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Peel University Live Q&A March 23rd, 2023

Name + Time Question
Sandy Chi 0:58 Hello ladies! I have deep stretchmarks from my teenage growth spurt and I’m hoping if you could recommend a peel and regimen that could help reduce the appearance so that I barely notice it or care. I tried microneedling but I got hyperpigmentation in the whole area and that freaked me out. I would really appreciate your help with this. THANK YOU!
liz 04:00 What grade is your TCA? Medical Or?
Shelly 4:58 I have been trying to combat aging skin(I’m 55) and sun damage. I love your products and peels! My question is about getting back into my regular routine of products after a peel(multi layer TCA or Jessners). I have dry skin anyway so after a peel I find it tricky to add all my normal products back in without drying out my skin. I start by adding back Revitalizing cleanser, fade bright, vitamin B and Dermasnap right away after peeling is finished and my skin is healed. Then I try to add Vitamin C during the day and get back to adding Fusion A at night. Typically I do these every other day if I’m reacting by getting dry or red. Is it okay to top everything off with Emu to combat the dryness? Any other tips? I do have Regenerate should I try that? What about Super Copp 2x? Also recently purchased Serum 30 and haven’t used it yet. When should I try that? In the morning? I should note that the 6n1 Toner is too drying for me to use regularly twice a day so I stopped that. I keep hearing great things about the Serum 30 so I wanted to see how I could fit that in. Thanks!!
Linda 7:48 I’m currently using the Super Cop 2X on a pretty regular basis at night; sometimes nightly or every other night. I also use fade bright and RetinA\/Tretinoin .10% at night.Do you recommend using the GHK Luxe Eye Cream at the same time?
Aedah 8:37 I have scar acne which peeling I can use in my face and what products I can use before and after thank you
Lisa 10:07 My husband has very thin skin on his hands and arms from sun damage. (He was a truck driver) what do you recommend for this, please?
Gina 11:24 Do you have any products that would help hypopigmentation? It seems no one wants to discuss the issue.
Brenda Strege 12:36 Six weeks ago I applied a TCA peel 13%- three passes. I peeled perfectly. So now I have done 2 mandelic peels one week apart.Would it be OK to do another TCA 13% peel in two weeks (stop the Mandelic peels for now) or do I have to wait a whole month? And would 6 mandelic peels one week apart do the same thing as one 13% TCA peel? Thank you!
Ann Reid 14:31 I just did a second Jesner peel, 4 layers on face and 5 on hands 3 .5 weeks ago. Results are slow but I am peeling.What can you recommend to speed up the process? I use glycolic wash, Fade Bright and moisturizer. Love the results but I’m anxious to speed up the process.
Monica Morales 16:24 Hi I had done 3 TCA peel 20% (not your brand). I will love to try your products but should I still get 20% TCA peel. I want to remove sun spots. Thank you
Robin 18:28 I’ve Been prepping with glycolic wash, retinol and fade bright for almost 4 months. I was planning to do my very first peel this week and four days ago my skin got very dry and flakey. Almost irritated dry. The only thing I added in the last week was my Austrian Gold sunscreen. For the last four days I’ve stopped my retinol and glycolic wash and only use FB once a day. I’ve been coating my face with Aquaphor morning and night and it’s no better.What can I do to get my skin back to normal so I can do my first peel. I’ve never had dry skin in my life! PS I’m a huge water drinker.
Laura-Lee 21:23 I’m not using any retinol creams. How do I combine them with a TCA regime?Also was wondering if there is any contraindications using TCA while doing RF for skin tightening?
Nanette 23:12 What is the best anti-aging skincare (age 55) techniques for my skin type to clear hyperpigmentation?
Barbara Lockhart 24:30 I know this has been asked and answered before but could you advise me on how long to wait after my 2 layer TCA peel to resume my nightly Tretinoin cream application and also when I can resume my daily Vitamin C. (Water based) and 10%Lactic Acid serum by The Ordinary? Trying to use these up so I can switch to Platinum!😊
Cindy 25:50 Q1 – Could you use Regenerate serum on your scalp as a treatment for thinning hair and hair loss? Q2 – I am using PSC Retinol 30 as my daytime moisturizer. Is this OK or should I be using another moisturizer as well? (I also layer Fade Bright and Cotz Sensitive sunscreen.)
Jacqueline Carnes 28:52 Howdo you layer Face Bright and Retin A?
