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Peel University Live Q&A April 4th, 2023

Name + Time Question
Alissa 0:11 Hello !! I am trying out the nira lazer for wrinkles around my eyes. I know I can’t do a peel if I am doing the laser but I really want to do another round of TCA and dream peel on my lower face where I have terrible texture and literally cracks in my face 🤦‍♀️ people like to say they are my smile lines but they are like cracks for sure!! Is it a bad idea to do that only in my lower face? And I would be doing TCA7 —3-5 layers because the 7 is all I have:) Thank you so much! Appreciate you both!!!
Dalhia Jackson 1:45 I only have the Neutrogena cleanser with 2% SA in it, can I use that for my cleanser before my 22% Mandelic peel treatment? Or can I just use a regular cleanser? I do have sensitive skin and I’m only treating texture, a few fine lines and open pores
Janani 2:50 I get sun tan pretty easily, is it safe to go for peel frequently?
Cheryl 3:54 I have numerous skin tags and moles (benign) on my neck crease between neck and shoulder. Would Fade Bright help and or a peel? I have been using Super Cop 2X and maybe the moles look more pronounced, not sure but would that be normal? Some skin tags do seem to be drying off. Thank you!
Jess 5:40 Im a newbie at TCA peels starting with 13. Does the solution drip at all? Im worried about my eyes. Also what should i apply it with? And what do I put on after to help healing? Thanks 😊
Jeanette Baez 7:24 I have done 4 tca peels, 13%, and have worked my way up to 4 layers. I get lots of peeling flaking on my forehead but minimal to no peeling flaking on the rest of my face. Should i re-wet my guaze? Or is the rest of my face just going to be different than my forehead?
Sarah 8:18 Wrinkle control
Laura 9:20 Hello beautiful ladies! Thanks for these Facebook lives, they’re so helpful and I learn so much. I’m 38 years old, Fitzpatrick 3 light olive with lots of scarring, I’m building my regimen with only your products and have a few questions 1. I normally double cleanse with balm to remove waterproof eye makeup, will that stop the AB cleanser or will it be fine in a double cleanse routine? I don’t want to affect the AB cleanser properties. 2. Can your body wash be used on the face? 3. How long will the bottle of regenerate last if using 2 pumps morning and night, a total of four per day on face, neck, chest? I love it and never want to run out 4. Are chemical sunscreens ok after doing peels? Or do you only recommend physical? 5. What would you suggest for my fiances sebaceous filaments on his nose? He’s 31, Fitzpatrick 2, doesn’t tan and has normal skin with an oily t-zone also an observation, due to the concentrations of your products they are higher than even waterless brands! I love your products and have switched everything to Platinum! I’m only two weeks in and already seeing results.
Melanie Uili 14:45 How long should I wait until exercising (vigorously) after performing a stronger peel?
Melanie Uili 15:28 (Dora has answered me personally on this question but I thought other newbies may have the same concerns that I did) Q: can you please describe the differences between a “frost”, “blanching” or a “haze”when performing a stronger peel? What causes each reaction, and what are the rules in regards to application when seeing any of these affects?
Trisha 18:29 What is best to fade sunspots
Jyothi Shah 19:38 I would like to look good for my son’s wedding in May. I am 57 yrs old. I’m very new to peeling. I don’t even know where to start or how to go about it. Just purchased the Glycolic\/Mandelic serum 30 & Retinol fusion. But I would like to do something more than just those 2. Can you help me?
jessica 21:35 I did my peeling last Wednesday, after a week i finish peeling, it was a good one, i did 5 layers of TCA 13 plus cross 30 on my acne scars. what do you recommend me to use after, i have melasma, and i don’t want to wait, I am scare that the melasma get worse if i don’t use any strong products. i have serum 30 and Fusion A luminosity
Karen 23:32 I cant find a peel for my under eye circles or my dark elbows. I peel with the 20% I ordered but that’s it.
Susannah 25:28 Hi, how important is it to take a break between peel-series (glycolic)? Or can you simply keep doing peels every week, throughout the entire year? Thank you in advance.
Fauzia Ahtasham 26:37 Hi I am an license esthetician, I bought TCA 30% can I use it for acne clients? or who have severe scaring ? Large pores? Also how to dilute the 30% ? Thanks
Maureen 29:27 Excited for the reformulated Dream Peel. Is this in the works or are you just starting the process?
Talisha 32:08 Can the fade bright be used in conjunction with Retinol and if so in what order?
Michelle 33:16 What is the best peel for reducing the appearance of age spots and freckles? Also for treating areas of hyperpigmentation?
Noelle 34:00 What would be a good peel series for loose skin (post-baby) on the stomach?
Michelle Renee 36:06 I’ve been using PSC for 5 years. I have gradually increased the level of TCA peels up to 3 layers of 20% and retinol serum up to 35 that I use on my face. Is it ok to increase from using Super CP to Super Cop 2x on my face? Or, is Super Cop 2x only for scars? I am 62 years old and my colleagues think I am 40. I will never stop using your product line!
James 37:38 I have used the website to pick out a daily regimen for myself. Will that daily regimen work as a pre-peel regimen or are they different?
Selina 38:57 I burnt my smin with the 20% tca peel n now i have hypopigmentation on forehead am soo sad dont know wat to do
Sara 40:36 Is it true that with enough peeling you get a cool pink undertone instead of warm yellow?
Nick 41:38 Hi there Since Salicylic acid is chemically similar to phenol (used in a deep phenol peel), would you say it’s potentially a much deeper, and more transformative acid than most of the others, such as Glycolic or even TCA? I did a 20% SA peel a couple years ago and the results (skin tightening, pigmentation reduction) were much more profound and long lasting than even a 3 layer TCA peel (20%) I did a couple months ago. I can’t seem to find anyone else who shares my experience
Judy 44:25 I’m new to PSC, retinol & in homepeels. I have chosen to use ur highly rated products, but I seem to be confused as the best regime for dry/dehydrated (main sissy
Maggie Nitz 45:58 Vertical lip lines are a problem that I need advice on. I have done TCA peels, Dream Peel, Syn-TC potion, and Emu oil. I have been using Regenerate for the last couple of months topped with Emu Oil. Nothing helps and I am getting ready to give up. What do you suggest?
Jude chandler 47:52 Me again, forgot to ask I have small brown spot/sun damage and looking for a peel to smooth textue and even skin tone. Is Mandelic the best for this (I’ve just done my first one) or should I try alternative after I’ve use my Mandelic? Thank you 🙏

3 Responses

    1. Hello there. Yes… we have had some issues with this particular product – amongst others. Ingredient issues are happening everywhere right now (and over the past 3 years since covid). What we have done.. is to avoid the lack of a good functioning rheology modifier, we are moving this into a Foaming Pump! This, our AB and Revitalizing Cleansers will all be in a new 7oz. Foaming Pump VERY soon. Formulas are set and we are just moving to get new packaging. 🙂 We are hoping to have this to you in the next 4-5 weeks.

    2. Hello. We do apologize about the long lapse with this product. We have made BIG changes and you will see a new version of this in a Foaming dispenser very soon!

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