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Peel University Live Q&A February 4th, 2022

Hello and welcome to our Seventh Live Q&A, where we answer all your peel questions!

While we try and format these videos quicker over time, we want to make it easy to find your question and get your answer quickly.

That’s why we are time-stamping each video below. So just look for your name and go to that point in the video.

Customer Questions:

Paula 0:38

I just did my TCA PEEL. When I can start using my Retin-A / cleaner with Retin-A in it. Should I wait until I’m done peeling?Thank you Paula

Clara 1:20

I am currently using a trentinoin cream (0.25%). I use it every other day for dark spots andoccasional acne (I think from wearing the N95 mask daily. I recently ordered a tca peel for my skin and lips (I ordered your recommended strength. My question is: Can I continue to use that prescription strength while I wait for my order?Also: Thank you all for the supportan and amazing videos with lots of knowledge.

Kris 2:38

Hi! I would like to use chemical peels for anti aging, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and minor pigmentation issues. I like using the Mandelic 40% once per week because it doesn’t make me peel as much as the tca 13%. Would I get similar results using the Mandelic peel every week for 6-8 weeks rather than using the tca monthly?

Katie 4:03

So Ive been doing the 13% tca for about a year now mainly in the winter time about every 5 to 6 weeks. Since I started doing the peels, when i do break out or get a pimple. It tends to stay longer and leaves a permanent red or discolored mark on my face. This has never happened to me before. Just after i started doing the peels how do i stop that from happening or why is that happening?

Mickey C 5:37

Hello! I have now done over a dozen TCA peels at 13%. I have seen such great improvements in my skin. As my skin has gotten better, I have noticed I have developed some slight discoloration on my chin on the spots where I begin to peel first. I already use alpha-arbutin in my daily regimen morning & night. What should I do to address this mild hyperpigmentation on my chin below my mouth? My current solution is to only do a single pass over the area with the TCA so that it doesn’t peel as deeply when I do a peel and trigger PIH. Should I be avoiding applying TCA in that area? I do glycolic or mandelic peels and use retinol between TCA peels and wear sunscreen.
Janice7:33How long do I need to wait to do a lactic acid peel. I did 3 layers of TCA 13% 3 weeks ago.

Sveta 8:08

After using Dream peel for 2 nights and using Emu oil and moisturizer,my face was dry and a little itchy for more than a week. What do you recommend? Can I apply a moisturizer after 13% TCA peel and Dream peel or just TCA peel?

Julia 10:11

What do you recommend for arms and legs hypo pigmentation (white) scars caused by bug bites? TCA,…

Brooke 11:18

The TCA peels are not taking my melisma musta had away. Have I permanently burnt it in?

Toni 11:34

As you do a body peel with Tca 13%, can you use this on your breasts if you have breast augmentation?

Barbara 13:24

What is the best peel or process of peels for age spots on the back of hands that have been there for several years? I have had them lasered off, but they just return again, would peels fix this problem? Also would you use the same peels for age spots on the legs? Thanks!!

Christine 14:50

Hi there, I placed an order around 3 Rd January for TCA peel 13 % and another required product, but at this point have not seen my parcel, or had any tracking info. Can you please look into my order and get back to me, with relevant info.  Many thanks, Christine Jones.

Sumra 15:51

I have many pigmentation marks and fracles

Regina 16:41

I’ve seen “peel series” referenced in some of the articles or post. What exactly is a “peel series”? Thanks

Jeannie 17:48

Is the use of Luminosity after a peel for moisture or to initiate peeling? I’m aware that Luminosity should be used for no more than 4 days after a peel..

Stacy 18:54

For an arm peel, should one shave their arm hair or does it not matter?.. I didn’t know if normal arm hair affected how deep the product penetrated or if it made the peeling process slower or not . Thank you!

Angie Hall 19:47

Prepping for my 1st peel now. After that, how soon can I start using droplette on my face?

julie 20:31

my skin did not peel using the dream peel 2 days in a row. I also use your resin A 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. No peel WHY? Also I would like to know what to do with bags a wrinkles under my eyes

Shannon 21:56

I’ve seen a few videos on YouTube where people are using TCA on their earlobes to help with stretched-out or saggy earlobes. Is this something that you feel is safe?

Jane 24,10

Just a logistical question about ordering to Canada: Will I have to pay any additional charges, like duty and /or HST? I’m at the very last stage of check out and ready to take the plunge but am worried I’ll be dinged with extra charges. Thank you. Loving the video tutorials. Those are value-added for sure and Jennifer, you are so good at them.

Ivett 25,42

Is it possible to lighten the undereye area if it’s genetically dark since childhood?

Bhavsar 26,53

Which peel is best for melasma?


Hi jen. I am doing a series of tca 13%. I have started using tretnoin about 3 months ago, i stop tret 3 nights prior to the peel, and i feel more sensitive now when i do the peel.  So my question is if i stop the tret like 7-8 day before and start using Psc retinol 20%, can i use it right up the peel day or should i stop the retinol few days prior to peel?  Thanks

Teri Marino 29,16

I have done now my 3rd chemical peel. TCA 20 2 passes and spot target areas. I had a ton of freckles when I was young being of Irish decent. I do not have any dark spots* Do I have to use fade bright? I feel I do not have any dark spots.  *Also what madelic can I start out with since I have worked my way up to TCA 20

Kanizemasuma 30,19

Hope to learn more about peels

Stephanie 31,27

When using the copper GHK, seriously can you please show us on video how much is enough. Because you mention you can’t use “too little” but I use it all over my face, neck and decolatage.

