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Peel University Live Q&A May 12th, 2022

Hello and welcome to our 10th Live Q&A, where we answer all your peel questions!

To find your question see the time-stamping below. Next to your name and question, you’ll see a time that corresponds to when we covered your question on the Live.  Just go to that point in the video and you’ll have your answer.

Customer Questions:


Can peels help skin glycation?

Rosemarie 3:35

I did 4 TCA 13 peel. Each time with 4 layer and dream peel in the night, I get good peel after my peel is done. Then after a week or 2 it get back to the same place I started. Please advise what I am doing wrong. Rosemarie

Sanam 4:54

Hello i just finished my 2 weeks pre but forgot to stop using Retinol.My question is can i still perform TCA 13% peel next day which is on day 15 or Do i still have to wait 2-3 days to apply thank you.

Abbey 6:17

How many layers of jassner should I apply before the TCA to treat my stubborn pigmentations? . I have a mature dry skin Thanks

After applying TCA peel, when I can apply sun screen and go out?I had phenol peel and got hyperpigmentation spots. How deep are the spots ? and which methods will be the most affective to treat them? note: I have used RX retinol and hydroquinone in the
Thank you

Jane 8:20

I’ve had professional lactic chemical peel, in December, January & March. I would like to do my own. What type from Platinum Skin Care would you recommend? I’ve been on Platinum Skin Care’s website and read all descriptions of each and it’s very overwhelming. Thank You.

Rosalie 10:25

Hi, what kind of peeling do I need to get rid of melasma,please

Barbara Spadafora 11:25

I did a series of 8 Mandelic 40% peels over 3 months. Its been about 7 weeks since my last peel. My skin is much drier and seems thinner. How long will it take for collagen to rebuild?

Ines Castaneda 12:49

I would like to incorporate peels into my regime but I can not deal with the downtime as it drives my husband crazy.

I want to work on skin tightening … what would be the smart choice: mándelic 40%? Or TCA7%?

Face and neck … thanks


First, love, love, LOVE your passion and knowledge for skin care! Jennifer, you are a blessing!!!

Q: I have done 3 peels now (3 TCA 15% on face and 2 7% under eyes) I want to \beef up\” or mix up my peels to help with firmness and lines. If I add Jessners”

Mari 11:49

I have wrinkles and hyperpigmentation that I have been using the TCA 13 for but I also have constantly clogged pores that sometimes turn into acne bumps. Would a weekly peel help keep my pores cleared?

Shania Mohammed 16:13

Hiii! I have been such great results so far with my Mandelic 40, Vitamin B, Fade Bright, AB Cleanser & Retinol 20.. thank you for creating such AMAZING products!

Wanted to ask.. Will doing a TCA 13% 1 layer peel every 2-3 weeks yield the same results as a 2 layer peel every month? Saw alot of mixed responses on the group but wanted to know your advice!

Thanks so much!”

Amanda H 17:28

Do you offer professional licensed discounts on website. I’m a licensed cosmetologist

Laurie 17:57

Hi Jennifer and Dora, I am wondering how you feel about Aloe after a peel, instead of healing oils?

Thank you,


(Cystic Acne Prone)”

Michelle Connell 19:03

First question:- what’s Fitzpatrick

Second who:- where does a 53 old newbie start.

Thanks Michelle x”

Nicole Beck 21:29

I have melasma-prone skin. It’s not bad now because I have worked for years at it. I have been using hydroquinone 4% on the areas needed and Skinmaedica’s Lytera all over. I cycled Tri-luma in the past. What peel would be good to help clear up my skin without exacerbating the melasma?

Thank you!

Gabriella 23:11

Hi, I bought several products and before preparing for my first peel I saw your very informative videos. Now I have a question on how to layer the products. In which order after cleansing with a pH acidic cleanser do I apply vitamin C and Fade Bright in the morning and my Retin A and Fade Bright in the evening?

Thank you in advance and best regards

Twinkle Bajwa 24:28

I have a super oily T zone and super dry chin (ariund the mouth).

