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Peel University Live Q&A February 24th, 2022

Hello and welcome to our Eighth  Live Q&A, where we answer all your peel questions!

While we try and format these videos quicker over time, we want to make it easy to find your question and get your answer quickly.

That’s why we are time-stamping each video below. So just look for your name and go to that point in the video.

Customer Questions:

Lu 1:56

I have rosacea like cheeks:red and blotchy. No flakes or breakouts. my skin is normal/combination with large pores, hyperpigmentation, melasma and signs of aging. I purchased the mandelic 22% peels because of my sensitive cheeks. Will these peels help?

Dawn 3:21

Hi, I would like to start using the TCA 13% but was wondering what I cleansed the skin with before applying the peel? What acid peel would you recomend using on the neck? I have been using prescription hydroquinone since October 2021 & mandelic acid peel once a week also since October. I have melasma & hyperpigmentation since a laser treatment 12yrs ago. I’ve been everywhere & spent years buying cosmetics but nothing has worked until I discovered your mandelic acid peel!! I have dark skin & tan easily but after months of using your mandelic acid peel & hydroquinone I’m now ready to progress onto a stronger acid. I have been getting great results but feel as though some of the pigment is sitting at a deeper level. Kindest Regards Dawn

Mari 5:07

I have heard that is not recommend to do a jessner peeling for fitzpatrick IV or higher can you please confirm this statement? I want to treat melasma

Cleora 6:07

I am working on my arms. I use your body wash, Fade Bright, I plan on getting the salycilic toner, GHK copper crepey skin. I just bought the triple treat lotion. Am I ok using all these at the same time and is there anything else that would help? I have crepey, dry skin with sun spots.

Deb 6:55

What is best peel for dry sun damaged aged skin

Jamie 7:41

In mid sixties. Have had professional series of microneedling (6 sessions) for creepiness on cheeks. Have used your TCA and dream peels prior to these (1 year ago). Currently using your retinol 20, regenerate, copper, and emu. Only minimal improvement from microneedling. What to do next, and keep costs down? Help!!

Deb 9:35

I have built up to doing 5 layers of 13% tca peel. It always feels like I get the greatest peel in the nose, mouth, and chin area. I hardly get any peeling on my cheeks and sides of my face where I really want it as that’s where my brown spots are. Why is that? When I am doing the peel, it feels like my face is equally on fire lol.

Ivett 11:21

Why is that after I use Dream Peel on top of Jessners+TCA, I still don’t start to peel for about 3 days? I have big flakes from it but I’m not done peeling any sooner that without DP. Thank you!

Nazli 12:23

I did five layers of mandelic peel, then applied luminosity. Till when can I keep on applying luminosity and when can I start the regular skincare? Mandelic peel can be used once a week. I’m confused about when to start using regular skin care day time with fade bright, vit C, but B moisture cream And night time fade bright, hylaronic, regenerist, copper and retinol Please help guide me to the best skin care routine with mandelic peel. I’m 63 years of age.

CHA 14:22

Can you explain more about mucus area? Because i’m confius which area to avoid for body peel. I want to do peeling around my private part. But unsure which is safe. Please help.

Andie 15:42

When applying a layer of jessner peel and then a layer of Tca 13 do you not rinse and leave on for 4-6 hours then rinse? Or do you rinse your face after applying the layer of tca 13?

Jon 16:50

Did a TCA peel and put a second coat over frosting-Will this b an issue

Adrien 17:48

Is it normal to pustules acne after a TCA peel?

Angeline 18:40

How long Can a series of chemical peels be before you have to take a break? And how long should that break be before you resume with another series ?

Donna 20:00

I purchased the lip peel restoration kit to use ABOVE my upper lip to help smooth the wrinkles. I have not smoked; but they look like smoker lines. I have not yet used it. I have not used a TCA peel yet and this is a TCA 20. I am a bit hesitant to use it; but was told it was ok to go ahead and use even though I have not yet done a TCA 13. Can you please explain why it is ok to start with that on my nasal labial area and are there any tips you can give me. I have watched the video and understand how to apply it. Thank you and I really enjoy your live Q&As,Donna

Archana 22:14

I have question about my smile line and clear skin .I’m looking for best and safest treatment for that problem. Kindly suggest me.whats the procedure and its charges.

