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Peel University Live Q&A February 22th, 2023

Name + Time Question
Sue C 0:59 Can TCA be put on brown spots on LEGS? If so, what strength should be used?
Bernadette 2:30 Hello beautiful ladies! Can I use the Dream Peel in between my TCA-13 peels? If so, how often? Is it once a week?Also, do I carry on with exfoliation 3 times per week? (57 yrs old and a native Floridan) Don’t want to over due Thank you for creating the BEST skincare ever! Warm regards 😎 Bernadette
Priya Malini 4:28 Can someone walk through doing a first peal . The peal university has too much information and is overwhelming
Gabriella 6:06 After a cycle of mandelic peelings with good results I need guidance on how to proceed on my peeling journey, on which products I should use morning and evening and on how to layer them. I am a bit hesitant on using stronger peels or a TCA peel. I am 74, I have not many wrinkles (the most annoying are some vertical lines on my lips) and some laxity (mostly on the neck) that I would like to reduce. My daughter lives in Houston, buys the products for me and brings them to me to Europe and now she’ll visit again in april, therefore I would like to order al Platinum Skincare now. Do you have suggestions for me? My skin is pretty robust and I have been using prescription Retin A 0,5 without problems for a long time, but I reduced the application to 2 times a week in the last time because of sudden redness and irritation that began some months ago. I hope that you have some suggestions for me. Thank you in advance and best regards
Meredith 9:45 I’ve been doing your peels every 4-6 weeks for more than a year now. THANK YOU! But I noticed on my last one that, even at 20% TCA and 3 layers on my face, I’m not peeling like i used to. My skin just looks \ashy\” for a few days I’m left wondering if the acid ages and reduces in efficacy. Or do I need to apply 4 layers? Or go up in TCA strength? (I also did 2 nights of Dream Peel after the TCA). Any advice to get a good peel for a homemade pro peeler??”
Ra 12:31 I want to take swimming lesson for the next few months. Would chemical in the pool damage my skin , especially post peel. If so is there anything I could do to minimize the damage. Thanks !!!
Sasha 14:21 Id like to order multiple bottles of your peels to make the most of the postage costs to my country. Is it possible to estimate how many uses from a 60ml bottle using 5 layers per peel (ie how many peel sessions would I get)?Also, the same with the eye peel. how many peel sessions in one 5ml bottle at the maximum 3 layers per session? How often would you do an eye peel for sagging eyes?
Jules 16:04 Hi Ladies. How long after a CO2 Laser procedure can you start using a TCA 13%Peel and 7% (for eyes)? Wanting to use it for deep layer” anti-aging maintenance purposes. Thanks!”
Olga 16:49 Good afternoon. My name is Olga . . I used a cross method (30%). I had an ice pick scar . I did it 2 times, a month ago.I did it 3d time. It was two months between each procedure . After two times my scar looked Better a little bit. However, after the third time after a month after procedure my scar started to look a little bits red . Why ?I understand it takes time for acid to work , but it’s been a month and it’s became red. Should I be worried? Thank you for your answer.
Jeanne Bishop 19:40 I don’t have rosacea but as my skin is fair with freckles I do have some redness. I’m concerned about SD alcohol being the first ingredient in Fade Bright Lightening.I do use a moisturizer after serums with this but could the high SD alcohol content cause redness or even weakening of the capillaries of my face over time? Thank you.
Sheri 22:18 I am a senior with hollow under eyes. Would any peel help that since the skin isn’t too bad but it’s sunken and one eye has a deep indentation that looks like a hole.Thank you.
Ann Reid 24:19 I did 2 coats of Jessner on my hands 3 weeks ago. I got a little flaking. My hands look like they should peel but the skin isn’t coming off.It it time to do another peel with more layers?
Marti Novess 25:26 I’d like to know the many different products that can be applied right after different peels. I know what guide says but I’ve read in group some added things that can be of benefit and how long to use them. Like Vitimin C after a glycolic peel or especially other things after Jessner and TCA.Thank!
Sonya 27:36 I am 54 with very thin sun damaged skin and I’m interested in a body peel for texture and brown spots. Will your body peel address these issues? If so, on average how many peels are recommended to see results and what TCA percentage do you recommend for legs?
Nilay Engin 29:50 How can I safely and effectively mix peeling, IPL (I have the Viss Pro IPL device from your store), continuous peeling serums (such as Serum 30) and microneedling in a schedule? I already have Fade Bright, Regenerate, B complex and Fusion A in my current daily care. I want to introduce Serum 30 back and if possible microneedling somewhere.
Lauren Amy 32:30 I have a lot of hypo pigmentation on my arms – big areas of color differences. On my legs I have hypo pigmented spots (not sure if I’m using the right vocabulary here but descriptively this is accurate). What combination peels can I use and at what frequency can they be done to set a new baseline of skin tone. I know the skin of my 20’s is gone for good (just like my 20’s, hah!) but I can definitely improve what I have with the right protocols. I have been using a heavy sunscreen and avoid direct sun for years so this is all damage from long ago.
Amanda 35:31 What products peels are recommended for surgical scars? How long should we wait to treat them post surgery?
Kim Logan 36:43 Preparing for my first TCA 13 peel. On my second week of hydroquinone. Do you recommend 2oz bottle or small bottles to start?
Abigail Sainz 37:50 What do you suggest for tightening and firming the neck. How frequent?
Jessica 39:08 What is go for cyst acne and rosacea ?
kathy scott 41:14 LOL I don’t know what ‘fitzpatrick ‘ I am .. was wondering if I can get rid of the white spots on my arms n legs .. I’m 57 years YOUNG ;]
Robin 42:18 I am 50 years old with very dry, sensitive skin. I tend to turn red quite easily, when just washing my face with mild cleansers. I always have a layer of extremely fine, flakiness on the surface of my face that I can’t ever get rid of. I’ve tried Lactic, Mandelic and Glycolic acid peels. I’ve also tried dermaplaning occasionally. Nothing seems to remove this very fine layer of dry skin from the surface of my face. It always looks dry and dull and never has that fresh glow. I’m desperate to gain back that healthy look I used to have. Nothing seems to work.Which peel or series of peels would you recommend for the most gentle and best results? What other products would you recommend using as part of my daily regimen to help as well? Thank you so much. Robin

