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Peel University Live Q&A May 26th, 2023

Name + Time Question
Lana 3:43 While using your products, is there any self tanner I am able to use? What about the symptoms? Thank you.
Diane 5:17 Want to add Jessners to my next peel series in addition to the TCA30 I did this past fall/winter to treat dark spots on my hands/arms. I did 2 layers of TCA30 each session last time.How many layers can I apply for this next series and which acid should be applied first?Thank you.
Tina Imes 7:04 I have been using the acne set and it is helping. I also have wrinkles on my forehead. Should I add in another product for that?
Tina 8:14 Hi, I use retin a nightly with no irritation . How can I still use peels for product to penetrate more and utilize the deeper peals for anti aging.Thanks!
Danielle Foor 9:34 I have been using the 4 piece acne kit (Fusion A level 2 as I had been using Tretinoin) with the addition of fade bright and High Octane vitamin C. I can tell a huge difference in my acne and texture already. My face is usually oily but has been dry and flaking some since starting. I’m not sure if it may be too harsh for my skin, if I need to add more moisture (I ordered Emu oil), or if it’s just part of the process and my skin will adjust?Thank you!
B 11:24 The entire world doesn’t have Facebook, so I always chuckle when I see these ““ lives everyone doesn’t have Facebook and it’s shortsighted of you to put these things on Facebook. I have entered several questions. None that have ever been answered. I’m looking forward to the next review from the last product, I bought to give you guys a very nice honest review about how irresponsible I think you are with these products and your directions
Krystal Latrese 13:26 I did a spot treatment with the Jessner peel after I did 2 layers and I think I burned 3 of my acne marks. I have been placing aloe Vera on them is there anything else I should place on my face? I learned my lesson and won’t ever do a spot treatment after doing layers
Shirley 15:53 I had a TCA peel about six months ago. I did five layers now I would like to do it again since it’s been six months can I go ahead and do five layers again?
Efe 17:18 The area around my mouth and around my eyes are significantly lighter after using pigment disrupters (azelaic acid and hydrochinone), is there something I can do about it? (I’ve had my first TCA13% Peeling two weeks ago)
Swati Sharma 19:24 When I can start using prescription Retin A after chemical peel?
Elena Dakin 20:12 Can one use the CROSS technique 30% TCA for static frown wrinkle (which is mild and not yet into a wrinkle fold, about 1cm long). For example, do random application at various points of the length of the wrinkle and not a complete 1cm line? I regularly do facial peels (TCA and dream peel) but that wrinkle needs separate attention over a year to improve.Thank you!
Laura 23:44 Good afternoon ladies. In June I plan to replenish my supply of products and also add some new ones such as B complex and GHK-CU. Which of these products would I use first in my nighttime routine and would I use the GHK-CU every night? I also tend to have dry skin. Do both these products help with that?Thank you
Fran 26:18 I have vitiligo and am concerned about using products that could make it worse. I have a lighter skin tone so it isn’t that visible (unless I don’t use enough sunscreen protection!!!)
Erika 28:15 54, what’s your best product for building collagen and reducing the start of crepe neck?
kc 30:25 I’ve slowly worked up to 5 layers at 20% How can I take the next step? Thanks.
Bonita Clifton 33:04 From the scrub to the acids… I’m wondering if anybody has had their face break out in tiny little white pimples. I’m 61 years old and I do not have or have not had any issues with clogged pores. Unfortunately, I stopped using all products because it was terribly uncomfortable. My skin felt like sandpaper.
carol gilson 36:10 I just bought a derma pen. Can I use this the same month that I do a 20% tca plus dream peel. If not, how should I incorporate this into my skin care regime?Thank you!!!
Trisha 37:04 If I am going to have a microdermabrasion treatment, when would be the best time to do my peel? Thank you!!
Jackie 37:52 Can I do a face TCA peel if I have just finished using Fluorouracil on my hands.
Kim 39:24 What body peel do you use for actinic keratosis
Monica 40:30 I have two Is it possible to do an earlobe peel? I’m pushing late 50s and earlobes are looking a little beat up (wrinkly).n2. If I do a Jessner’s and TCA peel if I don’t rinse it off after 5 minutes can I leave it on for a few hours (would the Jessner have the same effect or would the TCA neutralize it?).Thank you
Lisa 42:29 How can I get a deeper peel. Do I use more layers of jessners and 13% tca or jessner and 1 layer of tca 20%.
Shavonne George 44:35 What if I see no improvement of my dark areas after using fade bright for 3 weeks?

4 Responses

    1. Hello. We can use the daily retinoids like Fusion A, Vitamin C and also TCA peels on a monthly basis to help stimulate collagen and tighten the skin. If there is excessive skin though, it may need to be removed during a surgical procedure. 🙂

  1. What products of platinum can you recommend instead of VI peel. I’ve emailed twice with no reply now. Thanks

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