Holly 23:58

Hi ladies, I am on my peel journey and loving it so far. I want to peel my forearms,chest, and shins. I am a 3 I think on the Fitzpatrick scale hazel eyes, olive skin & I rarely burn. I have done TCA and Jessners peels on my face and I use Rx tretinoin 0.05% on my face & body regularly. What peel would be best for the body? I am trying to peel away sun damage and how many peels should I do in my series? Thanks in advance Holly

LYNN 25:25

I’ve recently moved up to .1 tretinoin, and I’ve been experiencing a lot of peeling, especially around my mouth, in the chin area, my neck, and the backs of my hands. I wanted to do a Jessner\/TCA peel soon. What should I do to get the flakes off beforehand so that the solutions hit all these areas adequately? Thank you!

Laila 26:27

How can i order ?

Shania 26:59

Hi! Jen & Dora, you both are so amazing!! I’m Fitzpatrick 5 from the Caribbean (Trinidad), trying to attack hyperpigmentation left from picking at me acne, still get hormonal acne now and then and some enlarged pores.. need all the help I can get! Please excuse if this is a lengthy one..- I’ve been using Fade Bright, High Octane Vit C & another brand’s Glycolic cleanser for almost two months now and another brand’s Retinol for almost a year. – Started with 1 salicylic on 2nd Feb & did a Glycolic 10 days after.. purged a bit with this one! Going to continue interchanging… also just received Mandelic 40 to start soon… & have TCA 13 for the future..will be purchasing your Retinol 20, AB Cleanser & Serum 15 soon. 2 questions: 1) Are those products listed above going to be effective for my problems or do you recommend anything more? (I’m afraid of Jessner’s so hoping mandelic will help) 2) Can you educate me more about your Bubble Oxygenating Mask? Looks so intriguing! Thank you soo much in advance! 🙂

Amy 29:56

Do I need to prep with melanin inhibitor on my eyes 2 wks prior to using the eye peel? TCA 7% Thank u.

Rita 30:40

Please help. I only ever break out on my neck! Usually on the left side of my neck yet barely ever on my face! Some tips?! 😭

Ashley 31:51

At what point can you incorporate red LED therapy pre/post peel?

Adaugo 32:24

Can I use the fade bright by platinum skincare while I am pregnant even though it contains alpha arbutin and licorice root? Because its been said that alpha arbutin and licorice root should be avoided while pregnant Can I also use the triple treat body lotion while I am pregnant? Thank you

Leslie 33:41

I just completed my first TCA 13% peel. The pain was pretty intense for a while especially on the second layer. I am wondering the procedure for using lanicane to manage the pain. How long does the numbing generally last?

Tarulata 35:05

Hi, I have done my first tca 20%peel at Sunday night. I have been following all the pre and post peel precautions. I have choosen tca20% because I already had chemical peels 5 years ago and aso I have done your salicylic peel 25% last month. But the tca peel experience was horrible for me. My face looks burned after the next day apart from that a very soft white boil I can feel inside my peel layer. I am very very scared, I just feel like my skin got damaged. So please help me what to do and how can I get rid of it.

Laurie 37:57

Hi there! Who is the Doctor that you refer to in your videos and Q and A s?

Jeanne 38:53

I am more of a Fitzpatrick 3 but I have blue eyes. Question: Trying to prepare for my first TCA peel. I live in a very dry climate and applying the fade and bright even once every day is too much for parts of my face and severely compromises my skin barrier, even when I put a light moisturizer underneath. Most of my hyperpigmentation is on the lower cheek & jaw area ( sun damage from mistakenly wearing a visor which is NOT a hat) and that area can take a daily application. Would it be advantageous to 1-2x/daily to the area with hyperpigmentation and only a couple of times a week to the more sensitive areas (along nose,mouth/chin area)? Would that help get a good result from the peel? or could it create an uneven peel if not applied all over the face daily?

Andrea 40:22

What do I need to do to prepare before I do an eye peel using the TCA 7? I am wittiest it will go wrong as the eye area is very delicate. Thanks

I just received my order for TCA 7 and 20. What do I need to do I terms of preparing my eyes before I do the peel. I have done two face peels and

Kathrin (Kathy) 40:47

How soon can you do a peel after cosmetic surgery, such as a neck lift, etc. Also, how soon after having a sunburn can you do a peel? I know I know!! Finally, what do I do when my nose and mouth area cannot tolerate a retinoid cream without extreme flaking, while others facial areas are fine?

Mariam A 42:28

Hello Jen, Thank you for your wonderful products and great instruction videos. I completed a series(8 peels) of the Lactic acid. Then I did three peels with the jessners(2 layers and 2 weeks in between). I recently did one Tca peel(2 layers) and my skin looked amazing afterwards. Do I need to complete a series with TCA? My problem is hyperpigmentation and most of it is already 90% gone. I don’t want to over do it I as I have been at this since October. Can I just do one more with TCA/Jessner and take a break or should I keep going? Thank you

Lori 43:52

I am in my 50’s with crepe hooded eyes. My eyelids are super sensitive, I have tried the peels and the Luminosity but my eyelids didn’t like it. Is there anything that I can do to prep my eyelids to better take the peel?