6 Responses

  1. I am preparing my skin with the retinol I just ordered from you. I want a medium to deep peel and I have the VI Peel and TCA 20. If I am planning to have beautiful skin by June for my Son’s Graduation, in which order, would you do these peels? I am a Fitzpatrick II and I have controlled Rosacea.

    1. Generally speaking you want to do a series of 6-8 peels in a row with 1 per month* at the most. This depends greatly on the layers that are going to be applied. You can alternate them month* by month.

      *see your manual’s recommendations on the weeks to wait.

  2. Hi. I’m Sheri with the hollow under eyes. The hole I referenced isn’t a scare but just an area that’s even deeper than the rest of the hollows. But most important is my thank you for telling me that a peel will not help the hollows. So I can stop reading about peels for that area and can look into peels for my face overall. Your suggestion to try PRF is a great one that I will definitely consider. I never considered fillers because those are too risky. Thank you so much for this Platinum University where we can ask questions and get answers!! -Sheri

    1. Absolutely! Hollows are so common as we age. Fillers are too… and they seem like such an “easy fix”… but they aren’t and many doctors are no longer performing them because of how they go bad so quickly after. Migrating… expanding. I love the PRF… the idea of using your own body to aid in regenerating that tissue. Same with peels. There are many great tools today… but the ones that work WITH your body – and make IT perform, are the greatest!

  3. What a fantastic caring company!!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to educate and communicate with your customers!!! Much appreciated.
    Your products are quality and superior but your caring service makes customers know that there is something very special about your company that you can confidently present. Makes me a loyal customer.

    1. Thank you so much! You hit the nail on the head. We DO want the very best for our customers. 🙂 We appreciate your noticing.

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