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Peel University Live Q&A May 4th, 2023

Name + Time Question
Eileen Madrigale 3:04 After my 13% TCA peel, can I use my Japanese cleansing oil to wash my face?
Lalima verma 3:43 After using tca since 4 months (13 percent every month), I got small milia at many places. What do you remmend
Aedah 4:58 Hi how are you…can I use chemical peel to my client she has pigmentation in her back and which kind of peel? And what products she can use at home thank you 🥰
James 6:45 I am getting closer to purchasing and trying my first at home peel. Do you have any suggestions or tips about handling the acid for the first time? Like safety and things I may need to consider?Thank you!
Nancy Lunardi-Navarro 8:15 I’m 71 and my entire face needs a peel but I have very deep smokers lines so I’d like to take care of that first. What type of products do I need, how many treatments and how many days will I be out of commission? When can I expect the peeling to stop so I can go out in public?
Sara 9:54 After having kids, I went from Fitz 3 to Fitz 4. Is it possible to go back to my original colour with Fade Bright? Can it brighten up to one shade? If so, how would I main it?Thanks in advance!
Jonathan Nabozny 11:54 How can I get clear skin without being flaky?
Melanie 13:06 Hi there, I’m about to do my second (ever) Jessners peel soon (2 layers only), and was wondering what you would recommend as a “step 2”: Dream Peel or Luminosity?Many thanks.
Cristy Ricardy 14:48 LOVE my PSC. products, over 20 of them. I finished a series of 8 mandelic pills & In between I did 2 Jessners/TCA peels (following all protocol). I have very fair, very dry, aging skin with a lot of hyper pigmentation from being a sun goddess. Can you please guide on the best protocol for photo facial with your PSC equipment I am waiting to receive. (I get occasional menopausal acne on my chin and jawline) I have had many Ipl’s in the past, very strong levels…and my skin tolerates a lot. Please give me your best regimen. PS. Only a couple of Products my face HATES which are regenerate and vitamin B lotion… I can use them on my neck and chest only. Thank you! I would love a full evaluation on just me and what works best for me, perhaps I can schedule that if you don’t use my question.
Nanette 18:11 What do I do about the open pores & fine lines that has occurred from accidentally leaving a Glycolic peel on too long? Should I no longer peel in that location? It’s been about 5 months since it occured. Thank you!
Nancy Lynch 20:13 I have nasolabial folds as I am 65! What product that you sell would you suggest for me that would best treat this problem
Nilay Engin 21:48 Attempting to use 15-20% TCA on my face by diluting from 30% that I use on my chest and shoulders. I can never withstand 5 minutes of wait; not to mention a double or triple swipe… My skin is not sensitive and I have high tolerance to pain, but I still can’t tolerate it. My peels were successful in the past. Is it more important to reduce the strength and wait the duration suggested or keep the strength and withstand as much as possible under 5?It is possible to build tolerance up to 5 mins in time?
Shavonne George 24:33 How do I get started on a chemical peel for my chest? I have a darker skin tone. My skin is dry and sensitive.How to prep and what is the recommended post care?
Mary 26:43 What type of peel(s) do I need to improve moderate dark spots\/blemishes on my arms and chest, caused by years of sun exposure? Thank you. I am fitzpatrick 3.
Pat 29:12 Is there a chemical peel to treat flat seborrheic keratosis on the body?
donna 30:27 After a TCA 20 chemical peel what do you recommend placing on my face if I have some skin that is still pink because the skin came off early? I have tried putting the fade bright. I’m not sure if that’s ok because I feel a burning sensation and rinsed it off. I don’t want to cause any unnecessary shock / possible damage to my skin.Is vitamin E ok to place on the pink skin? What are your thoughts?Donna
Shirley ann 32:13 I used to smoke and have deep wrinkles above my top lip, can these be removed if so, what would you suggest I use?
Corrie Lafrenaye 33:21 What kind of pills should I have to peel off the first layer of skin?
Jeannie Ayd 34:43 Can Jessners peel be done weekly? Do you wash between layers? Is it left on for intervals of 5 minutes? When doing Jessners, TCA and Dream at same time, do you wash between layers?
Sadona Wise 37:00 Wondering if you can do peels such as mandalic and glycolic throughout the summer months? Obviously wearing sunscreen to protect the skin when outside.And can you alternate peels with cosmetic, derma, rolling?Thanks so much! Love all my products From platinum skin care!
