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Peel University Live Q&A August 3rd, 2022

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Monica Espejo 5:18

What are the proportions to dilute TCA?

Johnna Walker 6:55

I just completed a 2 layer 20% TCA peel 4 days ago. ( I have been using the 20% for a while now). I may have used a bit too much acid….. I am starting to peel and have used the enzyme mask. I am always confused on what to put on my face in the first few days after a peel. I use your Emu oil immediately after. I have the luminosity serum (don’t know if the cream is still available), but don’t know if that’s too strong. I would just like to hear that its normal to look 10 years older on day 3 and 4 post peel. Love your products.

Pam 8:01

I have uneven skin tone and would like to know the lowest level of a peel solution I can use on a regular basis to help my sensitive skin. My skin tone is Olive and I am. Asian

Sandy 9:00

Is it recommended for someone with fitzpatrick 6 to do a vitamin A peel for acne prone skin, and if not which is highly recommend and how often would you recommend they do that in a year?

Can you describe how someone like me would safely do a TCA cross at home – on the face and ingrown hair prone body, please?”

W 10:40

What’s the best way to tackle undereye creases? Not crow’s feet but true under the eye lines. I know this skin is more delicate but can you still do a TCA peel to achieve deeper results than just creams in the epidermis?

McKenzie Lewis 11:32

Please help!

Unfortunately I tried waxing my back and it backfired horribly. I now am suffering with painful cystic acne, blackheads and pustules.

Please advise on what my next steps should be. The acne is spreading quickly.”

Jenifer 13:01

Love the peels! I’m currently doing Mandelic 40. I don’t have any burning or redness with this peel. Question is should I still move up slowly with peels? How frequent. And I have a facial steamer. Should I steam prior or after? Love you guys!

Shawn 15:00

I’ve been using your peels (tca, jessners) for over 2 years now and the dream peel for over a year. I understand the dream peel is to be used on the same day as the tca peel following application. My question is, what harm will it cause of I use the dream peel for an additional day after the tca peel? It will just cause my skin to peel more, right? Just curious. Thank you!

Jo 16:05

Couple of questions about super cop 2x. How long does it last after opened and mine has a strange smell to it. Is that normal?

I also have a VERY stubborn, but light sunspot that will not go away after three TCA peels and four IPLs. What should I try?”

Lorna Reynolds 16:58

Is it okay to use Tretinoin before starting a peel.Also where can I find the defatting product. What is it called. Do you get gauze with your peel?Thank you

J 20:05

I have large pores, rolling scars, ice pick scars and hyperpigmentation from a previous peel from a different brand, before I knew prep was needed with Fadebright. What regimen can I use to improve my skin? Thank you.

Moxifloxi 21:39

I am starting the two week prep prior to my TCA peel. 1. What order do I apply my skin care ex serum, vit c retin…. Etc. For AM and PM

2. How many times per day should I apply the emu oil once I apply the peel?

3. What peels can I do in-between the biweekly\/monthly TCA peel and how often?

4. What is a Fitzpatrick”

Cristy 23:07

I have fair, very sensitive skin at 50. I’ve been using Platinum for almost a year and absolutely love it. If I want to do a light peel one time per month…(which I’m currently not) it seems like I won’t be able to use my retinol‘s or HA’s or any products one or two weeks before and one or two weeks after… When does that leave me time to use the acid washes and or products on my skin in between pills? And in what order should I be using these exactly, for morning & night, for a very fair dry aging skin (light hair light eyes). I have a large assortment of products, FB, HA, Fusion A, Retinol, Lactic Wash, Gloycolic wash, Micoederm wash, glycolic toner, copper, Vita C, Regenerate, deems snap and healing oil & emu oil and platinum eyes. Your guidance is great let appreciated! Thank you! 🙂

Teresa Hill 26:01

Though I try, I cannot avoid the sun right now. I do use a good sun block lotion. I am tan. I am impatiently waiting for fall to start my TCA peels again. I know you are not supposed to peel tanned skin, besides fade bright would using a shallower peel first be a good prep? If so, which one? Maybe just a lower numbered TCA? I’m 65 and have built up to a layer of Jessners then 3 layers of TCA 13 and a layer of dream peel on my face. 1 layer of TCA 30 on my body.

Richard 28:00

When doing a chemical peel, what steps should I take before actual do the peel. I. E., wash face, . Thank you
Teresa Lozano 29:35 Can the peels be used for someone who has seborrheic keratosis?

Cindy Goodfellow 30:16

How can I stop my skin from becoming oily under makeup?

Damira jolie 31:06

What percentage of PEEL should I use if I am doing my private parts (including in between my Butt cheeks) and under arms… I have used pills before on my face but never on my body. I want to try a peel on my Under arms and the other sensitive areas.

Pam Adema 32:35

Do you have a combination peel or process that’s similar to a VI Peel?

Colleen Gray 34:55

Hello, I was half way through a 0.30 Retinol bottle when the Fusion A became available. I bought the 0.25 bottle. I noticed people commenting that they are feeling a tingling when they apply the Fusion A. I have applied it 3 times so far and haven’t felt tingling… I supposed to? Because it’s a serum but less oily than the Retinol, I have been putting a cream\/moisturizer over it. Should I stop doing that? Thank you 😊

Lotta Hallenius 36:02

How and \for What \” Condition Can I use the dream Peel? How should i prepare? Is this peel similar getting a Tca peel? How Will i great my skin the days After?