Jeannie 45:10

Hello, Having a difficult time locating the cross peel video. Can the cross peel be used on deep wrinkles next to the mouth? Been using TCA 20X for over a year. Can this strength be used doing a cross peel? I don’t have scars. I have a deep wrinkle that looks like a starfish or sand dollar….(laugh)

Linda 46:43

I have some pitted scars I have attempted TCA cross on. I am still confused about the protocol post-cross and wonder if this is the reason I do not get the results I want. In the video you say 3-5 days start applying super cop and 2-3 days start Regenerast, apply everyday after day 3. You also say the order is 1)Regenerast 2)Copper) 3)emu oil. My confusion lies in what I am doing Day 1 and 2 and how do I choose between Day 3-5 or day 2-3 to add copper and Regenerest. There is quite a variable here and perhaps I am choosing one variable over another that would give me better results. I would do much better if you told me specifically what is optimal or a more specific way to judge. Also, how long do I use the 2x copper becuz sometimes I think it is irritating my skin. It is impossible to keep the copper well within the borders of the scar at all times and I find the skin outside the borders getting red and irritated as well. I hope I am making sense so that you can clear this up for me. I have all your products and use only your products so there is no outside influence of products. Thank you. Unfortunately, I will not be able to watch live.

Amber 50:04

So if i have never done a chemical peel. What to do to start?

Jacy 50:44

I am 72 and I have dry skin that is very very flaky. But my skin does not shed my skin cells. They just hang on and I am forever trying to exfoliate them. Please give me some effective advice. I hate my skin since I have gotten older. Thank you.

Tonya 52:14

I’m using a hodgepodge of products .. (Cerave, Eminence, Olay,SkinMedica,, etc) and I’d like to transition to PSC daily regimen products including the peels. Where do I start? I’ve done peels before but only under an aesthetician! Help

Ashley 53:09

Going to do my first tca cross peel and nervous! If I have a lot of scars, should I attempt to do them all at one time or do half of my face at a time? Also, after the cross method, should I apply the peel to my whole face? Any suggestions on what to put the peel solution in if I dont have the nifty cups used in your demo videos? Lol So nervous! Any troubleshooting tips appreciated also! Thanks so very much!

rose 55:32

I did 5 layers of your TCA 2 weeks ago on my body. When can I start dry brushing?

Minton Sarah 56:20

When using Dream Peel, how many pumps do you use?

Ragini 56:58

After microneedling session when can i start apply fade bright and vitamin c? 2. After wash my face i apply fade bright. when can i apply vitamin c? Thank you

Cathy 57:59

About 4 to 7 days after a TCA peel I get a rash on my face that takes awhile to go away. What is that?

Andrea 59:17

Does a 10% Lidocaine topical numbing cream affect the penetration or action of a peel solution?



P.S. Thanks again for making your wonderful products available to all!”

Karen 59:53

Hi Jen and Dora

I love platinum skin care products. They are such high quality and so gentle and effective. I’m using fade bright and the glycolic 30 serum everyday. Which one should I apply first after cleansing? Also when is the bakuchiol coming out? Can’t wait to try something new. Thanks!”

Joyce 1:00:36

Hi, my question is about aftercare. I have mature, dry skin naturally and I’m not sure how long to wait before reintroducing actives. I’ve done 8 weeks of Mandelic 40 and one dream peel mixed in (after 6 Mandelics.) I did wait the one week between each Mandelic, and the month after the dream peel. For a few days after each peel I wash with either my lactic wash or a very gentle cleanser, and use only the emu oil (humidifier at night.) I’m just confused about when to add the Nano hyaluronic, high octane c, derma snap and my tret back in. I’m concerned I’m not getting the healing ingredients back soon enough, causing added dryness? I have tried the enzyme mask, but think I may need to use a gentle washcloth when removing it because, so far, it hasn’t really seemed to remove my flaking. Thank you!

Teri 1:02:37

Doing my 3 rd peel soon TCA 20 3 passes then luminosity. I dont need fade bright but I hear the AB cleanser should be used prior? I have been really doing nothing prior to a peel. Your thoughts? Follow up products? I use luminosity and healing oil and Aquaphor after peel about 3 days later.