Alicia 30:07 I’m on tretinoin. Can I still perform a peel?If so, how do I prepare for it?
donna stenner 31:17 I have been using fade bright and fusion a luminosity level 4 for the past 4months and I feel as I’m not getting the results improvement with my dark spots / pigment discoloration. Am I using the wrong products? what do you recommend?
Jennifer 33:26 What percentage do you recommend starting with Tca peel on the knees?
Cici Formosa 35:30 Why would I choose a Dream Peel over TCA—? Or would I?I’m aging gracefully! Thanks much : )
Jude chandler 37:25 Can I Layer Mandelic peel? When layering do you wash off each layer or apply on top of previous layer? What peel should I use for a first time eye peel?
Monica Miller 39:40 Is there any kind of peel that I can use now that warm weather is coming? I haven’t been able to do any over the winter. I normally wear a hat in the sun but I’m concerned about sweating now that the warmer weather is starting. Is there any peel that I can do safely or should I just wait until Autumn?I have been keeping up with all of my products 2x per day (fade bright, retinol, vit c, potions, etc).
Natalie 41:45 Can I use retin-A instead of your retinol products? Can I do a tca without a jessners first? Can I use lumify after my tca peel? Why dont you have a small size dream peel?
Liz 43:44 I have fair skin and have brown spots all over my forearms and legs. I have been using Fade Bright and Triple Treat cream for about a month, but can barely tell a difference.Are regular TCA 30 peels the best way to deal with them? If so, can I treat arms and legs at the same time?
Paula 45:50 I am over 65 and every few months I have started doing a 13% TCA peel. Is there a daily or weekly peel I can use to help my aging skin look good between TCA peels?
Noelle Denke 47:29 I like peels. I was doing 3 layers of .20 TCA. Under that regime, I was pretty much done peeling in about 5 days. Then I got Dream Peel, understanding that it is supposed to speed up the peeling process. Actually though, it has made it take about 10 days. I called Platinum Skincare and Dora said to cut back on the layers of TCA. So I did only 1 layer of TCA and 1 layer of Dream Peel.I am on day 6 and just began peeling. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you!
Laura 50:04 I have thick Italian skin with tons of rolling boxcar & no ice pick scars. I’ve used your peels in the past and know what my skin can handle. I’ve just completed my 1st peel of the series doing TCA cross with 30% then 2 layers Jessner and 4 layers TCA 15 (I dilute the TCA 30%) because I’m in between 5 layers of 13% and afraid to go to TCA 20%. I have your emu oil, regenerate serum, super cop 2 & retinol .20 for care and daily routine.Question#1 : should I be weary of going to 20% and doing 1 layer after Jessner? Or should I just go for it? Question#2: is there anything else I can add to really help these box car scars more quickly? I know it’s not a fast process. I just want to do everything possible to max my results and get smooth skin back.
Janie 53:21 I have rough patches on my legs will one of your products be the best alternative from a chemical peel?
Stacy 54:23 I’ve watched the copper videos but I can never remember when it comes time to getting ready for bed which ones you can use retinol vs tretinoin with…. Is there an easy way to remember?Thank you!
Frances 55:48 Did a TCA 30 peel for my knuckles and scars and they got super dark. How do I fix this thanks
Jacqueline Carnes 59:26 Can I apply the fade Brite to my upper eye area to the eye crease? Thank you, Jacqueline
Dochi U 1:00:10 Hi Ladies! Can peels help get rid of old stretch marks (20 years +) on both thighs and if so, which ones would you recommend for skin of color and how would I apply them? I’m doing TCA cross on my acne scars and would like to know if I can work on my face and body at the same time. I tried microneedling the area but ended up with really dark hyperpigmentation on one thigh which put me off the procedure. I also have some melasma on my face and parts of my body. I would really appreciate your help. Thank you!
Jot 1:01:45 I am 45 with skin between 4 and 5, with some acne scars, fine lines, melasma, and some wrinkles. If I am starting with Mandeliac acid peel weekly and wants to try Jassners and/or TCA in few weeks, how long should I wait.Do I need to stop using Hydroquinone before the medium depth peel just like retinoids? Can I wash my face daily with Aveeno’s Salicylic acid wash while doing weekly peels? or just use a Gentle face wash. (Any recommendations for gentle face wash available in stores) 3- Do you recommend for or against doing a facial after superficial vs medium peel. How long should I wait before I get a facial. 4- If have a laser hair removal on my face how long should I wait to restart peel and how long before laser I should stop using peels. Sorry- too many questions. Thank you so much for all the information you have available for everyone to benefit. You are awesome.

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