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Peel University Live Q&A January 26th, 2023

Name + Time Question
Jamel 1:28 I recently purchased Fusion A Retinoid. Is it ok to moisturize with hyaluronic acid crean before using retinoid.
Shelly 2:08 What products do I need to begin peels before and to finish the process. I am outside all day most days
Sandra 3:55 I’m new and want to start off slow. I’ve seen pictures on FB of people who are shedding like snakes. I can’t go out like that in public. Are there light peels that aren’t as dramatic? (I’m still going through the university of learning that you have, so I don’t understand everything, yet.)
Marcy 5:06 First, I want to say thank you for all of these products! I thought I’d have to live with my damaged, acne scarred skin for the rest of my life and then I found you. I’m so excited for my journey and can’t thank you enough! You’ve made it accessible and so, so easy. I have a ways to go, but I can’t wait to see the results! #1) I used 2 layers of TCA 13% for my first peel. I’m on the 4th day and have seen some flaking, but nothing major. I’m really excited to do peel after peel until I get the results I want. Should I be completely done flaking before I start the next peel? Seen as the flaking was minimal, I’d like to try 3 layers at the 2 week mark. #2) I have a Rx for trent. I’ve been using it starting the next day after I applied the peel (as well as all my other products). Is that ok? It burned a little, so I skipped a day and it was better. Thank you all so much!!
Jude chandler 8:35 About to do my first peek. Intending to do 1 a week for 6 weeks. I’ve done all the prep but wondering what products I should be using between the weekly peels? I’m starting on the low peel 40 Thank you
Lizelle 10:02 Hi, Thank you for helping me pick out my first peel. I have done 6 peels of 4 layers of jessners peel on my legs. What happens now is the skin darkens but not flake/peel. It just stays dry, and dark or burnt. I am scared of using tca peel as I have a tendency to scratch my skin, especially when asleep…and my skin gets hyperpigmentation easily. The question is, should I add more layers of jessners peel? Or should i just move to tca peel? I am also thinking of using weekly mandelic peel as I’ve read that it is good for PIH. I’m doing spot treatment for my pigmentation from insect bites. My routine is: (for body) Lactic acid cleanser daily 1× a week glycolic scrub Vit. C Retinol serum Tyrosinase inhibitor cream I use jessners peel monthly. Thank you in advance
Marvelous Mckinley 13:56 I am African American a brown skin l hope l chose the Fitzpatrick correctly. I have hyperpigmentation age spots on forehead, jaws, sides of my face all over discoloration, dark circles, dark neck. I have ordered several products from you but have never used them . I want to be a part of your skin care regime. Please help me get on track. I don’t have a clue. Thank you in advance for your reply. Top of the day to you all.
Kalia 15:48 What peels can be used on the hands to treat crepiness, discoloration, & extra skin wrinkling around the knuckles? How often can the hands be treated? Do you have any before or after photos? Thankyou!
Rachel 17:28 What’s the best approach for deep acne scarring in the temple area? How often can the temple area be done? How long does it usually take to see results? Are the scars minimized but still visible or completely gone? Thanks!
Gina 20:22 My legs are covered in sun damage from years of tanning bed use. Is there a peel you recommend for use on legs for this purpose? How many / often would I need to use?
Dylan 21:59 about over a year ago,I have a pretty big. Ive tried all sorts of serums, and have been through two 15% TCA peels, and see almost no results. What should I do?
Jamie C. 22:58 Hi! Love your products!! What peels would you recommend for the décolleté area targeting wrinkles and hyperpigmentation? I’m an FP 2.
Veronica 24:05 What peel to do when no time for downtime but still wants to see real results In texture, wrinkles and hydration?
Lynn Zale 25:51 I use 20 % TCA peels. It seems that my skin takes 2 weeks to fully recover from the peel. (not the actual peeling time, but then it breaks out, has red patches and takes awhile to return to normal) Is this a usual amount of time? How frequently can TCA peels be undertaken? (I do not know what a Fitzpatrick is…)
Denise Ruel 27:59 How long do the tca peel bottles last? Also, how do you fit in using tret when you should go off it a week before doing a peel when you should do 4-6 peels to get maximum benefit? Thanks!
Lynn 29:36 Can I use alpha arbutin ,in place of fade bright as it is more budget friendly for me, thanks
Victoria 31:05 In my everyday routine what should I use for a moisturizer for night time and then for day time? I always use sunscreen but I am 66 and need a really good night cream and day time moisturizer. BTW I also live in the desert so it is a very dry environment. Thank you!
Suely 32:59 I am from Brazilian coast and until my early 30s I toasted my skin weekly on the sun. I am on my 50s and starting to use chemical peels. I noticed after the peels I easily get spot if don’t use sun protector. What product I should use on the red spots turning dark that show up after the chemical peels? And what should I do to prevent them to appear when I use chemical peels? Thank you so much! 😊
Ana nunez 36:24 Hi! Do you have a professional training for aesthetician? Thank you!
James 37:13 I am interested in starting chemical peels at home. I have sleep apnea and use a CPAP at night. Do you you have any ideas or suggestions for people who wear full face CPAP masks at night? Can we use a peel and still wear our masks at night?
Mary 38:47 When will you be releasing the new cleanser that replaces the Lactic Acid cleanser for dry/aging skin?
Graciela Ramirez 42:15 How long are the acid peel solutions good for? Can I keep on using the same bottle after two or three years?
Rita Cobb 43:05 I’m using emu oil almost nightly as my final step. Does this dilute or weaken any of the other products I’ve put on my retina A or serum 15? And I just bought the copper petrified and want to know the best way to apply them.
Roberta 44:45 Hi! I’d love to know how to incorporate TCA 13% peels on face and around eyes while also using red light therapy daily and Nira at home laser therapy daily. I have used the TCA 13% (4-5 layers) in the past, but just recently started using these other devices. Thank you!
Michelle Connell 46:50 Hi, I’m new to platinum skincare, not yet using any of your products but I’d really like to start. Where do I start?
Rainey 48:01 Curious how to incorporate my copper 2x into my regimen. I have acne scars and know spot treatment is recommended. Should I spot treat at the very end, as I can’t really put moisturizer on afterwards or it will spread out the spot treatment. Curious if it would still be effective in penetrating through my Also curious if it’s good to space out and let certain product soak in before using others- Specifically my tretinoin. I use ab cleanser, fade bright, high oct vit c, regenerate, tret, super cop 2x, emu oil, and a moisturizer. I want to make sure products are getting their full potential absorption and curious what you recommend if piling each one on one right after the other isn’t the most effective and I should space 20 mins or so between any certain product. Thank you!
Stacie 50:57 Is it okay to apply a peel to a single area on the face or a single age spot that I want to fade OR do I have to do the entire face? Same thing for hands, chest, etc. If you’ve already answered this in the past, just let me know and I will do a search. Thank you!
Heather Martin 51:58 Can you use a mandelic peel on the whole face after doing TCA Cross? ((I’ve only seen info about doing more layers of TCA immediately after doing TCA Cross.)) Thank you!
Suly 52:22 Can you do a presentation related to intimate lighting? \r\nWhat products to use and the regimen\/protocol?\r\nThanks!\r\nSuly
Jude chandler 53:45 What products should I NOT use during the weeks after a peel if doing a once a week peel for 6 weeks?
Bonnie 54:28 My daughter is using the Moderate Acne Maintenance Kit. She has dry sensitive skin. She is complaining her skin is too dry using the kit. She is using the Emu lotion and using 15% Retinoid Strength. What can she do to help with dry sensitive skin with acne?
Lee 55:55 I did the 15 percent tca peel. I don’t think I left it on lov enough. When can I repeat? ( How many days in-between)
Lotta Hallenius 57:07 I have some scars ( from cuts – not acne) in the face. What kind of treatments or peel Can I do to make them less visible? Can I apply TCA directly and only on the scars, as spot treatments ? What percentage and how often ? when Do you think I Can see some result ? Any other peel or treatments you Can recommend to reduce scars? (I regularily use retinol and the copper peptides in different strengths) You have the best products! Thank you for my great skin 🙂
Amanda Stevens 58:37 Does the triple treat lotion work similar to retin a? Should I start out slow? I may have to work during the live.
Leah German 59:46 I want recommendations on skin care routine. I am about to put in an order and I want to know what order and how often to apply when my products arrive. Glycolic cleanser, serum 15, retinol, regenerate, fade bright, b complex. I also use copper peptides before my LED light So that would be at night as well.
Laura Lutz 1:00:42 Should I beware of chemical reaction using certain products together? If so is there a list. I used fade bright and serum 15-surum 30, cheekbone area turned bright red.
Gina 1:01:53 Hi I have been doing your peels for 2 years now! I’m a little confused on when I can do my next peel! I do 2 layers of jessners and 3 layers of tca 20% and dream peel! Because they are 2 different peels do I still wait 6 weeks or longer? I have been doing them every 6 weeks with no problems I guess I looked at the manual wrong can you clarify? And also was wondering the difference of copper peptides and your regenerate? Do I need both? I thought they do similar things? I have been using copper but was wondering if I needed both? For reference I’m 55 years old and acne prone. Thank you so much I love your products. Gina
Jose Martinez 1:03:39 I use adapalene and would like to have a peel to improve my acne and post-inflammatory spots. How do I do it?
Larissa Rosen 01:04:46 I am using Glycolic 50 right now, I think it stopped working and I plateaued.\r\nWhich peel would you recommend for mr next

