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Peel University Live Q&A December 21st, 2022 

Name + Time Question
Brenda 3:22 I have done a TCA peel, and I am done flaking. Why can’t I do a peel sooner? Why do I have to wait a month.
Steve 4:23

I purchased your TCA-30 and have applied it in several CROSS sessions (at 5-week intervals, as you recommend). Each time that I’ve used the product, I was a little frustrated with the use of a toothpick as the \delivery tool”

So I was wondering what else I could use to deposit just a little more liquid into the sharply-defined hole. I have access to a glass dropper

My perception is that very little of the acid actually gets placed into the bottom of my icepick scars.

but the size of the drop — even though it’s very small — is still larger than the scar.

That made me think of using a little rod of plastic just slightly larger than a toothpick but I’m concerned that the acid might actually melt the plastic. (I’m aware of course that the cap on your glass jar is made out of plastic so maybe I needn’t be worried about the danger of melting.)\

Anyway I’d like to know your thoughts on this subject. And by the way: My doubts about the effectiveness of wooden toothpicks are born out in the post-session scabbing which has been very minimal.” Steve

Monica 8:46 I got six vías of Madeline 13% \/ Jessners. I have used the mandelic already but I still have the Jessners (bought both last winter in Black Friday) How long are the peelings good for? I want to be on the safe side & I don’t want to waste it.
Wendy 10:41 Keeping our barrier healthy is a slippery slope for some of us. I have to walk the tightrope carefully and not overdo. I love your AB Cleanser! Does not over dry or irritate, yet keeps the skin gently exfoliated and smooth. B Complex is nice, too. Not greasy or too heavy. I use your vitamin A Fusion a few nights a week. And sunscreen. Covers most of the bases. My question: are these high end and expensive growth factor serums worth the hype? My goal is simple…..clear skin and protection from photo aging. Just seems like we don’t need to complicate the routine too much….right?
Matea 14:57 Hi Platinum! I have the 15% salicylic acid peel and the mandelic 22% and was wondering if I can layer these two? For example, I first put on 1 layer of mandelic, wait 5 minutes, then swipe on the salicylic. Thanks <3
Maria Vergara 16:48 After completing a 20% TCA peel, is it 4-6 weeks from the day you start or from the day you stop peeling?
Melanie 17:10 What’s the best product for Cystic acne?
Jenny 18:24 Why am I struggling to fix my fine lines? I’m 55 and want to see a transformation, but I’m struggling to see results.
Shae 19:55

Why is the skin of the arms so different than that of the face in terms of response to TCA peels?

I did a 15% peel on both face (2 layers) and arms (4 layers). My face responded textbook well, but my arms seemed impervious to the peel. They did eventually, slowly peel over 3 weeks, but the difference between face and arms was striking.

Why is the case?

Irma 21:33

I’m about to peel for the first time after the new year. My questions is:

I know I have to stop tretinoin at least 2 weeks before I peel. Which I already have stopped it. But I’m also on hydroquinone. Am I supposed to stop the hydroquinone as well? TIA

Danielle 22:43 What’s the best 3 products I can buy to start looking younger?
Jennifer 24:21 I have oily skin and am wondering what I can do to keep my pores clearer. Please help!
Jimena watson 25:56 How many days or weeks after getting Botox to forehead and around the eye are am I able to get a peel done with your products which I have purchased? Thank you
Carrie 26:46

I usually do TCA 13 peels 2-3 layers.

This question is about the days I am peeling the most… when skin is coming off in small sheets. I know you are not supposed to pick and peel the skin off but after I cleanse, when I am applying my healing products (emu oil, copper…) the skin tends to roll off on my hands. No matter what I do I can’t prevent this premature removal of skin from happening. What do you suggest I do?

Hilena 28:35 How do I get rid of Melasma?
Brenda Martinez 30:36

My daughter is 13 years old. . She has breakouts , it’s her 2nd time applying mandelic acid with 4 passes. For her age is it safe to move up to a stronger acid or can the mandelic acid be combined or just be patient and continue the mandelic peel ?

