it after flaking is gone? I currently use hydroquinone 12% and tret 1%

Facebook Live Comments 45:45

Marlena 50:55

I had mohs surgery on my cheek August 1st this summer. The scar is about 3/4 long and still pink. How long should I wait to try a peel, which type,or should I not use one at all? Thank you

Tetty 52:27

I just started pre-treatment. I use glycolic cleanser 10%, retinol, fade bright. But my skin becoming very dry and it feels like fine sand paper and occasionally peeled. Is it normal? What can I do the to reduce the dryness? I used emu oil when it feels tight and itchy. Thank you!

Facebook Live Comments 53:54 – Christine

Jennifer 54:55

I am trying to get rid of dark spots, overall discoloration white spots, and scars ( small but quite a few) on my arms. Last month I used glycolic 70, and last week 30 TCA (nothing happened yet). What else can I do? I just got fade bright, will that help. Should I keep using tca, and can I do 2 layers of 20%?

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