Gabby 32,47

What is a good product for male teen acne?combination of pimples and blackheads.

Lynn 34,10

How do I know when it is time to move from tca 13 to a 20, I have had 3 , tca 13 ,already

Simran 35,45

When to exactly use the enzyme mask after peel and can we use it continuous like every day.

Claire 36,45

How do you soften deep depressed and rolling type acne scars.?

Carol 37,46

Hi, I am 64, been using Retin A for years and do monthly 20% tca peels, plus monthly micro needling. My question is, what can I add to my routine, to kick it up a notch? I will be ordering The Dream Peel , but what do you suggest for daily application. I’m very interested in anti aging!!! Thank you!!

Claudie 39,27

Do you have a book or a catalog that explains how and when to use your products? If not would you consider making one available for reference? I have purchased many of your products, most of them I have no idea how or when to use them after a peel.Although your video helps I don’t always have access to a computer. Please help, thank you.

Mary 40,50

I am about to start on my peel journey. I have been using Tretinoin .025% for almost a year (3-4x a week). I use The Ordinary’s Lactic acid 10%, and AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution. I also use L-Ascorbic Acid powder. And I have spot treated with a Hydraquinone product for my melasma. I have not had issues with any of these products. None of this has significantly reduced my spots however. Do you think I still need further prep before starting a peel? I am considering starting with Mandelic. But let me know if you think Jessners or TCA might be best. Thanks so much!

Carol  43,16

I have been using the fade bright serum twice a day for 2 weeks now and have not noticed any changes or lightening of my pigmented areas. I am prepping for the 13% TCA peel. Is this normal to not see any lightning at 2 weeks?

Melissa Aging skin

Noreen 44,42

I purchase .20 TCA to do a peel on my décolletage. I have sun damage I would like to remove it. Would two coats be okay?

Jennifer 46,28

About 11 months ago I had surgery on both of my feet (where the big toe meets the foot). I wore silicone sheets for a while and the scarring is not raised much any more, but the scars are still red and quite noticeable. Is there a way to minimize the redness?

Kellita 47,40

Can I use Mandelic 40 on my eyes? And if not, what peel do you recommend for eyes.

Zenaida 48,25

I wash my face everyday twice a day and use serums and toners and moisturizers but I still break out around my jaw and all over my neck, how do I prevent this ?

Jamie 49,49

After a Jessner’s peel, should I apply a Luminosity or Dream Peel? I usually start to peel 24 hours after the Jessner’s. In prior videos, you mention using the Luminosity to accelerate peeling and stop once peeling begins…but I peel pretty fast!

Christina 51,23

Can I use my copper and or peptides with tretinoin at night and with my vitamin c in the morning? My last peel I had a small area that was over done, sore and tender, if that happens again what can I use on it to promote healing?

Zenaida 53,02

I used to have severe cystic acne about four years ago. It’s all cleared up now but I’m left with horrible hyperpigmentation and a lot of ice pick scarring, I’ve tried a lot of things and have not seen anything that has completely helped clear it up. My pigmentation lightened a little with nano needling but my scars are still deep and prominent. What should I use to help the scarring and pigmentation ?

karen 55,47

Do peels this the skin?

Lynn 57,08

I put retonyldehyd on my skin last night but I want to give myself a peel today, this will be my third time with 13 percent tca,will it be okay or do I have to quit using retineldahyde for more days

Karole 58,02

The worksheet won’t download.

Denise 58,36

What would I use on a tummy tuck scar?

Deborah 59,18

Hello I have dark knuckle on my hand. I use tca peel after that my hand I became very bad

Cynthia 1,01,00

Can your peels be done on skin that uses Tretinoin low dose 3 years 63 years old ?

Stephanie Seebold1,01,25I want to start doing a weekly peel in place of a monthly. I have worked my way up to a tca 13% 3 layers with no problems. My question is will a tca 13% one layer weekly/ bi-weekly be more beneficial or would a mandelic 40 be more beneficial?

Ramani 1,02,28

I have a burn scars i have dak skin what do you recommend/ and how do i treat pigmentation in my inner thigh

Shugufta Sanober1,03,18How to dilute 20 % tca to 7%. How much water di we add.Thanks

Racheal 1,04,00

Hello dear…ve bin interested in your products for a very long time because of the results. I was impressed after seeing the reviews. My question is, are you still not selling your products to africa and why not if you havent started.

Semira 1,04,56

Hi, I’m trying to get rid of my melasma, which is extremely trigger-happy. I believe I first got it, twenty years ago, after using glycolic acid peels (improperly). I’ve heard that melasma can be a function of capillary dysfunction, and wondered whether copper peptides may (hence) help. I’ve used tca 13% and 18% at home (from MUAC). Also lactic (50%, from perfectimage) and mandelic acid (50% MUAC), in the last ten years. (I’ve been on retin-a since my early twenties, took a ten year break between 45 and 55, am back on, now 57). My skin is in excellent condition, practically wrinkle-free but that darn melasma. I would like to try your products, do you ship to the Netherlands? And where do I find your products (for purchase)? Thanks, and best regards, Semira Dallali

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