I have a little hyperpigmentation going on around my mouth.

How many TCA 20% peels do I need to treat the hyperpigmentation?

What else do you suggest for my skin to be even.

Thank you!

Geneva 26:17

I purchased the dream peel. How long should I be off my tretinoin .1% prior to using the dream peel?

Linda Murphy 27:21

How long are peel kits good for? Unopened? I ordered some kits have not used yet.

Thank you

Julie 27:50

I have old, leather-looking skin on my chest. My dermatologist is recommending a treatment that takes 6-12 months with no sun exposure for 4 months (and says it’s a blood vessel issue).

When I use your products on my chest (fade bright, high octane) it turns irritated red and elevates; it never peels (TCA 13% or with perception retinols, etc.)

What do you suggestion?

Kathleen 30:24

Do you have a cream that for wrinkles an eyes all in one so you don’t have to put 2 or 3 things on at a time

Pierre 30:23 NA

Chyenne 31:16

With summer coming upon us, is it safe\/or even okay to do a chemical peel during the summer months? I started my series last month in April, and recently did my second peel. I am hesitant about proceeding further in the hot months, and wasn’t sure if I needed to stop and continue when it cools down. Thanks for the help!\r\nI have TCA 13

Aundrea 32:20

Hi, What acids cannot be used in conjunction with the GHK-CU Accelerant besides Hyaluronic acid? What happens if you use the ghk-cu with HA?

Can the ghk-cu accelerant be used in products that contain alpha hydroxy acid? Can it be used with vitamin C? With ceramides?

Do you need to take a break from using the ghk-cu accelerant for any length of time?

Thank you.

Mrs. Brooke Lopez 34:21

I did my first Man delic peel wrong because I did not watch the video so I didn’t rinse it off with the neutralizer in five minutes. what happens when you misperform a peel I also don’t have Facebook and your questionnaires are during work times will this answer be emailed to me?

Gail 36:29

I am doing a mandelic peel. How long does it take to heal. Is it real invasive?

Carter 37:18

What is the best routine to remove brown spots and lines from the chest? Also, is there ONE BEST PRODUCT for spot removal? I have a few small spots in other places.

(Also, I don’t know what fitzpatrick I am … ? LOL)

Thank you!


Annie 38:27

Just recently had neck surgery. How soon after surgery can I do a peel for the scar? When is the soonest after surgery could I use the super cop 2X on the scar

Angela Wegner 41:11

Hello, I have a 2oz bottle of the TCA Peel 20%, is it normal for it to be pressurized every time I open it? And to see it sort of fizzle when it is poured into another small container? Thank you.

Cindy 42:16

I’m going to do an eye peel…do I really use rubbing alcohol around my eyes? It seems quite harsh. Also, what sun block do you recommend for the eye area that won’t run or burn my eyes. I work outside a lot and sweat, sometimes the sunblock gets in my eyes and burns\/bothers them. What do you recommend?

Charles Drake 44:17

I saw a comment about using the 7%TCA on heavy hooded lids. \r\nMy thinking is to never go below the brow bone on the upper eye lid. Interested in a response.

Lori Podany 45:58

I am an RN and I am thinking about providing this service in my current Dr. office. My question is, if someone does happen to have an area of hyperpigmentation from a peel, can this be treated and how?

Denise 47:36

I used 70% Glycolic on my arms. Can I use the TCA 13% for dark spot treatment after using the glycolic? In a week or so? I’m using all the products recommended. for the peels.

Lana 48:41

Hello, I’ve recently been prescribed azelaic acid 15% because I can’t use my retinol while pregnant. My question is do I need to stop using my azelaic acid a few days before a peel? Can I resume use the next day after a peel?

My skin has adjusted to the azelaic acid and I do either mandelic or glycolic acid peels so nothing too intense!

Facebook Comments – 49:50

2 Responses

  1. I had an IPL treatment and now have some hyperpigmentation patches.
    Can you recommend how to best treat these patches and the whole face to balance the colour again.
    My skin is type V

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