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Peel University Live Q&A August 23th, 2023

Name + Time Question
Maria 3:59 Is there more Anti-Aging benefits in using Fusion A as opposed to Luminosity? I have both and not sure as to I should continue to use. Thank you!
Gabriella 5:40 I am 70 and I hard good results with your peels some months ago. I have your antiaging cleanser and toner, Vitamin C, Gaba and Fusion. I would like to order your Matrixyl and Regenerate, but I am unsure on how to use them. When should I use and how do I layer them? Thank you and best regards
Patricia 7:08 Wrinkles
Andra 8:34 How do return the skin in your hands to youthful appearance?? my hands are so creepy and it’s so embarrassing! I’ve had fillers in fat transfer, but it doesn’t change the crepey skin! Help you beautiful ladies!
Gini Tackett 10:29 How do I improve over 60 skin that still has breakouts & large pores
Chris 12:37 How long after peel do you wait to exercise?
Christine 13:55 If doing weekly or even bi weekly peels like 40% mandalic or 15% salicylic acid how do you incorporate using the Fusion retinoid when you need to stop using a few days before and after. I’m confused if doing them weekly. Actually my skin doesn’t seem affected if I don’t stop using the fusion before or after.
Donna 16:05 I have completed two TCA 20 peels. I am trying to diminish current wrinkles and age spot on face. Do I keep up with this monthly or should I switch to a different chemical peel. I know this takes time although I feel at times after a peel I get additional scares from the new peels since my skin is more sensitive to the sun. Also I use serum 30, fade brite,trentinol .5 daily . Is there something strong i should be using to get results faster.
Beverly nichols 19:29 I have used to TCA peal twice. First time I repeated the peal after 2 weeks, this time I will wait a month. Why do I have to wait a month before I can repeat the peal
Bev 21:51 I did 3 tca peels last winter, Match was the last one. I also used the Dream Peel afterwards. Can I use the Dream Peel during this “off” time? If so, what would the regimen be? And should I back off with the TCA a bit when I start again?
Brianna 23:33 Is it ok to do a Peel on entire face but only do additional layers/swipes in some spots at the same time e.g., one layer on eyes but multi layers everywhere else, all in the same peel session.
Susan 25:03 I love your peels. I use it unfortunetly not as much as I should. I need a peel routine that I can do more often with out 4-5 days down time. I use retin A and vitamin C daily.

2 Responses

    1. Hello. Red light therapy is not going to cause damages or tan the skin. There are not UV rays in this. Many of the lights are actually used to lighten pigmentation. Red is for healing

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