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Peel University Live Q&A July 28th, 2023

Name + TimeQuestion
Beverly 0:48I’m doing a TCA peal. Not all of my face pealed.
Can I do the 13% peal every 3 weeks.
Shelly 2:23Hi! I’m loving all the products I’ve been buying from Platinum!
I’m wondering if all of the products I have are alright to put on the eye area(upper and lower)?
I have Fade Bright, Serum 30, Regenerate, Nano, Fusion A 25, Derma Snap, Emu, Super Cop 2X
I also have Platinum Eyes duo but of course I know I can use that on the eyes and do so twice a day.
I’m just wondering what else I should be layering with it.

As a second part can I use all of these on my neck and décolleté too?
Or are some better than others for that area?

Thanks Ladies!!!?
Dorothy 4:54I’m going to start my first TCA 13% peel.
I have the fadebright and have been using it daily.
I understand it is to be applied first, but I also use an AHA toner (Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 PIGM 400) as well as a vit C serum.
In what order should I do those in the am?
I do retinA in the pm. Also, I don’t really understand why, if it’s so important to prep the skin, why we still have to stop the vit C and retinA 4-5 days and AHAs 3 days prior to the peel, even if we’ve been using them for years?
Can you please explain that rationale?

Thank you!
Jomana Weik 8:49Hi!
Can I use prep before TCA or not?
And I need some recommendations before o after.

Jackie 9:50I have a box of TCA 13%.
Where should I store the unused bottles if I do not plan on using them up for several months (winter)?

Thank you.
Kris 10:34Hi ladies, I have a few questions:
n1. How do you treat Seborrheic keratoses with a peel?
In your opinion, what peel would be best?
I’ve had cryotherapy on a few spots, but I have way too many to treat via this process.
My shins and feet are affected the most.

n2. I’m guilty of LOVING the sun and being on the boat getting a tan.
I’m very careful not to burn and do wear sunscreen and reapply frequently, but it doesn’t prevent my skin from feeling dry and appearing leathery.
Do you have any suggestions on treatments during the summer months to help soften the skin texture?

Thank you so much!! You ladies are the best 🙂
Monica 13:30Will peeling make me more susceptible to hyperpigmentation long-term?
Can consistent peeling improve my acne scars?
If so, how much will peeling improve my scars and how will I know when I reached the best outcome.
If money is no issue, would you choose peeling or CO2 for acne scars?
Currently getting consults for CO2 but the long-term hyperpigmentation discourages me.
Allyssa Foster 16:44Hi there!
My name is Allyssa, and I am a medical esthetician and laser technician from Nu Image Medical Esthetics.
Our clinic actively uses your chemical peels, and absolutely love them!
We would like to know if professional certifications are available from Platinum Skincare?

Jenny Spencer 18:02I’m 72, and I love your line of skin care and peels!!!
Thank you for your quest for the best.
My question is about Copper vs Regeneration for skin remodeling.
Is one better for certain types of skin and/or conditions?
Which one is best for firming the neck area?
Alma 20:24I have not heard much about peeling of the ears.
And would like for you to address this question.
Is it ok to do the ears and what is the down time?

I do not have Facebook …but surely I can receive a email.
Thank you so much for all this wonderful knowledge .
S 22:06I did two layers of 13% TCA peel on my face and chest.
I noticed that when my skin was peeling, if I took a hot bath, little bubbles formed under the layer of skin that was getting ready to come off (but still fully attached).
At first I thought it was blisters but it became obvious it was temporary and due to sweat from the hot bath building up under the layer of dead skin.
Is this alright or should I avoid sweating during the post-peel period?
It took nearly two full weeks for the layer of dead skin to fully come off which is a long time to stick to showers!
Ty 24:24Why did your TCA 30% peel burn my face after I did everything stated??
How can I get rid of the marks on my face??
My face was good before but I am scared my skin is scarred. I need suggestions.
Seda 27:25I have combo olive skin !
I get brown spot instantly if I pick at my skin!
I’m 49 Mediterranean olive I tan and get really dark in summer!
I want my skin smooth and lighter!
What kind of peel for me?
Not sure which Fitzpatrick
Alyssa Mitsch 29:58Hi there- thank you for all you do!
My main concerns are anti-aging, some light sun spots and mild hormonal chin acne.
I am currently in the middle of Glycolic 30% peel series.
Once I complete this series, do you recommend I then do a series of Glycolic 50%, or should I try a Mandelic or TSA instead?
Maria 32:06Please recommend a daily moisturizer
Theresa 32:35I live in Florida.
I joined Orange Theory and love it!
It is intense workout for an hour.
I work up a sweet and not sure when I can do a peel….?
I do not go on the weekends if that matters.