6 Responses

  1. I use .1% Tretinoin and have a lot of irritation. After reading of the benefits of retinaldehyde, I’d like to try your fusion. Is the fusion luminosity my best choice?

    1. That is an excellent choice. Remember too. You do NOT have to use that .1% every day. That is too much. Try it 2-3x per week … and/or apply it with another cream. Dilute it. Moving to our Fusion A .25 would be a nice option. I would still suggest starting with no more than 3x per week. Add on nights as the skin acclimates. We do not want you to have dry, irritated skin. 🙂

  2. Great info! I bought the TCA 20% but have not started it yet. Had two TCA 13% peels done (3 layers) at an office but did not do much for me. Hope 20% works better. Bit scared to try at home but will soon. 50th class reunion coming up. need u say more???!!! 💝

    1. It is all about the quantity of layers before the %, work UP to that 20%. A peel that you had done prior is not the same as what you are doing at home now. You are going to have to start with 1 layer this first time. Next time you do a peel you may try 2 layers. Work up very slow. That is a high %. We like for you to do the 13% first and start with 1-2 layers. Each month adding on 1 additional layer. Once you ready 5 layers… IF you want a stronger peel.. then, you may move up to the 20%.

  3. Hi,
    I enjoy your Q and A’s. Thank you for doing them.

    I would like to see on the website the ph of the products along with its ingredients and reviews by users.

    Your products are Great!


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