Thank you kindly

Bev 33:05 I have lip lines, Marionette lines and forehead lines at rest. Will doing regular TCA peels every 4-6 weeks during the fall to spring make these lines any less deep? Also, is the Lip Peel more effective for around the mouth than TCA & Dream Peel?
Nadine Cohen 34:40 Is there anything I can do for hypopigmentation on my neck? I occurred after neck surgery.
Akshaya 36:33 I have been dealing with hormonal acne for the last 10 years. I have tried spironolactone that worked, but do not want to continue that because of side effects. I switched my birth control, and now following a simple routine of double cleansing and moisturizer (cerave ) and use tret at night, recommended by my dermatologand use tret. But the progress is slow and I’m not seeing improvements in the texture of my skin. I want to really try the acne regimen you have on your website, but I don’t want to introduce too many products at the same time as I think my skin barrier is compromised. Where do I start? Which products do you think will help the most? And peel wise, I was thinking of the mandelic acid one as I am newbie with peels. Please help!
Merry 38:53 I want to do a peeling on my face I have a freaking type of pigmentation melasma too much on my face I drink it a lot but I cannot get any results and it’s become more and more so If u can help me that which product and how to use
Ana nunez 40:48 Hi! I’m aesthetician. And my question is about the profecional back bar protocol . I love you Productos. But I want to register as professional account if you have available. Thank you!
Cheryl 41:48 Hi\r\nI absolutely love your products\r\nI bought the 2x super cop. I know you are only supposed to spot treat but I have so many areas of my face that I want to treat. I put a pea size mixed with regenerate over my whole face after tret most nights . I have no negative reactions. Is this ok to do \r\nThanks \r\nCheryl
Coree 43:35 Using fade bright and alternating mandelic and lactic peels, with very slow results. What else can you suggest?

7 Responses

  1. I used the TCA 13% and already got frosting with the first layer almost everywhere, I could only apply a second layer in a few spots, since we are not supposed to go over already frosted places? I followed the instruction videos carefully, it was wet but not dripping. What does this say about my skin, is it especially thin maybe or something else, because this is not supposed to happen, right? If this continues to happen, I will not be able to get several layers done, which I would like to do, to get it deeper for some hyperpigmentation. Can you ever go over frosted places again? Will I maybe with continued use frost later? I used it only twice until now. Have you seen this before, people frosting with only one layer? Advice?

    1. If your skin frosted that much after your very first peel – then your skin is possibly very sensitive. OR, you have thinner skin, OR… were you more aggressive with your skin prep/scrubbing recently…. OR… you used your retinoids right up to the peel? … OR… was that just tiny baby speckles.. or little bits of hazyness. That you could go over again. I would love to see a photo to get an idea of that.

      You did get a nice peel. Don’t worry about how “deep” this is going. You got a GREAT peel! 🙂 Next time try a layer of Dream Peel on top of that. It’s a great way to increase the Peel without adding on more layers. Jen

      1. thank you so much for getting back to me. when I realized the Q&A was already over, I was a bit embarrassed that I didn’t realize and just commented underneath..Oops. I think it really was frosting and not precipitation, and my face did peel for real, like with a severe sunburn and whole patches coming off. twice. no doubt about me peeling, I was just wondering if I will ever get deep enough with that little layers to get to my hyperpigmentation spots, but I will just continue 6-8 peel series and than see, patience is key. I am using tretinoin, and maybe I didn’t lay it off early enough for my skin. I will try next time with more days in between. I am certainly on the sensitive site of things, tret made me peel forever when I first started it, it took my a year to work up to daily application, so this might be the explanation. I was so worried about PIH, but with slathering in arbutin and tranexamic acid, all was well. I am counting down the days to my next peel 😉 should have taken better before picture, that will probably be my only regret 😜 bests and thanks again, Lily

    1. Yes, it is fine to use. 🙂 I hope it is the 13%? Start with 1-2 layers and do it right along with Jen in the Video. Super easy.

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