Thank you,
Fatima 33:33I am 36 year old with light/medium brown skin.
I am south Asian.
I am looking to get rid of my fine lines on my forehead and under my eyes and also even out my texture and uneven skin tone.
I have been doing 30% glycolic and tolerate it quite well..
I am planning on ordering 13% TCA, Jesseners and fade bright.
Can you please let me know what to use first the TCA or Jessenrs ?
Will these two address my skin concerns ?
Debbie Stockwell 36:26I don’t know what fitzpatrick means… but my question is.
I put a TCA 30 peel on my arms (which look like the Sahara desert from sun damage) a week ago.
I am 64 years old. And I put a 20 on them a month ago.
Got minimal peeling from the 20 and just now starting to see a little peeling from the 30 (which burned like crazy on 2nd coat of application).
My skin looks like plastic (confirmed by a friend).
Will this peel?
Can I help with anything else?
Dee 40:28Will a peel help darkness on inner thighs?
If so, what type and strength?
How long does it take to brighten?
Ky A 42:20Can I use tca 40 for hyperpigmentation on my inner thighs/groin are?
Liliana LaSorsa 43:24Hello there..
My question is:
How does the Matrixyl Synthe’6 Complex 35 interact with TCA peels and Tretinoin?
Like, if I use the Matrixyl Synthe’6 Complex 35 and then use a peel, does the peel take away any of the progress that the Matrixyl Synthe’6 Complex 35 has accumulated on the skin?
Or, are there timeframes to use these products?

Thanks so much
Sundance Zimmer 44:31Hello I’m Fitzpatrick 5 with hormonal acne and a lot of hyperpigmentation and sun damage my hormonal is no longer an issue but all the hyperpigmentation and sun damage is left behind I use tretinoin, a bna aha toner
I want to star using láctic acid once a week and jessner once a month and needed to know two things
1- after using lactic acid 50 the next day can I use my tretinoin and

2- for the prep for jessner I will use hydroquinone do I use it all over my face day and night for two weeks prior ?
Jackie Hernandez 47:03I have fair to olive skin.
What percentage peel can I use to lighten the underarm, inner thigh areas.
I’m not overweight either. I’ve had professional peels done before but with no results.
I think they were probably using a mild peel.
I recently had two sessions with Ultra laser MD and little results as well.
I don’t have very dark hyperpigmentation but I think all these spas don’t know how to tackle this type of hyperpigmentation on the body areas.
Jackie49:32Do I use makeup remover to take off sunscreen and/or makeup before using the Revitalizing Cleanser?
Or do I wash my face just with the Revitalizing Cleanser?

Bev50:43Is there Anything that will tighten up crepey skin on the upper inside skin of the arm?
Also what, if anything, is safe to use on the inside skin of the lower arm?
My understanding is that the outside skin of the arms is thicker than the inside skin.

Also what’s good to use on thin neck skin beginning to get loose/crepey?
Karah Payne53:22I have been having problems with my legs for at least a year, almost 2 years… it seems to be like “strawberry skin” and is a lot worse during the colder winter months.
This year for some reason, is the worst it’s been.
Bumps, clogged follicles & pores, sometimes red, itchy & inflamed.
Mostly clogged pores where the hairs aren’t poking through the very top layer of skin.
My daily routine has ALWAYS been using an exfoliating loofa in the shower and for the last few months, I’ve added the glycolic body wash into the routine and making sure I keep my legs moisturized (I also use Triple treat lotion) The body wash has helped with other areas, like small breakouts on my shoulders..
And I thought it was clearing up my legs— I’ll have a couple days that are ok, and then red and inflamed again.
I have even switched to using an epilator instead of shaving, but nothing is helping.
My next thought is to try a chemical peel, or laser treatment, I have had a couple of laser hair reduction treatments in the past.
What are your thoughts?

-Karah Payne
Lise Brown56:23I have pikiloderma of cervatte caused mainly by sun damage.
I have used prescription tret for over 1 year.
Would peels help combat the pikiloderma?
Christine58:12I am currently using your Fusion A and Vitamin B Complex and washing with a salicylic cleanser and doing 40% Mandelic peels weekly.
I will be doing my 5th peel this weekend.
I have been using the Retinol and B complex since mid March, however I’m still breaking out.
I’m 65 and have always had mild but stubborn acne.
Any suggestions?
Perhaps a salicylic acid peel, if so what percentage and how often?
Aleida1:00:20I will turn 60 in two weeks my hands show many age/sun spots is this treatable with peels which one.
Hareem1:02:06How can I get rid of keloids on my body?
Elaine1:04.01Over the last 18 months, I have worked my way up to 6 layers of TCA 13 and 2 layers of TCA 20.
I did a Dream peel on 3 consecutive nights about 2 weeks ago and had no peeling at all but it felt like a moderate sunburn for about 4 days.
I want to try 1-2 layers of Jessners now.
Do I have to wait a month or how long do you suggest before I do the Jessners?
I’m 69 years old if that makes a difference! Lol
Maame1:07:21If i have 70% lactic or glycolic acid or any of them and i have 4oz/120mls of facial toner and would like to dilute my acid to 10% or 15% or perhaps 30%
how do I go about it?

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