Can you also adress too many chemical peel issue. Im 65 and think my skin is pretty good. Seems to be hearing this also lately in the discussion group.”

Paola 1:05:40

Can I perform chemical peels in the summer? I don’t stay out in the sun just from my car to my house/job. I wear spf 50 everyday and I wear a hat and upf face mask. Is it recommended to wait until winter instead?


Can a cross peel be done on deep wrinkles

Maria 1:06:55

I have wrinkles, scarring and pigmentation issues.

What would you recommend as my am + pm skin regiment that would address my issues. Normal skin type. Use to TCA peels.”

Patrick 1:08:30

You need to correct Megan’s story once more. ”non nano zinc oxide is best because it’s not toxic.”. Chemical sunscreens are not toxic. This is highly irresponsible to say when people need to wear sunscreen. Some do not like the white cast of physical sunscreens and telling them that the alternative is toxic is simply not true and dangerous.

Monique 1:10:41

I have been doing weekly glycolic acid peels for months and finally after reading, watching, and learning about the TCA peels, did my first TCA 13% face, neck, décolletage two layer peel 2 weeks ago and am amazed at the results. I am still mildly flaking and am allowing the process to complete. I know it is 4 weeks between TCA peels but after a TCA a peel, if I wanted to do a glycolic acid peel (30%) how long should I wait? 30 days also? Thank you and thank you for all the education and beautiful skin!!!!!!

Jeannie 1:12:01

Hi Jen

Been using TCA 20 for well over a year, about every 6 weeks. Sometimes I add the DP.

I feel that my skin tone looks uneven. Is that hyperpigmentation? If not, can u give me an example.

I had a lot of peeling this time for whatever reason. Should I try a mandelic peel next time?

Thank you!!!”

Carrie 1:13:16

1) Do I have to wait to work out after a peel because of sweat?

2) What regimen should I use on my face during the peel process?”

Karen 1:14:06

I have discoloration, fine lines, texture problems and menopausal skin. How often should I be doing the 40 % mandelic peel ? I have done 2 so far , one each week . Should I be doing 2 a week ,I did not have any side effects, zero flaking ,no changes really . Thank you 🙂

Michele 1:15:01

I have a lot of hyperpigmentation on my chest, lines and it’s very sensitive. I get little red patches Eczema too. I started using the stronger Mandelic acid. The first time I left it on for 5 minutes – felt nothing, no redness, tingling etc. Should I leave it on for 10, 15 or 20 minutes? Thanks.

Alayna 1:16:15

I became hyper pigmented two years ago after having a radiofreq txment on my face. I have applied the 40%mandellic acid on my face now for approximately 5 times. Although the pores are much smaller now I do not see the improvement in pigmentation as O hoped. What else should I do?

Nazli 1:17:19

Mandelic peel six days in a row’

Please explain and guide on how to do that.

Send me the directions via my email. I don’t go on Facebook

Thank you

Johanna 1:18:34

suggestions for brighten / lighten skin but no time for extensive “regimen” and don’t like feeling of creams on skin (use a gel for spf). Outdoors a lot and face darker then rest of body

Jill 1:19:15


My skin is oily and combination; skin Fitzpatrick 4.

I do get post inflammatory hyperpigmentation especially sometimes when I get an acne on my back.

I want to do some peeling or acids on my back but I’m not sure yet on which product to use.

What would you recommend for pre and post treatment? And which acids should I use on regular basis?

Overall what’s your recommendations?

Thank you”

Nancy 1:20:30

Im not seeing the glycolic peel pads in the little circular container on your website. I loved them. I could do my face and hands with them on my day off and the next few days although mildly dry no one was the wiser. The big peels I cant do my face , I dont have enough down time for all that peeling when Ive got to go to work. Will you be bringing that product back ?

Judy 1:21:09

I have been using your products for several months. I love everything I have tried!!! My question is: I have purchased both the TCA 13% and Jessners. I’m excited to start Peels!! I know I need to use them separately at first and my daily routine is also prep for peeling. But I’m on several medications so I need to know are there any medications that make peeling a bad idea? Thanks so much!!

Deborah 1:22:05

I know I saw the answer to this question when I first went through all the videos but old age is once again playing tricks with my memories as I don’t remember the answer or which video!

Usually, everything I apply to my face, I use on my neck and chest. Can I use the TCA peels (right now I’m on 2 levels of TCA20) on my neck and chest?

Thank you so much! Love your products and the fabulous results!”

Tonya 1:23:04

I’m new to your product and would love to try it all. I used retinol 1.0 from another company and it’s finally at the end so can you recommend a whole regime

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