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Peel University Live Q&A March 24th, 2022

Hello and welcome to our Ninth  Live Q&A, where we answer all your peel questions!

While we try and format these videos quicker over time, we want to make it easy to find your question and get your answer quickly.

That’s why we are time-stamping each video below. So just look for your name and go to that point in the video.

Customer Questions:

Amelia 0:42

Hi there, I don’t currently have a platinum cleanser to use. Could you recommend a Cerave or Cetaphil cleanser that would be okay to use Pre-peel? Previously when I received in- office peels I was told to apply a gentle cleaner (cerave hydrating cleanser or something gentle) a week prior to my peel. Outside of that time I use a cleanser prescribed by my dermatologist which is Sulfacetamide Sulfer. Peel Uni. says not to apply something hydrating directly before a peel. However, I also wouldn’t want to apply my other sulfur cleanser which may over exfoliate my skin right before. Is there a third cleanser I should get to wash with directly before a peel? If so, could you recommend something I could get at Target or a basic drugstore? I would be prefer this because as I would only use the cleanser maybe 1x per week or once a month depending on my peel series. Thank you so much!!

Ginger 2:15

I have a lot of dark freckles (I am a red head) do I need to use a hyperpigmentation serum before I apply TCA?

How close to the eye & lid can I go usingTCA20% on a q tip?

Makkah Ahmed 4:02

Hello everyone thank you for being always here…I’ve made spot treatment 3 months ago and after that I made combo peel of jessner,TCA 20 and dream peel all over my face for the other three months.Now after the last two peels, I noticed some white patches around most of the areas that were made with spot treatment.They are (hypopigmented) so I need to know what should I do now?should I stop doing peels or continue?and should I continue use fade bright to prepare my skin or not as it is a melanin inhibitor so It will make the hypopigmented areas worse,right?thanks in advance.

Tina 6:50

Do your products have a expiration date if unopened?

Ng 7:12

Can I layer the 50% lactic acid from platinum skincare,I mean like first and second pass??

Ugo 7:58

Can your lactic acid 50% actually help to lighten the skin??

Can continous use of lactic acid help to reduce wrinkles for real??


I am using platinum skincare lactic acid 50%,been using it since late January,was wondering how long until I start seeing my dark spots lighten up??? I am using it majorly for hyperpigmentation… Thank you…

Lisa 9:43

Recently did a 20% TCA peel with 2 layers. I had very light flaking, no peeling just dry flakes. I prepped the skin before, used alcohol immediately before applying. What am I doing wrong and do I need to wait the 3 to 4 weeks before I do a second peel? It has been two weeks on 3 /24 since the peel

Theresa 11:28

Doing peels with Jessie’s and tca 20. 1 jessner layer and 4 tca 20%. Then I top it with dream peel. Peel works but my melasma and hyperpigmenation always comes right back. I have been doing a peel on face, neck, and chest ever month. Looks great when skin peels off. Then melasma and hyperpigmentation come back before I can even do my next peel…? Derm. Prescribed a Serum with 12% hydroquinone/6% kojic acid/2%niacinamide/1% ascorbic acid to use every night for 8 weeks.

When can I put that on? Can I put that on leading up to peel and the night of the peel? Then stay totally inside until the baby face come back? Don’t want to waste prescription on dead crusty skin that will be peeling off…so I will not put my prescription on then. Would that be o.k? I’m frustrated with the dark spots in the same places coming back and the hyperpigmentation. Please help.

Thank you,


Will try to forward pictures…but not sure where?

Janet 13:57

I am 66yrs old and have read that some people say past a certain age which is where I am you should not do peels as the skin is too thin. Is this true?

Gail 15:03

Hello I am post menopausal (full hysterectomy) I do various treatments to my skin but nothing lasts I did your 13%tca 2 passes 3 on chin area skin was really bad sore , etc when finished peeling skin was no different please advise

MARIA 16:23

Can a mature skin of an 80 yr. old undergo TCA 13% peels for age spots?

Andie 17:11

I did a Tca 20 peel no frosting with 1 layer. I dipped a q-tip in the Tca to spot treat it immediately frosted , swelled, and burned. Leaving pink skin once it was healing. It is still a little pink a month later. . That is the only area that peeled. Next month I did one layer of jessners then one layer of Tca 13. I did not peel at all. Why would I not be peeling after these and why did I react so poorly with the spot treatment?

Sharon 19:17

Hi, I’ve been spot treating age spots on my legs and arms with TCA 30, two layers. I’m not seeing the results I hoped for. I’m applying the acid w a q tip and just finished my third treatment. Should I alternate w another acid or combine acids, more applications…please help!!!