What kind of effect Can I expect Do. How often Can you Do it and Can you alter/ combine it with other peels ? Or like a series?””

Yasmine 37:15

Hello my question is I’m kind of confused on getting the tca peel, and which percentage is best for me. The 13 Percent or the 30 percent. Can I use the 13 percent on my body but layer it. Just to be on the safe side or is it safe for a first time user to jump into the 30 percent for my legs and arms est..

Alex Hardage 39.31

I can’t find your site on Facebook. Could you please send the link


Jaynee Thorne 41:19

I don’t know what a Fitzpatrick is…

I would like to talk to someone about your peels. I have had quite a bit of success with peels. I had a CO2 laser peel several years ago… and loved the result. I don’t necessarily want to go that deep and the downtime needed. I want to set myself up with a set of peels that I can do at home, and keep my skin looking great. I am 65. I look like I am in my 50’s. I want to keep it that way…. Thanks for your help… Jaynee Thorne”

LaVonne Thomas 41:49

I’m mainly interested in peels for collagen and elastin production. Do only Jessners and TCA help with that, or do Hydroxy acids help with that, too?

Mimi 43:13

#1- What is the shelf life of TCA 13% once the bottle has been opened?

#2 – I am concerned about down time during the peeling process. Typically, the whole process can take me 10 days before I’m presentable. (Days 3-6 very tight and wrinkly. Days 7-10 Shedding skin)

Instead of doing 3-4 passes of TCA 13% for a deep peel 1x month, could I just do 1 pass to avoid the intense stages of peeling?

Will I still get benefits? Can I do this light application 1x week?”

Sonia 44.02

Good day,

I have been using tretinoin on my old stretch marks for almost 3 months now and I am planning to continue using it until October before I have my first chemical peel …I plan on starting with 20%TCA because i’ll be using it for my arms and stomach but I am a little scared because I don’t know what to expect and I also do not want to get burnt ..though I have watched a lot of videos on how to apply a TCA peel ..processes involved in pre and post treatment ..I have also watched your videos and I have a learnt a lot from them too ..Hoping to do a great work when I do it myself but my question is , considering the fact that I am planning to use tretinoin for 6months before doing the peel ..would I get a good result after the first peel ?”

Kathryn 45:24

I did not receive instructions with my purchase of Jessners peel. I know I can watch a video but I prefer written instructions. Is there anywhere on your site I can print these off?

Fatmeh 48:00

Any time I use chemical pill my skin is different color

Nathalie 48:47

Hello Jennifer it is a question for a friend she did peels glycolic and had brownish spots red spots that showed up after 3 peels I advised her to buy from you high octane steel cell with hyaluronique serum mandelic peel but it was sold out so we bought night dream vit A and fade away retinol 20 so I think it is a bad preparation but also melisma came to the surface so which is your thoughts go on with dream peel or glycolic or stopped peel she is de desperate kisses from France

Kay 49:32

I have bad melisma on my neck and face. I use retinol 1% it’s not made a difference any advice on peels I’m so confused with all the information

Shelley Williams 51:43

is the EFG stronger in the Regenerate or the EGF in the Dr potions? Which will give me the best bang for the buck?

Katy Coughlin 53:12

Question regarding putting on healing ointments, etc. immediately after applying a peel: a while back, I had laser treatment for acne scars\/wrinkles. It was quite uncomfortable, and I asked the esthetician about taking ibuprofen\/applying ointments when I got home. She said the best thing to do was to “embrace the inflammation” and avoid anything that would reduce it, because it’s the inflammation that induces the collagen. Thoughts\/advice? Thank you!

Candace Schnurr 53:39

How can I purchase Derma Fix. Jennifer demonstrated it on a video only I cannot find it on your website

Ahniya Bellinger 55:04

so I did a chemical peel , im still peeling my whole chin already peeled off , and my skin got very dark , im really trying not to panic , what does that mean?

Claudia 55:27

I do stronger (for me) TCA peels over the FL winter but I was wondering how to continue the collagen building during the FL summer. Can I do a much lower strength TCA (perhaps 7% 1-2 layers) during the summer to continue building collagen? Thank you!!

Constance 56:26

I have used TCA peel 30 on my legs over two weeks ago. They are now just completed peeling. I have age spots on my legs. Should I wait one month from peeling before reapplying?

Abbey 57:06

How to use Dream Peel ( A peel) after jassner\/TCA. Can it be used for 2-3 days to improve pigmentation and speed flaking? Thank you

4 Responses

  1. When you use the fade bright prior to a TCA or jesters peel to prep for it, do you need to continue using fade bright after the peel? If so, for how long?

    1. You should always be using FB for at least a few weeks prior to your next peel if your skin tone is requiring it.

  2. Hello, my time stamp is 13:01 for Jenifer but you answer someone else. Can you answer my question? Jenifer Meyer from Huron, Ohio! I listened but never heard the question or answer.



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