Laura 39:17 Sorry my form glitched and submitted before I was done. Rest of questions: n1. Is super cop 2x good for hair growth? Like if I mix it with emu oil and apply to my eyebrows?n2. For fusion A, is the correct order: regenerate, potions, hyaluronic then Fusion A, then creams B complex & Derma snap, emu oil? It just feels strange bc the Fusion A is thicker than the B complexn3. If I paid for a 6 month VIP trial, but want to go for the full 12 months can I just pay the difference or is there a way to get the discount by going to 12 months now? I def see the benefit now and am kicking myself for not doing the 12 months.n4. My dad wants me to do peels on his arms for growths, Dr. Said they are not cancerous and frozen them off but they’ve come back a year later. Should I do TCA 30% spot treat twice and then Jessners &TCA Overall? He’s a Fitzpatrick 2-3 and also has thick Italian skin. I know he has to start using sunscreen and have told him I won’t do it without him using your sunscreen daily but wanted to get your opinion on what I should do for his arms and removing the growths.Update on my own skin & scar Odyssey…. I haven’t had a pimple in two months when i used to get cystic deep bumps all the time! I’m so excited bc my skin is really looking amanzing with the peels and daily products! Thanks so much ladies, you and your products are are amazing!
Kimberly Williams 44:35 What peel is best for light brown (African American) skin? What is the best strength and\/or what strength should not be exceeded for that peel by someone with African American skin? \r\n\r\nAlso, what order should products in general be used?
Lidiya 47:12 How to use Copper peptide? I went through a bottle of Super CP Serum. Did not see a difference. Now I purchased Super Cop 2x. My concern: fine lines, especially around eyes, big pores with old acne scars, some skin laxity and aging. I will be 49 soon. I have done 13% TCA several times.
Laura 50:46 Hello Beautiful ladies! I have a few questions and thought others might benefit from the answers as welln1. The triple treat is great, but I’m going through it very fast applying every day, even buying the 16oz version. Can we use your acids (glycolic, mandelic, salicylic, etc) to add to base lotions, or would that be a bad idea?n2. Any tips when doing Jessners & TCA peels to stop having my eyebrows peel? Even staying away from them the acid seeps a little and my eyebrows end up peeling and I think I’m losing my eyebrow hair.n3. Is super cop 2 good for hair growth? like applying n3. I split my times between two homes so I’ve bought two of everything, but is there a way we can buy some of your empty bottles so I can buy bigger sizes of body products and emu and split it up?n3. Jens birthday is coming up and so is the annual sale, are there any restrictions on the discount, how much you can purchase and how long does the sale last?
Tara 54:36 I’d like to try adding in Dream Peel, but I don’t tolerate retinols at all. Any suggestions?
Angela Aversano 56:22 Hi, I’m in my late 50’s and I’ve been doing some research as to what I would need for my skincare. I’m so confused as to where to start… I am going through menopause right now and my skin just looks terrible in my opinion. Skin is sagging, no glow, wrinkles .. the works. Please advise as to what I need to start with. Thank you for your time.
Alyssa 58:03 I recently did TCA peel 20% (2 layers), usually I do 13% (3layers). The 13% worked great. The 20% left new brown marks on my skin. It is now 3 wks after the peel and those brown marks are still there. Will these new brown marks go away eventually?
Edda Danovich 1:00:11 Is there a peel for the eyelids?
Susan Proudfoot 1:00:50 I have very oily skin since I went through menopause. No acne at all. My face tends to get red now but doesn’t stay red all the time. What is a good skin care regimen?
Ronnette jones 1:02:01 I have had multiple chemical peels. But I did watch your video where you stated every company peel % is different. Well I used your perl TCA 20% and I used 4 passes looking for the frosting with a brush instead of gauges. Which was too much totally my fault for not following instructions. I have purchased almost all your products now. Trying to fix my PIH. Which I have seen improvement already in a week. How long will this take to clear lol. I totally am willing to follow all directions instead of trying to get a fast result. You have been awesome helping me and responding to all my questions. I love your products just wish I would have listened instead of rushing to get results.
Mayet 1:05:41 I’ve done cross method and follow instructions then it left a dark like kind of mole.. how can I get rid of it? I’m using fadebright and continuously doing my series of peels (tca\/jessner ) alternate and it’s still there, thank you

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