Nancy 20:55

If dream peel used alone, how long does it take to peel? Will it be flakes or pieces? Is it OK to use alone?

Roxanne 21:54

I have lots of sun spots on my arms and legs from years of tanning. Which peel or products which be most effective in reducing or eliminating this damage?

Currently using fade bright, triple treat and TCA 20%

Sandy 22:59

Could you please recommend the proper cleanser and toner to shrink pores. Thank you so much

Lucy 23:58

Best peel for summertime? Definitely wearing sunscreen. Thanks

mantra 24:28

Hello Jen and Dora. would my melasma cure with peel? using fade bright, vitamin c and mostriser and sunscreen and jense peel thank you

Lana 26:35

Love your peels and your YouTube channel! I am using the fade bright and have done a few mandelic acid and TCA peels. I am now pregnant so I can’t use TCA.

What is the best peel to help with post acne pigmentation? I have red acne marks not brown or hyperpigmentation. I just want to even out my skin tone and decrease the redness.


Aubrey 27:49

Hi. I am 50 Years old and have a very smoothe complexion with very few wrinkles. My age starts to show on my neck and chest. I have some deep grooves in my neck and my chest has a lot of redness and capillaries, I believe from past sun damage. I think my chest is a little sensitive to the Retinol. What else can I use for my neck and chest to fight these signs of aging?

Twinkle 29:59

My arms, and neck have became very dark as comared to my rest of the body and face.

What shall i do?

Cha 31:15

Which peels is the best for cystic acne? Im a fan of jessner n tca now. And why cystic acne appeared to the skin after chemical peels?

Rosalie 33:03

I have dry skin and I have melasma, can you help me,what you suggest for that ,please


Jan 34:21

When applying TCA to my arms & hands it is usual for the peeling process to take 2 – 2.5 weeks. Because the full process takes longer than it does for my face (1 week) should I wait a longer period of time between treatments? I usually apply 2 layers of TCA13 to my face & 2 layers of TCA20 to my arms & hands. I usually do TCA treatments about every 6 to 8 weeks.

Thanks in advance

Shere 35:42

When is it appropriate after a peel to use microcurrenr?

Leah 36:36

I would like to know exactly what I need to do a peel on my legs for crepey sun damaged skin.

julie 37:55

I’ve been doing TCA 20 for a while (4 layers) and now apply dream peel as last layer. My question is, if I wait 15 minutes vs 5 minutes in between each layer, will the peeling be more intense/deep? (Don’t want to extend time if waiting longer between layers doesn’t really do anything)

Cara 39:10

Will you please describe appropriate scars to use cross technique so not to make a scar worse?

chelli 41:49

Should I use derma snap all over my face or just in certain areas?

Lynn 42:19

How long after a 13 tca peel can I do a dream peel, I already did 4 tca at 13, I did one 3 night ago, can I do a dream peel now

Pooks 43:15

I would like to add extra Acid to an acid + hyaluronic product from my stash of Glycolic to make it a little bit more potent…your thoughts on that please…

Thank you for all that you do 🙂

Alison 44:55

Can I numb before using my 13% TCA peel ?


Florence 45:19

I need u to recommend some of your products that can lighten my skin to glow and make me young too. My color is brown and iam 60+ of years.

Rosemarie 46:33

What type of peel can you do under the arm?

Jan 48:00

Do you think it’s safe to cosmetic micro needle at .25mm the Regenerate Serum? I applied a TCA13% – 3layers over 2 weeks ago & am fully “peeled” now.

Theresa 49:23

Dermatologist just gave me a new compound that has 12% hydroquinone, 6% kojic acid, 2% niacinamide, and 1 % vitamin c. I am supposed to use a thin layer every night for eight weeks. I have hyperpigmentation and melasma. The pharmacist said I could also use tretinoin with this compound.

How should I fit this into my peeling process?

Marti 50:41

Hi Ladies, I use Fade Bright 1-2x every day and really like it. Plus I use tretinoin at night 3x a week.My question is,am I using it too often because I swear the skin around my has gotten whiter! TY

Therese 51:46

Is there any peel or solution to fading micro needling ink on brows?

Madeline 52:56

I am 26 years old, and due to my decision to get off birth control about 1.5 years ago (the hormones were causing melasma around my eyes) I have been struggling with random breakouts and hyperpigmentation from old breakouts. Are Platinum Skin Care peels be a good option to help me with the hyperpigmentation? If so, where should I being and should I be concerned they will aggravate my skin and cause more breakouts?

Facebook Comments 54:54

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